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Monster High Scarah Screams will be unveiled at the San Diego Comic Con July 2012.

In 2011 Monster High doll fans were asked to choose which Monster High doll they wanted to see in 2012. Scarah Screams, the daughter of the banshee, won the competition. She faced stiff competition from, Headmistress Bloodgood and the daughter of Arachne, before being voted the winner by Monster High fans.

The Monster High Scarah Screams doll first release will be at the San Deigo Comic Con in 2012 with accompanying friend HooDoo.

About Scarah Screams

Monster High Doll 2012 - Voted by Fans

Scarah Screams first appeared on the television special New Ghoul at School as a background character.  Scarah, at one time, was a member of the fearleading team until she quit after Cleo de Nile, fearleading captain, became unbearable.

Scarah is depicted as having a beautiful blue skin tone, vacant eyes, and dark brown/ black hair.  Her kelly green outfit may be a tribute to her Irish roots.  Her simple stylings has caused Monster High doll fans to refer to her as 60's girl before her official name was released.  Scarah's plain wardrobe helps draw focus to the doll's features.

Monster High Competition Dolls

Scarah Screams, Headmistress and Daughter of Arachne

Monster High Scarah Screams Doll

The doll & accessories

The Scarah Screams doll will come with a doll stand, doll fashion and brush.  More details are still pending.

About Scarah Screams

What is up with this Monster High ghoul?

Scarah Screams is the daughter of the bean sí (Banshee).  She is 15 years old and loves to wear cardigans and green skirts.  She does not like to talk much to other students at Monster High because everyone thinks she is predicting their doom when she is not.  Only adult Bean si's can predict doom and only for normies of particular family lines.  The only thing she likes about being misinterpreted is that it keeps Heath Burns at arms length.

Scarah's best friend is Hoodoo because he doesn't think she is declaring his doom when she talks. Because of people misunderstanding her when she speaks Scarah's least favorite class is Speech; however, she does enjoy Literature class because she likes the telling of stories.

This ghoul does not like it when people make fun of her Irish accent.  As she puts it in her class bio "I don’t want a charm - I don’t care how lucky or frosted it is."  Her favorite color is green and her favorite comfort food is Coddle.

Monster High Doll News 2012

What's new?

Looking for the latest Monster High news about new Monster High products like the Scarah Screams doll? Visit the Monster High Dolls wizzley page to get the latest scoop on upcoming products.

Was Scarah Screams your favorite Monster High doll from the 2011 vote?

Whose your favorite?


The Banshee

A bit of Irish Folklore

According to Irish Folklore a Banshee is a female spirit that forewarns people of their impending death.  The banshee can be heard wailing, if not seen, by people on the forefront of death.

These feminine spirits can appears as either an old hag or a beautiful woman - usually in white with light hair.

Banshee are not agents of death; instead, they are seen as messengers of death.  The legend of the banshee may have developed out of the traditional Irish funeral process where a female singer or keener sings a lament (Source).

Find Scarah Screams on Facebook

About this ghoul

Scarah Screams on Facebook

You can find the lovely banshee Scarah Screams at her facebook page; though, she has not scrawled much on her wall since she won the vote in 2011. 

Monster High Characters

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