Choosing RVing Sites And RV Blogs Full Time RVers Can Use

by frugalrvers

Many rvers search for rv blog sites - but finding the right ones can make or break your decision to go rving. Here is some help to introduce an rver to the world of blogs and more.

There are various types of full time rvers out there on the highways. Some, before making the decision to live in an rv full time, read everything they could prior to taking the plunge. Others (like yours truly) decided to figure it out by trial and error, then more errors and mistakes.

No matter the learning style or cautiousness of rving folks, those who turn to the internet in search of recreational vehicle information might be in for a shock. There are many rv blogs and sites to choose from, but they aren't a one size fits all.

After 3 1/2 years of full time rving in a frugal manner, with little income, here are our tips in how to navigate the online seas of rv sites and blogs. Of course, because everyone who reads this is unique, we can't guess what TYPE of rv site you need, but we can tell you what to look for!


Nothing can be more disheartening to someone considering the rv lifestyle than to stumble on the wrong full time rv blog. Many rvers are blogging these days. Some post nearly every day, loading their site with tons of photos of beautiful places they've seen, sharing what they had for breakfast or a funny pic of their pet. Entertaining and fun to read? Sure! But these folks aren't all alike...

Let's use an example of someone who is thinking about rving but will be living on a limited budget. He or she will quickly feel deflated reading blogs featuring the daily experience of traveling in a $600,000 motorhome and staying at luxurious rv parks. However, when this person finds full time rv blogs of those living cheaply in a modest rv, having fun and enjoying hikes in the mountains, boondocking for free in the Arizona desert, etc. the mood will quickly change from "I can't" to "I can!"

With the popularity of the Wealth Channel on tv, guess some criticism will fly at me that there is no harm in seeing how the other half lives (btw, will NOT watch anyone validate eating a $1,000 pizza on tv). But this is YOUR rv life and experience. Find the right full time rv blog that will show you all you can have and do once on the road! The best things in life are free...

Though we don't keep this blog anymore (we have a newer one now), when we first started out we kept a full time rv blog, narrated by our travel trailer who we named "Ward." HERE IS OUR FIRST FULL TIME RV BLOG

Me, When We First Started Out In 2009

Our First RV, Ward
Our First RV, Ward


It is great to find some full time rv blogs where you can get to know other rvers who are living like you are (or will). It's a great opportunity to also leave comments and begin friendships over time, which has happened to us as we've met other rving folks.

But aside from that, it is important to find some favorite rv blogs or sites that can offer HELP, which you will need at some point. Here are some ideas:

TIPS/RESOURCES HELP: This would be a simple rv blog that doesn't just share personal stories - it also offers links and articles on tips, free boondocking campsite tools, stories of mistakes that were made which others can learn from, budget tips, where to find work, locating dump stations, how to guides, etc.

REPAIR HELP: Find rv sites with forums that match your budget. Cannot tell you initially how frustrated we became posting a repair question in the wrong type of forum, where their advice was "just do the $1000 repair, it is worth it!" $1000??? We don't use credit cards and have a limited budget. What we needed were places that offered "creative" advice - like "duct tape is safe to use, just put it on!" See the difference the right forum can make?


Here is another dilemma that initially made our frugal rv living a true nightmare - when you need rv products, what the heck do you do? Just like rv blogs and forums vary by rv lifestyles (particularly budgets), this is also true for rving accessories you will need along your journey.

Only you can determine what you need at a minimum vs what you want. Just look at my example below regarding the price difference on an rv sewer hose! If you venture into the wrong product site (or rv parts store) you will be scared into thinking your rving will be over if you spend under a certain amount.

If budget isn't of concern and you are loyal to a certain brand, then that is where you will likely browse for products. Those who must live frugally are best looking at the wide array of products, brands, prices and customer reviews offered at places like Camping World, Amazon, Walmart, etc. For example, get familiar with all of the types of rv jacks and leveling products before buying the expensive leveling blocks you've seen used by other rvers at campsites.

Most importantly, whichever rv blog and site you use to learn about rv products, read reviews! We've bought items out of our budget that were junk and low end brand products that worked great. We rarely purchase anything without comparing and contrasting all of them first. For us, our favorite rv sites for products are those that offer many brands...we learn so much every time.


Valterra D04-0450 Viper 15' Sewer Hos...
$55.80  $51.50
Camco 39631 RV HTS 20' Heavy Duty Sew...
Only $15.98

Our Most Recent RV Site

Our Recent RV Site
Our Recent RV Site

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deb on 12/31/2015

i have thought about starting a website that our friends could follow us . They are always saying where are you ? So i am going to do this . Does anyone have any advice as to where i can go of course free or at least very lost cost.

frugalrvers on 05/22/2013

Thanks Kimbesa!
When I "settle" somewhere, I get antsy like "is this all there is?" and "I want to do/see this!" - on our limited budget, it isn't like lifestyles of the rich and famous...we are very limited...but it is truly about the freedom and not HAVING to be somewhere, counting days for vacation, etc. That is the best part...being free...

kimbesa on 05/22/2013

I might like it for a few weeks, but you go, girl! (And you do). The adventure is appealing, and just going where and when you want. Seeing places you would otherwise not, awesome!

frugalrvers on 05/21/2013

Hi WriterArtist!
Thanks so much for commenting! It is a bold decision...and I don't say that as a compliment to myself. People picture the life of leisure, but living frugally like this can cause many sleepless nights. Whenever we have "crisis" we try to remember what it was like back in the 9 to 5...then say,'s not such a bad obstacle after all! :)

WriterArtist on 05/21/2013

Living in a RV full time is a bold decision but I am sure you are enjoying it. In addition, there are many helpful tips that will help people make the right decision.

frugalrvers on 03/03/2013

We've been "scared" into overspending so many times....but we've gotten wiser now. We just buy rvs where, if they become too expensive, we swap 'em out and get another one :)

Ragtimelil on 03/03/2013

Yup, I bought the $45 dollar sewer hose before I knew better. I'm definitely doing it the trial and error way. I have yet to really get my trailer leveled.....

frugalrvers on 02/27/2013

Dustytoes -
Some people travel just a portion of the year and like living that way! If income/lifestyle is flexible enough, you can just "go rving" in the winter to a warmer place, etc. I like never say never! Many things I don't think I will ever do, but will never close the door on. Thanks for commenting!

dustytoes on 02/27/2013

This sounds like such an interesting way to live. I don't think I would enjoy doing it alone though. I can't see myself doing it, but I never say never!

frugalrvers on 02/26/2013

2uesday, thanks for your comment! Yes, no need for rvers to invest in wall art...just start the engine and drive to a new location! :)

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