Preowned Wedding Dresses-Inexpensive Yet Stunning

by HollieT

Sometimes the budget will not stretch to everything you want for your big day, fear not however, because stunning preowned wedding dresses are just a click away.

There's no getting around the fact that weddings are expensive, some couples have to save for years and years before they can think about naming the date and finally putting all their plans into action.

This doesn't mean however, that you can't make some savings and still have your dream wedding, or bridal gown. For many couples, buying a preowned wedding dress is an affordable option which allows them to splash out on other aspects of their wedding.

By DollyThicke (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By DollyThicke (Own work) [Public dom...

Whether Short, Tall, Plus Sized or Size Zero; There's a Beautiful Preowned Wedding Dress for Every Bride

There are numerous reasons why a bride to be might opt for preowned wedding dresses. Sometimes it's because the budget is just too tight, or because, quite frankly, the bride and groom would rather spend the majority of their cash on a fantastic honeymoon or a fairy tale wedding destination. 

Whatever the reason, there are a plethora of preowned wedding dresses to suit every bride, whatever their size, age, or personal design preferences. 

Vintage Preowned Wedding Dresses

There's absolutely no doubt that a beautifully designed, preowned vintage wedding dress will bring an air of nostalgia to the occasion, and exude the glamour and charm so reminiscent of times past. Each decade brings it's own style and flair; beautiful necklines, stunning fabrics and exquisite detail.

What's not to love about preowned vintage wedding dresses? 

While vintage clothing and accessories are the hot, must have items of the minute, they can also be extremely expensive. Therefore, if you have set your heart on a vintage bridal gown, but do not have the funds to splurge on your most coveted dress, then shopping around for a preowned gown makes perfect sense. 

Of course, some of the preowned gowns may in fact be vintage, not copies of vintage designs. Either way, you will no doubt discover that a worn once, vintage wedding dress can be obtained  at fraction of the cost.

Vintage Preowned Wedding Dresses From Ebay

Plus Sized Preowned Wedding Dresses.

According to most reports, the average American woman is a size 14, and a significant percentage of the female population takes a larger dress size.

So, if you're all about showing off your beautiful curves on the big day but want to save some money when it comes to your bridal gown, rejoice, because there are literally dozens of beautiful preowned plus size wedding dresses at your disposal.

Short Preowned Wedding Dresses.

Not all brides opt for a conventional wedding gown of course, some brides to be prefer a less conventional, less formal dress for their all important day.

Short wedding dresses are extremely popular for a variety of reasons, and are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Just follow the links through to Ebay. com in order to view the most stunning preowned wedding dresses.

In addition, preowned veils, trains, shoes and a variety of items associated with wedding attire can also be purchased through Ebay. You can have it all, and save a princely sum to boot.

Updated: 05/29/2013, HollieT
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cmoneyspinner on 10/28/2013

Sad to think your article prompted this thought. But with divorce rates the way they are, it's not surprising that pre-owned wedding dresses is a profitable business. Lovely dresses. Sharing this via Pinterest.

HollieT on 05/22/2013

Hi Katie,

Yes I agree, I mean, these wedding dresses have only usually been worn once so they're practically brand new. But when you look at the prices you can see that there's a massive saving to be made. I actually hadn't thought about it from the perspective of those selling their wedding dress, certainly one way to recoup some of the money that's been spent.

katiem2 on 05/21/2013

This is a great idea, those willing to sell their wedding gowns and dresses no doubt need or would like to make a little money from the dress they spent a large sum on. This is a great way to get a pricey wedding dress for a mere fraction of the cost.

HollieT on 05/21/2013

Thank you! I got married in a suit (knee length skirt) As lovely as they are, I suppose some women just don't want the big dress. Especially if they just want a low key affair. :)

JoHarrington on 05/21/2013

There are some beautiful wedding dresses here. I really liked the one you led with. I don't tend to think of wedding dresses as short, but that has changed my mind. Stunning!

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