RV Christmas Cards And Greeting Cards

by frugalrvers

Looking for a unique RV Christmas card or greeting cards to send to your loved ones? You'll find everything you need right here. Some you can customize, too! Have fun shopping...

The fun part about RV Christmas cards is seeing if they make one for your make or model of camper. Sometimes you get lucky and, yep...they do! So it isn't just about finding a card that mentions rving...it's about finding your style of camper van, pop up camper, travel trailer or 5th wheel.

Check out some of these examples below, and remember most are free to be customized however you see fit. You can even personalize the inside message and use someone's name!

RV Christmas Cards Let You Share Your RVing Lifestyle With Friends and Family

There Are RVing Greeting Cards For Any Occasion, Too!

Last year, our rv Christmas cards were...er..."creative." Never having much skill for making designs online, Jim was somehow able to capture the goofy essence of our travel trailer, by pasting googly eyes and a Santa hat on him. He was named "Ward" and he blogged about our journeys (we now have a 1993 Bounder named "Joey," by the way). This was our holiday card, sent to family and friends around the country. After the specialty photo paper, time spent on design and cursing at the computer and the endless supply of ink these homemade cards seemed to slurp up, we had our own Christmas cards. Lets just say that isn't going to happen this year!!

Don't get us wrong, as frugal rvers we love to do things ourselves, but if we added up everything we spent on these less than professional greeting cards, it just feels like we had to have spent $742.38 on these "gems" - maybe more? So we're leaving it to the pros when Santa comes to town. In fact, we've discovered unique rv cards for any occasion, so no more bah-hum-bugging at the laptop, we're letting someone else do the work.

This Was The Main Photo For Our Travel Trailer Card

You Can Visualize The Santa Hat and Googly Eyes - We Deleted The Actual Card
Where The Xmas Card Began
Where The Xmas Card Began

Create Your Own RV Cards - Another Idea

If you aren't an rver, but you're browsing around for unique rv gifts, consider making notecards or stationary for the traveling vagabond on your list. You can easily make your own personalized cards with ease! The card design on the right allows you to upload your own image to create your own card...or you can start with a blank card and start from scratch.

We would love this as a gift (hint-hint to family) because we often drop a line to others while on the road, and currently our "stationary" involves a lovely, coordinated white piece of paper and white envelope. There is no end to the fun you can have with rv Christmas cards, greeting cards or assorted stationary items.

RV Holiday Cards By Actual Artists

Don't Forget To Design Your Own Postage Stamp, Too!

OUR CAT, SPOT IS THE MODEL ON THESE Create Your Own Postage Stamps

Fun RV Greeting Cards Are Available For All Occasions

Holidays, Retirement And Much More

There are other times of the year when a camper greeting card MINUS the tree, is in order. Many people, after retiring, hit the rv trail and never look back. Camper notecards are fun to have around, too, when dropping a line to a friend when zipping down the highway. They reflect an rvers unique personality...hmmm, which one would best suit us? Don't answer!

Fun Camper Cards For Any Time Of The Year

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Jimmie on 10/07/2011

Fantastic card ideas. I'd love to receive an RV Christmas card! It would really stand out against all the traditional (read BORING) cards.

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