Quote: Wisdom Comes With Age

by Cagsil

There's always someone saying or making quotes from what seems like profound statements, but in end say nothing of value. Wisdom comes with Age is a lie and exposed herein.

Wisdom IS discerned truth. The main reason I have come to publish this article was to dispel a statement spoken by someone else. The quote "Wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself." - Tom Wilson.

It was posted on Facebook and it struck me a little bit odd, because of the way it is worded. The "way" the words form the sentence, doesn't really say anything special.

The problem is in the beginning- "Wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age" - Actually, truth be told- Wisdom does come with age, because age is always there. The rest of the quote "Sometimes age just shows up by itself" is meaningless because age is always there, not just sometimes. In essence, a seemingly profound statement some would say, however, only sounding profound without actually having any meaning whatsoever.


What Is Wisdom?

Many people try to explain "wisdom", all by themselves and when they do, they show off exactly what knowledge they lack. To be precise- "What is Wisdom?" - Wisdom is the discerned truth from all collective knowledge learned(what is knowable) and experienced(what was learned from the experience, not what happened.

If someone is unable to discern truth from the knowledge(what is knowable) they learned and/or experienced, then they are more likely to form beliefs based on lies rather than truth. If someone forms a belief, it means they lack knowledge about that specific item. They reinforce their belief with their faith. They rationalize their belief with irrational thinking or based on emotion.

People, human beings, should never form beliefs based on lies, because then when they say their beliefs, they are not actually speaking truth, but lies. When truth is known, then everything is revealed, including the lie. The lie becomes realized when truth is known. Anyone connected to saying the same, has been lying too.

What Is Knowable Knowledge?

What is knowable knowledge? Knowable knowledge is the collective knowledge gained by humanity. It is possible for someone to know everything that is knowable, and still not know everything there is to know. You, as a person, can learn whatever you choose to learn. Please try to remember, learning is always free. It might not always be easy, but will come through effort on your part. Never stop yourself from learning, because when you do, you actually make a choice to be ignorant.

If you choose to be ignorant, then when you are out in public, you are more dangerous to others. Not to mention, you endanger your own existence at the same time. As a series of articles on human character, I point out a few characteristics many people seem to not understand or do not use in their life. Many articles like Ego, Wisdom, Perception and Respect are meant to help others develop via self improvement and self-growth.

To gain "wisdom", it takes integrity and honesty within yourself. When you put integrity into your life, then you learn to always be honest with yourself. When you are honest with yourself, about being responsible in your life, then you'll build self-esteem and self-confidence. As those two grow- you'll come to love yourself, for who you are. You'll create meaning for your life, because of your new comfort zone with yourself. This renewed meaning will help define a new found purpose you'll establish.

Age provides wisdom to those who seek it...

Age provides wisdom to those who seek it. You will always age, but you will not always gain wisdom. You are human after all and you are bound to make mistakes. This means, you will obviously have times in your life where you will choose ignorance over learning. It is important that you recognize that you are doing it.

Every person ages, but not everyone comes to truth, because of their inability to recognize their own actions. The old sayings "You are your greatest enemy" - "You are your own obstacle", will hold true for the average person, but not for those who consciously learn while living their life.

I certainly hope you took something away and will try to be more consciously active in your own life.

Thank you for your time.

Updated: 12/27/2016, Cagsil
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