Power Tends To Corrupt and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

by Cagsil

Power tends to corrupt - Absolute power corrupts absolutely philosophy explained and debunked also. Read and learn.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely is an ideology, that was put forth many generations ago and I find myself asking myself, is that actually true? Someone, anyone, who achieves absolute power will be corrupted absolutely, all the way down to their inner core of being. Does absolute power corrupt absolutely?

This article was inspired by a Writer and Friend, Shadebreath(username on HubPages). You might know him, as one of Hubpages prolific comics, funny men and solid student of philosophy. He is presently on his Shameless Self Promotion and promoting his novel via blogs. To give you an idea of how I came across this in conversation with Shadebreath, you can see his comment below.


Shadesbreath quote "I love this concept!!! I hope you pull it off. How are you going to navigate the "absolute power corrupts absolutely" thing though? I'm not saying you can't, but humanity is such a feeble animal... and, if you can do what you aspire to, influence becomes power and wealth at some point. You will find yourself suddenly in a place that few have experienced, and that many of those who have discovered that the new perspective changed things.

Nice work for our contest too... very, very deep to pull off in that span of time. I'm totally impressed. " This comment was left, because I had just taken part in a 30 minute challenge and the Hub "How Greed Can Lead To Selfless Purpose" was written.

*note: the article referenced is no longer published. And as you can see, Cagsil no longer has any article published on HubPages, as all of them have been moved to Wizzley*

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

This has weighed on my mind, ever since Shadesbreath said that statement. It was the first time I had ever heard the statement. I had read somewhere before, about "absolute power" corrupting absolutely, but I find myself hard pressed to apply it to myself. Thus, being corrupted. Some will say I am delusional, simply because I do not know for certain, what I would do IF I had absolute power. I am of no ambition for power.

I guess, absolute power is something that must be recognized, before it could be actually seen. Kinda like one's own ego. Absolute power would also have to be defined, down to a specific detail. So, what is "absolute power"? For the sake of arguing, define it as "being able to do anything without question". The "without question", will avoid consequence or accountability. Meaning, you could freely commit a crime and be untouchable. This would ultimately define "absolute power".

Absolute Power Corrupts?

Absolute power corrupts? I find that to be quite negative. If absolute power corrupts, then every individual on the planet is corrupted. Why? Because, they have absolute power over their own existence, which is required living. Unless you commit suicide and end your life. You must have absolute power and control over yourself. You must be able to consciously focus thoughts, just to function properly each and every day. Some are heavily medicated and some are not.

Corruption is bad and/or considered evil. Any level of corruption will present a danger to someone else. To be corrupted? Completely? Would be unadulterated evil. Which presents a danger to the individual, but also to the survival of the human species and that would be a problem. Which would be dealt with by whatever means necessary, so as to protect and ensure, the survival of the human species.

How Good Do You Know Yourself?

The above question, I guess comes down to determining, how you figure "self"? As in meaning. Do you completely understand your potential and capabilities? Are you aware that you can be your biggest obstacle? Are you honest enough to admit ignorance, even when it goes against something you believe?

To know self, is to demonstrate clear thoughts, foresight and be able to communicate, all of it to others, so they can understand how to do it. It is understood that living life requires some sort of faith. For the simple fact that you must have faith in yourself, before you can do anything successfully. This also means that you have to believe in yourself as well. The faith you have about yourself is in the department of decision making.

You will have faith in your ability to make decisions, because you will have learned the knowledge required for understanding. How you learned it? Well, I will leave you to think about it. Why? Because, it is something you have to discover about yourself and cannot be told or taught. Why cannot it be told or taught? Because, it's an experience to be had. Finding the answer on your own requires a conscious mind. A Conscious Mind is always open-minded, it's able to discern truth when recognized or seen.


Corruption can be recognized easily by a Conscious Mind. The boundary line where corruption starts can be seen. It's an obstacle, only because it's based on choice. Any action is a choice. Even if you take no action, it is still taking action and a choice. You either choose to interact with others or you do not. You choose to be selective about who you interact with? Again, it's a choice.

All actions are based on morals. So, actions are either good or bad. This is part of living in a duality based world. Any action that harms other people is deemed bad. Any action that benefits other people is deemed good. Some people open a gray area, deeming actions less damaging, as if it matters because the damage comes in two parts. The gray area people play with is about lying. They say it is okay to lie to someone who is dying. However, lying is lying.

Corruption begins in the smallest form. You will be willing to do this, for that reason, will become what you will continue to do, even with other things in your life. It will spread from one thing and spill over into other areas. Next thing you know, you've been corrupted in so many aspects of your life, you'll begin to wonder who you are? To prevent corruption, is to be completely honest with yourself about being honest with yourself. You must understand that morals are absolutes and in doing so, you can gain the foresight to build your future. A Good deed can be seen by others, just as a Bad deed can be seen by consequences of what happens.

Shadesbreath said, in the comment above "influence becomes power and wealth at some point". Now, power and wealth derived from influence is something I hadn't thought about, with regards to this article. However, having influence only matters and depends on how you influence others. I mean, good or bad. Living in duality always has two perspectives. You have truth or lie. If you lie to people, so as to influence them to do something and they follow-thru as you influenced them, then you have obtained power.

Power is usually and generally accompanied by wealth. The two go together, just like your left and right hand. I can understand what Shadesbreath said, but I am still unsure of why he said it to begin with. People will tell you greed is bad, but that actually depends on the character of the person.

Thank you for your time.

Updated: 12/23/2016, Cagsil
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