Self Respect and Respect For Others

by Cagsil

Parenting children to show respect, respect others, respect elderly people, respect money and respect power. Without showing respect, character education will be difficult.

It appears, as per observation, that much of people nowadays, lack "self respect" and "respect for others" and I'm only saying that because of the said observation. Many people continue to show that they lack character education about self respect and respect for others.

There really isn't much I can do about it, except for write about it, so as to increase a person's awareness that self respect and respect for others is missing in people I have observed. It is an unfortunate message to convey and quite negative, but still important.

Some families, the parents mostly, have time to teach Life Teachings and Character Education. Some families will not be able to teach self respect to their children and those children will grow up with no respect for themselves and no respect for others.

Self respect

Show Respect and Showing Respect....

To begin, showing respect and the ability to show respect for others, is directly related to your character education knowledge. Should you not understand the basis of Character Education, then you will most likely not show respect to others, by showing no respect for yourself.

I respect myself, so I am able to show respect to and for others to others. There are times where no respect is warranted, and that is when people refuse to show respect or have any sort of self respect to begin with.

I live my life through character education knowledge, and the wisdom it provides. When I was a young man, my father did what he could to teach Life teachings, which included self respect and respect for others. Most of all, he wanted to convey respect for elders.

Teach Respect and Education Self Improvement

Many parents teach respect to their children and some do not. Thus, education self improvement falls upon the child as they grow, learn and experience life. Education self improvement is another aspect that parents should be teaching their children, so each can improve upon themselves.

Some children have to self teach respect, because it becomes a life's little lesson. Those who have power will demand respect be paid, because of their power and money. This singular status gives people a false ideology about their position. The power of money and the respect money deserves is something not many people understand completely. That is a shame in and of itself.

Those who do not understand power of money or the respect it deserves, are usually greedy people, with no respect. They are self-absorbed, obnoxious, arrogant and demeaning to others. Which is ultimately a sign of no self respect and a show of no respect for others.

Respect Power and Gain Respectfulness

Like I said above, respect power. Once you do, you'll gain respectfulness. Those who have power can do more than you can realize and having respectfulness towards them, is like bees to honey. The easiest way to gain respect is through honest action. To do honest action is to completely understand character education or in other words...maintaining "Integrity" within oneself. Through this simple knowledge, you can self educate about the value of having respect for others. Thus, you in the end will have self respect.

Another message I would like to convey is how important self respect is in other aspects of your life. An example: When you go out into public, make sure you are dressed with respect. Not only respect for self, but respect for others. Other people have no need to see things that are better off left to the imagination. I've seen more and more people wearing their pants down to buttocks, which is a show of no respect for others and self. It is disgusting and foolishness.

Respect For Elders

As I said above, having respect for elders is a simple way to gain respect from people. When you give respect to elders, people see that you understand that those elder people have the life experience and knowledge, and wisdom to openly share, and you are willing to accept it.

As an example: I used to know some elderly people, only because they lived in the same apartment complex, but nonetheless, as my parent told, if I wanted their respect then I was to show respect to them, before I had a right to get respect in return. I constantly talked with the elderly people, helped them with their groceries, open doors for them, help them up stairs and they would share things that they learned(knowledge) and experiences from their life.

The point is to understand that these people want to share what they have learned, either through education or life experiences with others, and whenever you have a chance to learn, it is an opportunity you should most certainly take advantage of at the time it is available. What they share will not come again, because each person's take on life experiences and what has happened to them is always different.

Power, Respect and Money....

Over the course of my life, my experiences have brought me to places where I have had to learn from powerful people, gain their respect so I could continue learning and even enjoy some of their money.

Most of the time, someone who has power and money, will openly share a kind of respect that cannot be shown otherwise. Giving them respect, because you understand their power and their ability to create money or generate wealth, or want to learn from them, then you could benefit in ways you might not realize.

You do not have to go out of your way to manipulate them, because if you try, then you get no respect from them. They will see it for what it is and most likely cast you aside, and not look back. You will not have access to their knowledge or experience and you will have paid them no respect whatsoever.

Those who go out in public wearing clothing best suited for the bedroom, like pajamas or slippers on their feet. As mentioned before, they are clearly showing that they have no understanding of self respect. Come on folks, show some common sense, respect for others and self-respect, whenever you do things, because when you don't, you look like a complete idiotic ignorant fool.

Thank you for your time.

Updated: 12/10/2016, Cagsil
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