Portable Sinks For Camping

by frugalrvers

Portable sinks for camping are a must in any campsite. You need a camp sink for washing dishes in your outdoor kitchen as well as your hands. Find the right camping sink for you!

Even at the fanciest family campgrounds with plenty of amenities, portable sinks for camping come in handy at the campsite all of the time. The convenience of not having to run back and forth to the restroom or dish washing area for every little thing can't be beat! Do you really want a bowl, spoon or fork just baking in the sun after a quick snack? Your only other option is to go wash off every dish or cup as you use it throughout the day...

Portable camping sinks are used for doing dishes or washing hands. There are even some camp sinks specifically designed for personal hygiene unlike others that cater to kitchen washing needs.

Why Do You Need A Camp Sink?

Camping Sinks And Their Uses

As with any camping gear and accessory, camp sinks come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes to create happy campers. But why would you need a portable, outdoor sink on your trip? For many reasons, my inquisitive outdoors friend!

For those who are primitive camping it isn't hard to see the usefulness of these camping accessories. But for those who think they would never need a sink in a family KOA campground, think again! Yes, these less primitive sites do come with water spigots, hot showers and bathrooms to clean dirty little hands, brush teeth, etc. But having to walk to the bathroom with little ones, especially at night, can be quite a task. Instead, you can have a camp sink designed for tooth brushing and hand washing right outside of your tent. It comes in handy countless times almost as much as a portable camping toilet!

Also, what about those dishes you dirtied up? Some campgrounds have a washing area for dishes, but you need to haul them over there and haul them back. Again, washing off cups, utensils and even pots and pans is much simpler.

Kelty Camp Sink - One Of The Most Popular Sinks

Kelty Camp Sink (Azul)

Coleman Double Wash Basin Sink...Handy!

Coleman PVC Double Wash Basin,

Portable Hand Wash Sink For Camping

Let's Start With The Easy Camp Sinks

If you do not need to worry about camp sinks being collapsible for ultimate portability, you will not be disappointed with a Wash N Go, 3 gallon sink. We have had one of these for years and, though now we rv, there are times it still can come in handy sitting outside for quick cleanups. You can even set up a cleaning area inside of your screened tent.

The reason these are so great is that they hold three gallons of water. You simply fill it up at the nearest water spigot (or fill it at home with your own water from the tap), set it on a table and you're good to go.

If you want the basin to fill up with water for shaving, you pull the drain plug until it is as full as you'd like. If you want to brush your teeth, you can get water from the faucet. Our more vintage model actually had a "faucet" where you pumped water into the sink, but the newer model doesn't. These sinks even hold your toothbrush, razor and also have a mirror! This is roughing it? Actually...yes...if you are expecting hot water or strong water pressure to come out of one of these. Nope! That won't happen. But it is so convenient for a quick clean up in the campsite vs. walking to the bathroom in the dark.

Reliance Products Wash'n Go Compact 3 Gallon Sink

Reliance Products Wash'n Go Compact 3 Gallon Sink

Camping Sink Where Portable Is Key

When A Portable Camping Sink Unit Must Fit In Your Pack

For those adventurers who need to fit their gear in a backpack or have limited space available, then a collapsible camping sink will be necessary. Their compact camping gear like sporks wash off easy in a small, portable sink. Campers still have to rinse off and haul water - but they cannot lug around a big water jug or camping sink unit. Have you ever seen what a trendy roasting stick looks like the next morning? Those tips need a soak!! These sinks are a necessity after a wild night of S'mores making!

That is when a vinyl, collapsible camp sink comes into play. But these aren't just for backpackers. Some campers like the portability and style of these sinks anyway! There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing a camping sink - they all serve their purpose very well.

The bottom line is that, when you are camping, you need SOMETHING to wash off those sticky hands and marshmallow roasting forks with! Dang Smores....

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frugalrvers on 06/21/2012

You are welcome...and thanks for commenting! Even at campgrounds with amenities, these sinks really do come in handy...especially late at night when you don't feel like walking across the campground in your pjs!

katiem2 on 06/21/2012

Oh what a great idea, we can now take the kitchen sink camping. Camping is so much fun. I love the portable sink as I can think of a lot of uses for it. No more dirty dishes and utensils, plus washing up is a big plus the possibilities endless and more relaxation camping. Thanks for the great product review. :) K

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