Review: A-Force: Hypertime

by GregFahlgren

Reviewing the 2nd Collection for A-Force, Marvel's newest Super-Team book.

Hello everyone! A little while ago, I reviewed the Secret Wars tie-in, A-Force: Warzones. Given how good the book was, I could not WAIT to get the second volume. This collection, entitled Hyptertime, was a follow-up to the event tie-in, bringing the character Singularity into the Marvel Universe and reforming the team she had met in Arcadia during Secret Wars. I was very excited to read this collection, and I am happy to announce that it did not disappoint. So, without further ado, allow me to tell you about A-Force: Hypertime.


First off, let’s meet the creators who brought us this wonderful book.

Writers: G Willow Wilson, Kelly Thompson

Artist: Jorge Molina, Victoria Ibanez

Colourists: Laura Martin, Matt Milla

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Editors: Daniel Ketchum, Alanna Smith, Katie Kubert


A Little Darker, but Full of Heart

As with the first A-Force collection, Hypertime’s incredible art team was lead by artist Jorge Molina. Just like last time, Molina blew me away, his art dead on perfect every panel. Each character is drawn as well as they’ve ever been, Dazzler and Singularity in particular being truly amazing. The action sequences were on point, keeping a steady pace through the fights without sacrificing story, and some of the splash pages were unbelievable.

As action packed as the book was, it was the quiet moments where Molina really got to show his stuff. The care he took with each character’s expression’s and body language were almost perfect every time, forcing the reader to feel every moment of triumph or defeat as fully as if we were standing right there in the thick of it.

Back Molina up were colourists Laura Martin and Matt Miller. Both were top notch, enhancing Molina’s illustrations beautifully, creating some truly spectacular pages. Letterer Cory Petit also did an outstanding job, giving the final touch that made Hypertime’s art some of the best I’ve seen in recent memory.

The only real drawback for me was that the tone of the book was significantly darker than the first collection, not as bright or vibrant as Warzones. That being said, the story was also a darker journey, so the change of tone fit the book, even if it was a little jarring at first.


As I’ve said before, Hypertime is a continuation of A-Force: Warzones, a tie-in story from the Secret Wars mega-event. Given that the A-Force team of that world was from a pocket universe within Battleworld, the characters we see in Hypertime are those of the Marvel Universe, and therefore not the same characters we saw during Secret Wars, with the exception of Singularity, who makes her main Marvel Universe debut with the book.

The story of Hypertime centres around Singularity, everyone’s favourite cosmic teenage girl from the Battleworld Arcadia, entrance into the main Marvel Universe. With her comes the villain Anti-Matter, a powerful cosmic entity bent on learning about the universe by destroying everything in sight.

With that as the base, one by one Singularity finds each of her former team members, though obviously they are not the same people she remembers, the world of Arcadia vanishing with the rest of Battleworld post-Secret Wars. With each new member comes a new trial, and as Anti-Matter continues to track Singularity, the group continue to fight in a desperate battle to both save the girl and beat the bad guy. Through some tough battles, heart-breaking moments, and frankly some rather hilarious circumstances, Wilson and Thompson re-forge our heroes back into the team that has taken the comic book world by storm.

The story itself was great ride, but it was the dialogue that really sold the book for me. Wilson and Thompson found a steady balance between comedy and drama, allowing the characters to funny, serious, sad or straight up abrupt (Medusa) when the situation called for it. I found myself laughing out loud many times throughout the reading, but also my heart torn apart just as much. This book is more than just a bunch of badass women kicking ass. Hypertiem explores each member of the team in detail, examining their strengths, their weaknesses, and how they balance in each other out as they struggle against a foe that is frankly quite beyond them, and find some way to win through.

Bottom line, Hypertime is a fun, action filled adventure that really tugged at the heartstrings while still making me laugh, which is really all I’m asking for from comics.

Final Verdict

When I first picked up Hypertime, I will admit I was both nervous by what I might find. For one, I really enjoyed the first trade collection, and sometimes the follow ups aren’t nearly as good. Also, I knew that G Willow Wilson was leaving the book and as ardent a fan of her work I was afraid there would be a drop in quality. After reading it however, I can safely say that it did. Kelly Thompson is a great replacement for Wilson, and her loe for this team and its members is evident with each panel. Along with Molina and the rest of the art team, Thompson and Wilson did a wonderful job with this book, continuing the high bar set by Warzones. In my opinion, A-Force has the potential to become one of Marvel’s best new books in a long time, and Hypertime was the perfect launching point. Sadly, the book has since been cancelled, but I cannot stress how good it was and that everyone should check it out. Thomspon, Wilson, Molina and company had something really great here, and hopefully their work is not finished permantly.

Another reason to pick this book up is that it included Avengers #83, which featured the super-team Lady Liberators, which was the first all female team in Marvel history. This little piece of history was a great add-on to the collection, and a historical landmark that has been largely forgotten by comic book fans at large.

Bottom line, Hypertime is a fine collection featuring spectacular art and a great story. It is, in essence, what a comic book should be. If you don’t believe me, why don’t you click on the link below and check it out?


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