Popular Wedding Dresses 2013 for Under $200

by Mira

By Mira at Wizzley. Many George Bride and David’s Bridal wedding gowns, both elegant and affordable, are bestselling on Amazon, for under 200 US dollars.

With the economic downturn that still continues, I’m not surprised that a lot of the bestselling wedding dresses on Amazon, including 8 George Bride designs in the top 20, come with an affordable price tag of under $200. In fact, the No. 1 bestseller in the category Wedding Dresses on Amazon right now is a George Bride gown that sells for only a little over $200, namely $218. In the top 20 there are also two David’s Bridal wedding dresses, in the same price range (under $200).

I took a look at a number of designs from both George Bride and DB, not necessarily from the top 20 wedding dresses. Here's what caught my eye. At the time of my writing this, the wedding gowns shown below all sell on Amazon for the prices indicated. If you're looking for a beautiful and yet affordable gown, you've come to the right place. They may not be designer wedding dresses, but I think some of them come pretty close -- as least from what I can tell looking at the photos on Amazon.

I have to say I’m surprised at the range of designs George Bride offers, even though getting ideas from here and there has never been easy than in this age and stage of the Internet. What struck me even more, as I mentioned earlier, was that some designs could almost be taken for designer wedding gowns.

Note that customers who posted reviews on Amazon say they had a great experience with the George Bride company as far as getting their questions answered and their dresses shipped on time.

Here are some designs that appealed to me most. I hope some of them will inspire you to pick a wedding dress that will be happy with.

$168 (may vary)

George Bride One-Shoulder A-Line Wedding Dress

This one-shoulder A-line wedding dress has a classic quality. I like the beaded detail on the waistline and shoulder, and its overall understated elegance. It’s made of high-quality chiffon and lace. Because it’s not very flashy and the price is so good ($168), I can see it as an evening dress as well, for a special occassion -- if you adjust the train, of course.

$189 (may vary)

George Bride Sweetheart Neckline Lace Appliqués over Satin Wedding Dress

If you prefer a dress with more lacework, and a fuller A-line, then you may like this sweetheart dress from George Bride, made of satin, and with many lace appliqués. It comes with a satin waist sash with flower accents. This is a sweetheart dress, and not just for the neckline. It is beautiful, elegant, with nice, delicate lace patterns. It sells for $189.

$159 (may vary)

George Bride Strapless Simple Satin Wedding Dress with Beaded Appliqués

If you want your wedding dress to be all satiny shiny, sexy, and certainly not white or ivory, then they have a strapless wedding gown in gray (I don’t know why they call it ivory; make sure you ask them, so you get the color you want and not something else) that wraps folds of thick satin around your body in a timeless design that accentuates a shapely waistline. It sells for $159. This one, too, works as an evening dress for a fancy occasion.

$198 (may vary)

George Bride Elegant V-Neck All-Over Lace Appliqué Mermaid Wedding Gown

Now, if you want lace all-over and a V-neck mermaid dress (with a deep V-neck at the back as well), they have that, too, in ivory (true ivory) and white. Despite all the lace, the dress is not showy or flashy, but rather understated and delicate. Part of it has to do with the fact that it doesn’t have beads as well (many models from George Bride use both beads and lace). The lace is applied on satin. This wedding gown comes with a price tag of $198.

$186 (may vary)

George Bride Short Sweetheart Ball Gown with Layered Organza

If you want a short wedding dress, George Bride has many designs for you as well, including one made with satin, lace, and high-quality organza. It comes in ivory and white, and sells for $186. Even though it’s a short gown, the design has enough elements to give the dress that special wedding gown look. This short sweetheart wedding dress might not be to everyone’s taste (no wedding dress is; I personally think it has a little too many accents, of too many kinds), but it might be the perfect wedding gown for people who look for a sweetheart dress that’s a little different than most, light and fun but also on the elegant side.

$215 (may vary)

DB Studio Chiffon Wedding Dress, Empire-Style

David’s Bridal wedding dresses are also popular on Amazon, as are his bridesmaid dresses. One of the wedding gowns I like best from DB is an ivory chiffon wedding dress selling for $215. To me it’s a great dress for a beach wedding, light and airy. I like the surplice (diagonally-crossed) neckline as well as the Empire waist that downplays the body shape. Many women go through hell to be sexy on their wedding day. An Empire-style dress like this one allows them to relax a little. Also, a wedding doesn’t have to be about being sexy. You may want to feel free underneath that dress and not wear a bodice. In that case, a dress like this one from David’s Bridal may be the one for you.

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Updated: 05/24/2013, Mira
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Mira on 06/16/2016

Somehow that dress seems to suit her personality but I feel Chanel could have done a better job this time ;)

DerdriuMarriner on 06/16/2016

Mira, Thank you for the attractive, but frugal, mix! Like your Guest visitor in the comments below, I noticed the sweetheart dress because of Keira Knightley's wedding. The actress is on record, according to the Huffington Post, for wearing the dress from Chanel Haute Couture's spring/summer 2006 collection three times: first in 2008 with black tights, second in summer 2013 with flats, third in winter 2013 with heels. I wonder if she bought it with the notion that it'd be a great dress for a summer marriage!

Mira on 10/17/2014

Happy you liked them, and thanks for the tweet! I enjoyed writing this article because I know how prohibitively expensive some wedding gowns can be.

Tehreem on 10/17/2014

Wow, the dresses are sexy and elegant. A deadly combination ;) tweeting . . .

Mira on 03/16/2014

She did? Nice! :) Yes, there are some beautiful budget-priced wedding gowns out there.

Mira on 11/17/2013

Thank you, Shadaan, I was happy, too, to find affordable wedding gowns that look this good :). Glad you enjoyed the page!

younghopes on 11/17/2013

Omg..how i missed this post, such beautiful gowns, and i am pretty sure the bride would look super stunning in these.

Mira on 09/13/2013

I understand why a bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, but I've seen many of my friends looking gorgeous in dresses that didn't cost that much at all. I imagine that if you buy a very expensive wedding dress, you still have to solve the problem of expensive jewelry, shoes, etc. Then something equally expensive for the groom. So it never ends :) Better to keep within the budget :)

WriterArtist on 09/13/2013

I think one can always find a good dress if there is cash but getting a good one with a tight budget is what calls for an attitude. Looking back, I was always the one who exceeded the budget. Incidentally, these are some of the gorgeous white wedding dresses that will prevent a hole in your pocket.

Mira on 05/29/2013

Thank you for stopping by, Yvette. I enjoyed putting together this article because I was surprised, too, how nice these wedding dresses looked.

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