Scary Halloween Decorations For Your House Party Ideas

by HollieT

Find inspiration and ideas for some scary Halloween decorations for your house party. Impress trick or treaters, or simply dress up your home; includes video footage.

It's that time of year again, the long awaited and much loved celebration of Halloween.

The children are excited, you've bought or made the costumes, planned the party games, unearthed the sharp knife ready to sculpt those all important pumpkins, but the scary Halloween decorations- Emm, where to begin?

Create the Halloween Ambiance On a Budget.

You may be throwing a Halloween party for kids and adults, you may have two separate parties for each, or this might be the first Halloween bash that you have ever thrown. Either way, if you want to create the perfect ambiance for that all important party you're going to need those Scary Halloween party decorations.

You needn't spend the earth when dressing your home for Halloween. Yes, the Halloween decorations can be elaborate but that doesn't have to translate to expensive. Although it might be tempting to buy cheap, throwaway Halloween decorations, it really is a false economy. There are many Halloween decorations which can be re-used, next year, the year after, and for several years after that.

If you have the the time, why not make some of your own Halloween decorations? It's not as difficult as it might sound, just follow the step by step instructions in the videos at the bottom of the page.

First Impressions Count; Decorate for a Successful Halloween Party.

First impressions do indeed count, which is why you should decorate your yard and offer Halloween revelers a taste of things to come.

Super sized Halloween grey creepy cloth will help to create the perfect 'enter at your own risk' vibe.

The cloth is durable and can be used to decorate hedges, windows, door frames, porches and more. Ideal for both inside and outside of your home.

This super sized, Halloween creepy cloth goes a long way too, for just a few dollars you can decorate 8 yards of your property. When Halloween is over, roll up the creepy cloth and store it until next year.

Halloween Decorations for Your Lawn.

Ok, so your creepy cloth is draped across the yard, your carefully crafted pumpkins are sitting proudly on the porch, but the lawn's looking just a little bit bare. Sure, you may have lot's of small Halloween decorations, but they just get lost in the lawn space.

Enter the Ghostly group lawn decorations. These cute little spooks are just what is needed to give your lawn space that eerie Halloween feel. Each pack contains three ghostly comrades, they are 36 inches high and lawn spikes help the devilish trio to remain upright.

Of course, they are re-usable, so just like the creepy cloth they can be resurrected year after year.

Halloween Lights For Your Yard.

The yard is really starting to take shape, uninvited ghosts are squatting on your lawn, the pumpkin heads are throwing menacing looks to the trick or treaters, and the creepy cloth is flapping in the wind. But when night falls on October 31st, your unsuspecting guests should be able to appreciate your efforts, which means of course, they will need to be illuminated first.

Of course, you need some Halloween lights to showcase your creativity. Celebrations Halloween indoor/outdoor rope lights are perfect for the job. As the name suggests they can be used indoors or out, are 18 foot in length, they're tough, durable and have 216 long life bulbs. Celebrations rope lights are also available in three colors for Halloween; orange, purple and blue. They'll light your yard perfectly for the occasion!

Decorate Your Windows for Maximum Effect

Ever get the feeling that you're being watched? Decorate your windows with these chilling, Halloween window decorations. . As night falls and the lights are turned on, the fiendish occupants of the house can be viewed from outside.

The Jack 'O lantern is one several light up window decorations which include a ghost, skull and bat.

Halloween Decorations for the Inside of Your Home.

The entrance to your house is looking fabulous, your Halloween guests, as hoped for, are more than impressed with your Halloween yard decorations.

Now for the inside of your house. As they walk into your home you need a feature, a Halloween decoration which will dominate the room and steal everyone's attention.

How about a four foot Halloween spider hanging from the ceiling? Now that should do the trick. This amazing giant spider can be used in any size room, it has eight legs, fiendish red eyes and is made from a soft foam ensuring that it can be re-used. 

Invite the Grim Reaper On Halloween.

It really wouldn't be a Halloween party at all if the Grim Reaper didn't make an appearance. The Grim reaper hanging decoration will make a spooky addition to any room.

There's a hole and hanging wire at the back of the decoration so that you're able to hang our ghastly friend where he makes the biggest impression. Watch out for that sickle!

This Halloween decoration includes the lantern, but does not come with the tea light included. The sculpture is made from a type of styrofoam and is also very durable. He's completely re-usable which means you can benefit, or not as the case may be, from his company each and every Halloween.

Create a 'Bats in the Belfry' Theme.

Create a bats in the belfry theme with this Heritage lace, going batty 4 way decoration. Made from 100% polyester, this lacy decoration is emblazoned with bats. It can be used to top a light shade, a larger ceiling fitting, to decorate a mantle, or used as a tie back for your drapes.

When the lights are switched on it gives the impression that bats are flying beneath the cobwebs. Quirky and unique, the 4 way decoration is also re-usable.

Make Your Own Halloween Decorations.

Alternatively, if you have the time, you can make your own Halloween decorations. Just the follow the instructions in the videos below. Get the kids involved, they're sure to have great fun.

Updated: 10/02/2013, HollieT
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HollieT on 09/09/2013

Thank you, Declan!

Declan on 07/23/2013

Great stuff

HollieT on 03/11/2013

A possibility- but ghost gnomes would definitely freak me out! :)

Paul on 03/11/2013

I wonder if there's ghost-gnomes available.

HollieT on 03/11/2013

I think they're really quite cute, too. If you look at the pumpkins behind them, they look like they're laughing at the cheeky trio.

JoHarrington on 03/11/2013

I want one of everything, but especially the ghostly lawn decor. I know that they're supposed to be scary, but they're amusing me so much!

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