Self Improvement- Improve Your Character

by Cagsil

Improving your own individual character is just as important as anything else you do. Character shows up in all your actions and if not careful, others will judge for themselves.

I am going to show you "how" you can use it to improve upon your character. Now, you could think that you don't have to fix your character or that there isn't anything wrong with your character, and you could possibly be right.

However, a person's character is the basis of who they are. You are looked upon by others and compared based on the character level your actions display. If you say you do not care, what other people think of you, then it would not be completely out of place for me to tell you, to get over yourself. You are not special and nothing about you makes you special.

Step #1- Building Character, Check Your Ego

Check your ego at the door.

A Conscious Mind is aware of all things. Those things are inside and outside you. A Conscious Mind will never have a need to escape truth, because it is aware when it see truth. There are plenty of people who claim ignorance is a right and many use chosen ignorance as a part of their path in living their life.

Only one's ego would prevent them from learning more. You have to recognize that the ego is in the way. Yes, I said "recognize" your own ego. You know exactly when you apply your ego and do so willingly. However, seeing past it is very important to building character within yourself and to constantly deal with people.

Character Above All Else!
Approved use by Yvonne Spence

Step #2- Building Character, Basic Foundation

Create a Basic Foundation.

A Conscious Mind is aware of self. This awareness gives off free independent thoughts and each person is guided forward via their conscience. Please do not mix up words or interpret words, which haven't been said. You will only confuse the situation and yourself. Your conscience is a moral guide. It's a developed system within you, which should have been taught by your parents(mother and father or father or mother). Your individual consciousness is your awareness of your own life. The realization you are alive and living.

To create a Basic Foundation for Building Character, you must first learn about Characteristics and the meanings for them. Fortunately for you, I've already done the research, scoured the definitions and found the most basic component, for the best Character foundation. That word is simply Integrity. It holds the most sound basis for any building of character.

Step #3- Building Character, Adhere To The Foundation

Adhere To The Foundation

You must make a conscious choice to adhere to the foundation of integrity, so as to maintain it in everything you do. Your individual actions will show other people what you represent to the world. There is an old perception, which continues on even today and it's the sole purpose for many of the problems going on today. That perception is that it is easier to be dishonest than it is to be honest.

Integrity breeds honesty, so adhering to being honest is not going to be an easy path. It's actually, a hard path, simply because people don't think you are truly being honest, even when you are. People will gladly assume you have an agenda. I don't like that word, but I guess it best suits the message.

People seem to think it is okay to lie to someone, if there is a good enough reason to do so. Usually, it's because the person would never find out the truth, to begin with. So, they tell them a lie, just to ease their mind, worry or give them peace in some way. In a way it is being kind and having compassion. However, the lie itself isn't healthy. Why? Because you have to live with yourself about whatever it was. It causes stress you never realize.

Approved use by Raymond Choiniere

Step #4- Building Character, Always Strive To Improve Upon Yourself

Always Strive To Improve Upon Yourself

Whenever you do anything, regardless of what it is, do you try to improve upon yourself? If you say no, then you are not being responsible to yourself. And, since you are not being responsible with self, then you are not being honest with self either.

All actions you take in the physical world are important to yourself, as well as, to other people. I kid you not. You are connected to every other person in the world. You have and share a common ground component. That component is being human. When you step out into public and/or have any interaction with another person, your character is always on display. It cannot be avoided and it isn't a choice you have control over either. How you handle yourself? Is completely up to you. It's your choice.

Step #5- Building Character, Respect For Self

Respect For Self

This step could take a while to obtain. It has many factors, which can manipulate one's perception of self. Most of the time, it will stem from flaws in self and other times it will stem from other sources. To gain respect for self is to get to know yourself and everything about yourself. If you're unfamiliar with yourself, then I would suggest you get acquainted.

You gain respect for yourself, when you take notice that your integrity remains high in everything you do and people take to your personality, which reflects honesty, respectfulness. Some people might argue about "respect", who is to be respected and why, and some will argue that "respect" is earned and not given.

Both arguments have no ground for someone who lives their life, with an understanding of integrity. Again, Integrity breeds honesty. The honesty one receives brings one to respecting of self. If a person was dishonest, then it's obvious that they do not respect themselves, much less, respect others.

Approved use by Raymond Choiniere

Responsibility of Individuality....

Responsibility- This singular word can be taken several ways and I'll address each one separately. You have a responsibility to yourself, to be honest with yourself. You have a responsibility to society, as an individual living within it. The level of responsibility is subjective on both accounts- yourself and society.

The responsibility you have as a citizen of the country you live in is subjective to the laws in place. The responsibility you have to yourself is to make sure you don't harm yourself or other people.

Choice, Action, Responsibility and Accountability

If you choose to be dishonest, then your individuality will be limited by external sources, who will hold you accountable for said dishonesty. Remember, being dishonest or honest, always begins with choice. Each choice will lead to an action. That action will have a reaction, consequence and accountability, regardless of whether or not, positive or negative. You, as a person, are not trusted to be honest.

Just in case you didn't know- there happens to be an ancient perception, which continues on, even as you read and that perception is "humankind must be forced(made) to answer to a higher authority, otherwise chaos would ensue". You cannot be trusted to do what is right or to be good enough to be your own authority.

It was realized through dishonesty that you would be unable to remain honest with yourself and have an inner ability to hold yourself accountable for your own actions. Which is the primary reason for the the "god" concept and government authority. I would suggest you heed the words here and accept that your character must be molded by you, it must be improved upon, so you can truly claim the freedom you want.

Thank you for your time

Raymond Choiniere II - Cagsil.

Updated: 02/15/2017, Cagsil
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Cagsil on 10/26/2016

Thank you Debra for reading and commenting. I appreciate your time and effort toward helping another person straighten out their life. I hope you're successful and will continue talking with you about it on Facebook.

DebraAllen on 10/26/2016

Great article as always. I am trying to grow someone up and these will help me to help her, but at the moment she has now idea what integrity is. I will send you more in fb inbox.

Cagsil on 09/08/2016

Thank you Katie. Always a pleasure to see you. I appreciate you taking time to read my article. :)

katiem2 on 09/08/2016

Working on ones character is always an important ritual as we mere mortals are always a work in progress. Love your work as ALWAYS!

Cagsil on 05/05/2014

Yes, I can understand how difficult it would be to see a world without character in actuality and reality, and still be positive. The biggest thing many people fail to realize is that happiness isn't a state of mind and being that comes from understanding oneself. With proper parental guidance, any kid/child should grow up to be fairly good in character. A few white lies here and there, nothing too immoral. But, what we do have is a problem. It stems from too many people having a say in parenting. It comes from other people pushing their own "agenda" and forcing other people to conform to how they think. I put it as shared knowledge to increase awareness. I want people to be more conscious about their choices and more conscientious in the actions. I appreciate your time.

Lowdown0 on 05/05/2014

I think having these kinds of values is positive, it's just hard to see the majority of the world doesn't have them, and be positive about that. I think these kinds of sociological articles are interesting and valuable to get people to think about matters below the surface, where we grow. Growing is a benefit all to itself, it doesn't require superficial reward, and it's lasting.

Cagsil on 05/05/2014

Hello and you're welcome. I appreciate you taking the time to read my article and leave a couple of comments, as well as compliment. I'm pretty positive many people won't agree with all of it, but improving oneself is a change that we make an effort to recognize daily and to not do so is dishonest. You're more than welcome to believe as you like and I've no qualms with that. Thank you

Lowdown0 on 05/04/2014

Also, very nice pictures as well. Especially the lake and mountains, awesome.

Lowdown0 on 05/04/2014

Thanks for your thoughts here, although I disagree with some of it, I think you are right about the honesty part. No matter how big of a scum bag someone is, if they are honest I'd rather be around them then the lair who seems to be upstanding. Integrity, honesty will help you love yourself more.

Personally I believe in God, Jesus, I don't see humans being able to cope with a relative standard that is everchanging over conditional influences in time. An absolute makes more sense to me. Although I appreciate your thoughts.

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