Review: Old Man Logan

by GregFahlgren

Reviewing for the Wolverine Classic and soon to be motion picture, Old Man Logan

The comic book medium is largely a hit or miss kind of industry. Some books happen in the blink of eye, their worth never truly appreciated. Some books become popular very quickly, but the glory fades as time rolls along as new attitudes and ways of thinking take precedence over the old. Some books however come along and push the boundaries of what we, the readers, know to be true. Some books in one fell swoop redefine a character, making an impact that can never truly be forgotten. Old Man Logan is one of those comics.

Today, I will be taking a stark look at Mark Millar’s classic Wolverine tale, one of the best and most popular Wolverine stories in history. Old Man Logan is nothing short of a masterpiece of dark storytelling, and today you are all going to find out exactly why it is one of the best graphic novels of its generation.


As always, let’s give credit to the incredible team of creators that made Old Man Logan into the classic that it is.

Writer: Mark Millar

Penciler: Steve McNiven

Inkers: Dexter Vines, Mark Morales, and Just Leisten

Colorists: Morry Hollowell, Christina Strain, Justin Ponsor, Jason Keith, Nathan Fairbairn, and Paul Mounts

Cover Artists: Steve McNiven, Dexter Vines, and Morry Hollowell


Beautifully Ugly

The art in Old Man Logan is nothing short of phenomenal. McNiven and company paint a very grim picture of a possible future for the Marvel Universe where the heroes are dead, the villains have taken over, and there is hardly anything left of the world but the misery they left in their wake. Every character, every piece of scenery, and every landscape is gorgeously ugly, creating an atmosphere of dread and disgust wherever you look. Some of the panels in this book are jaw dropping, from the Red Skull’s trophy room to the lair of the Hulks, the art is as mesmerizing as it is disturbing.

Everything about the world of Old Man Logan is ugly, and it’s supposed to be. Remember, this is a world where the villains have won, and the people are under their heel. The ugly, disturbing, and violent world that McNiven and his team depict is a bleak view at a dystopian horror, one that the reader can’t help but explore no matter how nerve shattering each chapter becomes, matching every single tone of Millar’s writing to perfection.


The Pain of a Wolverine

The tale told in Old Man Logan is not a happy story by any stretch. Given, Wolverine isn’t the most cheerful guy in the world, but Millar took the dark tone of Wolverine’s life to a whole new level for this book. In this particular world, the villains have won, and most of the world’s superheroes are dead. Logan himself disappeared after it all went down, and for decades he has lived in seclusion, swearing to never pop his claws again. That is until Hawkeye shows up with a job that would pay enough money to keep Logan’s family safe from the Hulks that have taken over his part of the US.

The story is a journey across this new world in a future that would make any Marvel fan gasp in horror. It’s dark, harrowing, and brutal, Logan discovering what had happened to the world’s heroes one tale at a time, each one more tragic than the last. Throughout the story, you learn what happened to Logan when the heroes fell, how the villains took over, and the real reason Hawkeye brought him on this trip.

Slowly but surely, Logan is forced to fight again and again, his honour not allowing him to sit by and watch the injustices of this new world continue in front of him. With each step on the journey, Logan becomes closer to returning to being the best in the world at what he does, and the things he does become less pretty with each turn of the page. Finally, the showdown with the Hulk gang happens, with Logan going on a rage-filled rampage in one of the bloodiest and most gruesome comic book issues I’ve ever read. In the end, Logan leaves his farm and begins travelling the world, becoming the Wolverine once again and continuing a fight that he had long thought wasn’t his anymore.

Millar, who is known for his violent, unapologetic style of storytelling, pulls no punches. Each battle is more brutal than the last, Logan’s heartbreaking story taking the reader on a journey that is uncomfortable, disturbing, and mesmerizing all at once. There were several times where I had to put the book down for a few minutes to absorb what had just happened.

However, despite the violence and brutality of the work, I couldn’t help for feel for Logan every step on his journey. Here he was, once one of the most dangerous men on the planet, and all he wanted was to care for his family and not harm anyone ever again. But his old life kept pulling him back in, and become who he was meant to be for good or ill. If Old Man Logan accomplished anything is that it showed the sheer brutality of evil and how if one good man could stand against it, then things have a chance of being better. Many criticize Millar’s violent style of writing, but it should be said that Millar also provides a lot of hope in his stories, and that hope in Old Man Logan is that if Logan can continue his fight, maybe he can make his world better, even if only a little.

Final Verdict

Brutal Classic

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