Personalized RV Gift Ideas For Couples - The King Or Queen, Pilot Or Copilot

by frugalrvers

There are fantastic, personalized RV gift ideas for rving couples out there. Are they the king and queen of the motorhome? How about pilot or copilot? Take a look at these gifts...

Ah, the rving couple - two peas in one rectangular pod on wheels. My husband and I are one of those fulltime couples in an rv - and it is quite the relationship experience! Who is the king or queen of the motorhome? Often, those titles go to our dog and cat, to be honest...

But I digress...

If you are looking for gifts for rv owners in the his and her style, you will enjoy looking at some of these ideas for rving themed presents. They all can be personalized, customized, have various styles, colors and fonts available...if you prefer to add your own touch!

Start With The Basics: T-shirts Are Standard RV Gifts Ideas

Queen And King Of The RV Tshirts Say It Best...

For a more traditional gift for rvers, t-shirts are the "rving thing." Yes, these cutesie couples can proudly wear their rv tees around the campground, out in public or wherever they please. It is a fun and entertaining sight to behold, for certain.

Of course it doesn't have to be a tee - it can be a tank, hoodie or even a baseball cap. Whatever you think they would like the most...will leave that up to you!

RVing couples commonly go for the King and Queen of the rv slogan or sometimes they refer to one another as pilot and copilot (yeah...and sometimes we refer to each other with words we won't use here...haha).

Below are some basics to get you started...

Don't Forget RV Grandpa And Grannie RVing Gifts, Too!

Many retired rvers are grandmas and grandpas - so don't forget rv gifts for them, too! RVing grandparents are unique individuals on our highways today, parking the motorhome in driveways to give the grandkids a hug...then they're off again! Cute, matching rv tees for them to wear while living life in the fast lane just can't be beat!

Kitchen Couple Gifts For RVers

So maybe the rv gift couple aren't the type to wear big shirts or baseball caps - that's ok! You can still have fun with the INSIDE of the camper.

There is limited space in a recreational vehicle, so you want something they can use daily without it getting in the way (or making them feel obligated to use it...sigh...we know that feeling!).

So some really cute ideas would be focused on the rv dinette area. The table will always be used, as will these types of products won't create anything but laughs. In addition, matching aprons are adorable and practical, too.

As always, you can put your own personalized touch on them, but will give some examples below.

Perfect Gifts For RV Travelers - Travel Mugs And Water Bottles, Of Course

This rv gift idea is extremely practical and will be used a LOT. What do rvers need? Well...lotsa coffee and water when on the road...but the mug can't break, the water can't spill - that would lead to some awfully grumpy rving pilots and copilots.

Another great reason to consider these drinking gifts, each happy camper has their own mug or bottle on the road, so spelling it out with king, queen, pilot or copilot will clearly define which one is which when fumbling about the cabinets, prepping for departure.

Because rvs get...oh...5-10 miles to the gallon, even if they have a big gas tank, they'll be pulling over at Flying J, Travel America or some other rv friendly stop quite frequently. Keeping that coffee mug filled at the gas station keeps their minds off of how much they are actually spending on gasoline...a very good thing!

So for all of these "reasons," a travel mug or water bottle is a great gift for the rv pair!

How About A Little Gift For RV Owners?

Of course, if you are just looking for a little thought for the couple, there are lots of his and hers gifts for rvers, too.

Does the couple always fight over the keys? Well...get them little king and queen of the rv keychains.

Would an rv tee be a bit too much? Get a little pin they can wear on their shirt for the perfect occasion, taking up little room when they aren't in the mood to wear it.

The ideas go on and on...a dry erase board of his/her chores is a fun idea, or kitchen magnets if you prefer. Plus personalized playing cards will almost always be put to good use in the rv! There are many personalized rv gifts to choose from!

Most of these little gift ideas won't hurt your budget  - yet they are thoughtful presents that are good for a laugh, too...much better than a fruitcake or socks, don't you think?

If you haven't found the right present here, you can explore an entire range of rv gift ideas here...where you will be sure to find the perfect present!

Other RV Ideas For Gifts

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