Review of Our Family Cheese Tortellini Pasta

by StevenHelmer

I purchased this yesterday and prepared it as a surprise dinner for my daughter. Read to find out what I thought of it.

Product Description: Frozen cheese tortellini pasta from the Our Family brand containing ricotta and Romano cheeses and prepared, from a frozen state, in boiling water. I purchased two bags of this product at one of our local grocery stores yesterday morning while out grocery shopping for about $3.50 per bag and prepared both bags as part of a pasta dinner for the family last night.

A Decent Bargain Brand

Cheese TortelliniMy youngest daughter had a rough time a couple days ago. She fell in gym class and sprained her elbow to the point it was very sore yesterday morning. While she was able to go to school, we ended up having to keep her out of her ice skating lesson yesterday evening as a result of her injury. Because of this, I decided to treat her to a cheese tortellini dinner because it is one of her favorites.

My decision to purchase this particular brand was based solely on price. There was another, better-known, brand in the freezer section too. However, that brand was almost $1.50 more per bag than this brand was. And, since I’m once again on a tight budget (thanks mostly to the holiday season and an unexpectedly high water bill this month), I couldn’t pass up the savings. As it turns out, this brand was just as good.

The tortellini had a good mix of the two cheeses and also offered quite a bit in terms of quantity when it came to the cheese. This was a little bit unexpected since I’m used to buying bargain brands like this and discovering they skimped on the cheese to reduce the price. And, since the cheese is my daughters’ favorite part, they definitely enjoyed the pasta as a result of this. My youngest daughter, who usually is only going to eat one serving most nights, actually had three bowls of this.

Another thing I liked about this product was the tortellini held together when I was boiling it. This, again, is a problem I’ve had with other bargain brands and it was nice to have a cheaper brand of tortellini that came out in one piece rather than in a big mess.

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Final Opinion

As I was hoping, purchasing this product and making it for dinner definitely brightened my daughter’s mood and, as it turns out, it was actually a really decent purchase because it offered quite a bit of quality overall while being significantly less expensive than my other choice. I would definitely recommend this as a result.

My Grade: A

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Updated: 02/26/2016, StevenHelmer
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