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Learn about Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Find Princess Belle dolls, Princess Belle figurines, Princess Belle coloring pages, Princess Belle crafts and much more

Princess Belle is the main protagonist from Disney's animated classic film Beauty and the Beast. Belle, not a princess in the beginning of Beauty and the Beast, loves books, ideas and adventure. Her only living family is her father Maurice whom the local village folk think is eccentric. Considered extremely beautiful and a bit odd Belle does not fit in with her peers; though, her beauty captures the attention of Gaston, a french man's man with an ego the size of France, much to the dismay of our fair Belle.

Belle's thirst for adventure is quenched when her father's horse, Phillipe, arrives home without her father. The slender brunette goes searching for her father and finds him locked in the dungeon, cold and sick, anxious for his health she trades her life for his to her father's captor the Beast.

Alone Belle must put up with the ill tempered Beast while exploring the enchanted secrets of her new home where the servants have been turned into enchanted objects like a tea pot, candle stick and clock among others.

Beauty and the Beast Blu-ray

Explore the story of Princess Belle
Beauty and the Beast (Three-Disc Diamond Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo ...
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Is Belle your favorite Disney Princess?

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Princess Belle - Disney Character


Besides Princess Belle's appearance in Beauty and the Beast you can find this Princess staring in the film Belle's Enchanted Christmas that follows the timeline of the earlier movie.  This Christmas classic fim is set during the first film when the ill tempered Beast outlaws the celebration of Christmas.  It is up to Belle and her friends to bring Christmas back to the palace in the face of unhappy Beast and malcontent former mistro.

Belle's Enchanted Christmas

Princess Belle Christmas Movie
Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas Special Edi...
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Princess Belle's Dazzling Style

Depictions of Belle

Princess Belle is often depicted in a yellow ballgown that she wears when the Beast and her dance for the first time.  The dress represents magic and romance as the Beast originally planned to ask Belle to marry him but instead sets her free from the commitment she made to him.

Princess Belle Figurines

Disney Collectibles
Disney Traditions designed by Jim Shore for Enesco From Beauty and theBeast Figurine 6.25 IN

Jim Shore Disney Traditions Belle and The Beast Dancing 3.25 x 6.25

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Disney Traditions by Jim Shore 4010021 Belle Midnight Enchantment Figurine 9-1/4-Inch

Jim Shore Disney Traditions Belle Figurine Description: Disney Traditions combines the magic of Disney with the American folk artistry of Jim Shore. Enjoy Disney's beloved ...

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Belle Wearing Blue and White

Another style for Princess Belle

As seen in the Precious Moments Disney "Our Love is Forever in Bloom" Princess Belle figurine, Belle is sometimes depicted in the blue and white dress that she wears most often in the film Beauty and the Beast. 

The blue and white dress shows the simple stylings of the inventors daughter who is more a book worm than a fashion trend setter.

The Precious Moment Belle figurine encapsulates the character's curiousity, depicting a scene for the film where she sneaks into the west wing and finds a curious magical rose, and cannot help but want to take a closer look.

The figurine captures this expression of curiousity before the Beast discovers her intrusion and sends her running into the woods where a pack of hungry wolves await her.

Princess Belle Precious Moments Disney "Our Love is Forever in Bloom" Figurine

Belle in blue and white with rose
Precious Moments Disney "Our Love Is Forever In Bloom" Fi...
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Precious Moments Princess Belle Figurines

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Precious Moments / Disney "A Beauty To Behold At Five Years Old" Belle Figurine

Precious Moments Disney Birthday Series, Belle, Age 5

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Precious Moments Disney Collection "Your Beauty Reflects In All You Do"

Beauty isn't just shown in a mirror, it is reflected in each kind and thoughtful thing you do. This touching tribute to Disney's "Belle" shows someone how beautiful you think ...

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Disney ''Once Upon a Time'' Musical Belle Figurine by Precious Moments

Not since Belle has there been anything so beautiful! This lovely musical will sweep your imagination to a wonderful place, just like your favorite fairytale. Plays "Beauty ...

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Precious Moments- "We're Always On The Same Page" Figurine

Belle walks through her little town dreaming of her Prince. With a basket of bread and her nose in a book, she's one of Disney's most popular princesses. Bisque Porcelain ...

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Precious Moments Disney "Dressed For A Happily Ever After" Figurine

Disney Characters are all about magic born from creativity. This Figurine is of Belle Dressed For Happily Ever After Titled: "Dressed For A Happily Ever After".

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Precious Moments Disney Collection "Friends Share Caring Hearts" Figurine

What a wonderful feeling knowing that when you get hurt and battered, there's someone by your side to bind the wounds and make you feel all better again. This young girl ...

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Disney Sing and Storytell Belle - 2011

Interactive Beauty and the Beast Doll

Released for 2011 Sing and Storytelling Belle is an interactive doll based on Princess Belle from the classic film Beauty and the Beast.  

Belle reads her book, sings a couple of songs and knows approximately 100 phrases.  Place her friends in her hands and she can tell with whom she is speaking.  Perfect gift for the Beauty and the Beast  young fan.

Belle is depicted as a toddler in her signature yellow ball gown with tiara and accompanying yellow shoes.

Disney Sing and Storytelling Belle

Interactive Belle doll
Disney Sing And Storytelling Belle
Only $79.99

Tollytots Sing and Storytelling Belle Review

See the doll in action

More Princess Belle Dolls

Disney Princess Doll Lines

Explore these Disney Princess collection to find the perfect Princess Belle doll or collectible doll for the Disney fan in your life.

Disney Princess Designer Collection

Ever wonder what your favorite Disney Princess would look like as a high fashion model? Disney has create a line of Designer Princess dolls 11.5 inch collectible dolls that show how the Disney Princesses would look in high fashion styles.

Disney Animators Collection - Toddler Dolls

The Animators Collections was created by the animators from Disney Animation Studious who worked on the original animations of your favorite Disney Princesses.  There are 10 Disney Princesses depicted in this series of dolls.

My First Disney Princess - Toddler Dolls

The First Disney Princess toddler line features 8 Disney Princess dolls that are made to look like toddlers.  These Diseny Princess dolls are a great for play.

Disney Princess and Me Collection - Tween Dolls

Disney Princess and Me dolls imagine how your favorite Disney Princess would look as a tween.  These dolls are porcelain and feature Macar eyes.  This collection has dress-up clothes for the dolls and for your own little Princess.

My First Disney Princess - Baby Dolls

Your favorite Disney Princesses have been reduced to babies in the My First Disney Princess line.  The collection features 6-12" Disney Princess baby dolls.

Disney Princess Singing Dolls

Your favorite Disney Princesses are brought to life with 17 inch Disney Princess Singing dolls.  These dolls play back a selection from the songs sang in their original movie.

Beauty and the Beast 6 Piece PVC Figurine Playset

Princess Belle and friends
Disney Exclusive Beauty and the Beast 6 Piece PVC Figurine Playset
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Belle Loves Christmas

Ring in the Holidays

We all know Belle loves Christmas.  One of her favorite traditions is lighting the yule log each year.  While you may not light a yule log you can add some Christmas magic to your tree with enchanted Belle hanging ornaments.

Listed below are two of my favorite tree ornaments featuring Princess Belle this holiday season.  The first depicts the Disney Princess in the classic yellow gown holding the enchanted rose and the second features Belle in her blue and white dress with the servant turned closet displaying her wares.

Become Princess Belle this Halloween

Dress like a Princess

At some point almost every girl would like to be a Princess even if it is just for the wardrobe.  This Halloween season is the perfect time to show off your love for Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast by donning a costume in her honor.

Halloween is a time of enchantments and witches.  What could be more in line with Halloween than the story of a man who was turned into a beasty by a witch for his ugly behavior.

Princess Belle Coloring Pages

Dress-up your favorite Disney Princess

Beauty and the Beast Coloring Pages on
33 coloring pages of Princess Belle and her friends from Beauty and the Beast. Print off these free printable coloring pages for your little ones.

Princess Belle Coloring Pages
About 12 Beauty and the Beast pages that can be printed and colored.

Princess Belle Coloring Pages from Disney
Three printable coloring pages courtesy of the Walt Disney, the studio, that brought to life Beauty and the Beast.

Princess Belle Loves Books

Share a book

Princess Belle loves to read about far off places and daring sword fights, among other things, much to the dismay of her unwelcomed love interest Gaston who believes that women should not read or think.

Reading is one of Belle's great passions.  Below you will find a collection of books about Princess Belle that you can share with your child.

Books about Princess Belle

Are you passionate about books?
Disney Princess: Belle: The Mysterious Message (Disney Princess Chapter Books)

It isn’t easy being the prisoner of the fearsome Beast, but Belle is making the most of it. There are so many rooms to explore in the elaborate castle—including an amazing ...

$4.99  $0.01
Belle's Tea Party (Disney Princess) (a Golden Go-Along Book)

Put on your fanciest dress and set out your finest dishes—it’s time for a Disney Princess tea party! Mrs. Potts and Chip help throw a special tea party for Belle in this ...

Only $4.99
Dancing Cinderella/Belle of the Ball (Disney Princess) (Deluxe Pictureback)

Dance along with Cinderella and Belle as they twirl and waltz their way through two all-new stories about gowns and ballrooms. This full-color storybook stars the two most ...

$4.99  $0.01

Princess Belle Crafts

Paper doll, crown and Christmas ornament

Princess Belle Paper Doll
From comes a free printable activity where you can make a Princess Belle paper doll and dress her up. Template is provided. All you need to do is hit print and then cut out the pattern.

Princess Gown Christmas Ornament
Instructions and template to make Aurora, Belle and Cinderella's classic gowns to dress-up your Christmas tree. This project was created by Cindy Littlefield and published on

Belle's Crown
Another craft from that teaches you how to make a crown to match Belle's signature yellow dress.

Disney Princess Articles

Learn more about the Disney Princesses
Comparison between popular Disney Animators' Collection dolls and the My First Disney Princess dolls. Which design do you like better?
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