Psychics, Clairvoyants, Mediums, Shamans.Evidence for Psychics, Clairvoyants, Medium? True or False?

by TessaSchlesinger

Can Psychics really see the future? Do they see the dead? What is the scientific evidence for Shamans, Mediums, Astrologers, and Clairvoyants?

Most people, at one point or another, in their lives, have visited psychics, clairvoyants mediums, or shamans. Many have been astonished at the accuracy of past and present information presented to them about their lives They - wrongfully - assume that if what they are told about their past and present is accurate, then the future prediction must be accurate as well. Is that true or false? Are psychics, clairvoyants, mediums, or shamans able to foretell the future?

Seeing the Past. Viewing the Present. Guessing the Future?

Body Language

Let’s first deal with how these people are able to know so much about you. As any psychologist or people-reader will tell you, there is a fair amount of information which can be told to you simply by evaluating your body language.

Verbal Information
Another source of information is the data you actually give them without realizing it. You might, for instance say something like, “My family doesn’t know I’m coming here.” S/he will immediately assume that you are married and has an 80% chance of being correct.

Limited Possibilities
Another clue which fortune tellers use is that there are only four reasons people will come to see them. They are health, money, love, and death. It’s fairly easy for a skilled communicator to find which of the topics touches a button. Once that button is established, it’s a matter of zeroing in.

And those are the only ways in which 'fortune tellers' can tell you what it is 'not possible' for them to know...

Science Now Recognizes that Telepathy does Exist


Oh, hang on, that’s not universally accepted as the truth, is it? Maybe. However, most people will tell you of the occasional powerful instance in their lives where telepathy or some other supernatural methos was the only explanation. In addition, probably because I’ve personally experienced telepathy with very powerful shamans and healers, I know that it exists. I also happen to have picked up the thoughts of others on more than one occasion and I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that it exists.

Of course, this is subjective observation and many will say, "But you were deluded." Of course, they might only think that, but it's obvious that this is what they think in terms of the type of questions they ask and comments they make.

So, presuming that some people can 'read' other people's thoguhts, how does this affect the fortune teller's ability to tell the future? Well, it doesn't. Here's what it does do, though.

It enables the fortune teller to be able to pick up information about your past and present from your thoughts. They better they are at it, the more accurate the information is that they give you. However, as they're only 'reading' what has already taken place, there is no way that knowledge of the past and present gives them the ability to tell the future.

Why do I say that.

Well, here's the thing. My friend - passed now - Muktar was kicked out of casinos because he unerringly went to the machine that was about to win. He picked up the thought from the machine mechanic. At university, he unerringly got the right answers because he picked up the thoughts of the people around him. The man was a marvel. And I was often embarrassed speaking to him because I was never quite sure how much he was actually picking up from me.

So one day I arrived at the wrong conclusion about something. Of course, I didn't know it was the wrong conclusion , and nor did Muktar. Out of the blue, he told me that what I was thinking would come true. It didn't! That happened three or four times until I realized that telepathy enabled him to know what I was thinking and play it back to me, and the fact that I was inaccurate in what I thought meant that he had no ability to determine what was accurate in my thought processes or not...

So my conclusion is that no one can read what you don't know! And if you're convinced of something that is wrong, that is what will be 'read' back to you.

It’s only a matter of time because it is established by science that telepathy does exist. In the meantime, let me say that I think that somewhere between 1% and 10% of the population have some sort of sensitivity in this area.

Telepathy does exists claims Cambridge scientist
Scientist Dr Rupert Sheldrake says he has performed tests into 'telephone telepathy' which show 45 per cent of the time people can correctly guess who is ringing them. This is much greater odds than if it was due to chance alone, he claimed. However his controversial research, presented at the BA Festival of Science in Norwich (must keep) immediately sparked outcry from other scientists

My research on telepathy in animals (summarized in my book Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home and published in detail in a series of papers (listed here) led me to see telepathy as a normal, rather the paranormal. phenomenon, an aspect of communication between members of animal social groups.

Scientists to study synthetic telepathy
A team of UC Irvine scientists has been awarded a $4 million grant from the U.S. Army Research Office to study the neuroscientific and signal-processing foundations of synthetic telepathy.

Since there is no way to distinguish direct communication with another mind from communication with a future or past perception by that or some other mind, there is no way to distinguish telepathy from precognition or retrocognition. There is no way to distinguish telepathy, clairvoyance, retrocognition, or precognition from a mind perceiving directly the akashic record.

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Guides, Ghosts, Angels, and Other Entities

Does the Supernatural Exist?

Virtually all psychics, clairvoyants, shamans, and mediums will tell you that they get the information from an invisible being of some sort. The Shaman I knew in Southern Africa told me that the Ancestors were speaking to him. The Muslim healer I knew told me that he had a hundred guides and had been speaking to them since adolescence. The Russian gynecologist who gave up her practice to become a healer said that she heard from angels. Do these invisible creatures exist.

Well, perhaps it’s just telepathy misinterpreted. However, I would be somewhat without integrity if I didn’t share with you that I have seen entities for which I have no explanation for. I’m not even going to try. Then, again, they might have been ghosts or demons, angels or guides. I do know that when my dogs start barking at the same thing I was looking at that it was not possible for it to be my imagination.  Of course, there are many different possible explanations. I just don't buy it was my imagination.  These are events for which I will never have an explanation, and I'm okay with that.

I don't know that anyone actually knows what these entities are. I think I have seen things. I have no idea what they are. I know many other people who say they have seen things, but I don't think they know what they are seeing either. It might be our imagination. We might be delusional. We do need to take these things into consideration. However, when dogs start barking at the same thing and when other people witness it, how delusional can it be?

If invisible beings share our planet with us and our eyes cannot pick them up as a result of our limited ability to pick up everything in the light spectrum, we may, at some future point, create instruments to measure these lifeforms.  

That said,  yes, it’s possible for some psychics t too tell you with a fair degree of accuracy about your  past and present.  But your future? I doubt it! 


Can the Future be Predicted?

Future Predictions

Well, to date, not a single future foretold to me has ever come true. However, many have been very accurate in summing up my current situation without my telling them. So, my interpretation of what I have witnessed is that it's either their own telepathy or some other lifeform acting as an intermediatary. But  they can only read what you already know. In other words, no, no one can foretell the future, whether they come from another dimension or this one.

The Fuzzy Logic of Foretelling the Future
If you think about it, it’s highly improbable that the future can be foretold. If it could be, it would mean that you have no free will and that you don’t make the decisions in your life. If you did have freewill, then the future could be changed as a consequence of cause and effect. If the future can be changed, then it cannot be foretold because it’s not set in stone.

So when a fortune teller tells you that his or her ability to accurately tell you about your past and present is an indication that they can foretell your future, I have to say to you, “Sorry, that’s poppycock!”

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So, Is There Any Reason To Visit Them?

Parting with Your Money

I'm in two minds here. I had a lot of genuine assistance from three people who have/had abilities for which there is no scientific explanation. The first was a Muslim healer who believed in reincarnation (I don't) and was telepathic enough for me not to doubt its existence. No, he couldn't foretell the future. He said he would die at 48 and he died at 46. The second was a Shaman who helped me get rid of poltergeist activity which you can read about in my article about the paranormal. The third was the Russian healer who told me some fairy tales about my past life but prescribed me some medication which helped me... I think what all three presented to me was an illusion of something greater than myself. I think they gave me some hope for the future and I needed it at that time. I was also very happy to get rid of the poltergeist activity. It scared the living daylights out of me.

These days I know enough to know that I have few explanations other than a sure knowledge that there are things on this earth which are not easily measured by our existing scientific instruments, and that our eyes and ears do not see and hear everything there is.


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