Review of the Filter Queen Majestic Vacuum

by StevenHelmer

A review of the canister vacuum my wife and I purchased for our house earlier this week.

Product Description: Canister vacuum from the Filter Queen brand that promises deep-cleaning action, air filters that are rated higher than HEPA filters, a cyclonic design that never loses suction despite how full the chamber gets and a life-time warranty. My wife and I purchased this vacuum recently after an in-house sales demonstration earlier this week.


Filter Queen MajesticIf someone would have told me the most expensive item in my house would be my vacuum cleaner, I’m sure I wouldn’t have hesitated to laugh very loudly. However, while that was a concept I honestly never imagined, it ended up being the case when we decided to purchase this vacuum cleaner.

This, in all honesty, wasn’t an easy decision. Even though the salesperson that visited us managed to get us some discounts and work out a payment plan that worked for us, I did find myself having some doubts about buying this product. However, so far at least, I think it was a good decision.

My entire family suffers from allergies, especially dust allergies. As a result, we do make an effort to keep the dust under control. And, up until trying out this vacuum, I was convinced we were doing a good job at that.

At the time of the demonstration, we had a vacuum we thought was doing an excellent job. It was an older model. But, we kept it well-maintained and had recently serviced it and even changed the belt on it so it was working as well as it ever did. Prior to purchasing the Majestic, my wife had used our current vacuum just a few hours before. Yet, the first time she went over the carpet with the new vacuum, the canister was almost full. I honestly was shocked because it’s not like we have shag carpeting.

Needless to say, we ended up using this throughout our house and found, even on our recently-mopped vinyl kitchen floor, it was picking up dirt that was simply left behind. After realizing that, it was easy to see why we just couldn’t seem to get over our allergy issues.

One thing my wife and oldest daughter loved about this vacuum right away was the scent chamber on top of the canister. All they have to do is spray in their favorite scent, whether it’s a strawberry scent designed just for the vacuum or something else, like their favorite perfume, and the Majestic will spread the scent throughout the room. This, I have to admit, is pretty neat and, at very least, should save us some money on room deodorizers.

Even without the scent infuser, the vacuum already seems to leave the rooms smelling fresher. Our other vacuum always left what I would describe as a burnt dust-like smell whenever we used it (even when it was brand new). We haven’t experienced that problem with this device.

I know there are plenty of people out there that aren’t huge fans of canister vacuums and, admittedly, I was one of them. However, I did find this vacuum isn’t as bad as expected. The canister, while surprisingly durable, is very light and easy to pull behind you. I also found this design makes it much easier to reach tight spaces than it was with our old standup vacuum. Plus, I can use it to vacuum out our cars, meaning I no longer have to borrow my parents’ Shop Vac (or buy one, like I had been considering).

Sink (photo courtesy of Pixabay)Another thing that really impressed me about this vacuum was the way it was designed to perform multiple tasks. There are a variety of attachments I simply did not have with our other vacuum, including one for dusting and one for hard floors (replacing a broom). We also learned some tricks such as using it to fluff (and removing dust mites from) pillows and other linen and even unclogging a sink. The fact it does have more than one purpose did make the price seem a bit more affordable.

As far as maintenance goes, I don’t see anything that will warrant complaint. Changing the filter is as easy as opening the canister and dropping a new one in and even some of the more complicated routine maintenance, such as replacing another filter that is designed to catch viruses, don’t require more than a couple simple steps. Compared to my last vacuum, which pretty much required you to take it apart, making a big mess in the process, this is pretty convenient.


You want stunning suction power? This Filter Queen has it. You want a tough machine, built for your rough-and-tumble home environment? This one is qualified without reservation....

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Final Opinion

As I said, I had some lingering doubts when I purchased this product. However, so far at least, I think this was a good purchase. The Filter Queen Majestic does an excellent job keeping our dust and other dirt under control and was well-worth the money we ended up spending on it.

My Grade: A 

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Updated: 05/14/2015, StevenHelmer
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