If You Love to Draw, Show it Off at Zazzle and Make Some Money Too

by dustytoes

Artists have many choices of products to use for advertising and selling their artwork at the Zazzle site.

From the time I was very young I loved to draw. Over the many years of my life I have picked up pencils and pens on occasion and created pictures as a way of relaxing and expanding my mind. Making money from what I draw is a new and wonderful experience thanks to a site called Zazzle, where it costs nothing to upload and sell art (and more).

I'm not the only self-proclaimed artist trying to earn a living, or at the very least, extra cash by selling my art. Unique designs in all types of media are plentiful and they can be added to just about any of the many products Zazzle sells.

Add Some Text For Fun

Use your art in unique ways.

Many artists have put lots of time and effort into their work and sell posters which are beautiful and others offer cute little drawings of unique characters that look best as little cards or gifts. I tend to fall into that second category.

Fortunately there are many little items at Zazzle that work for this type of art, and if you can come up with a funny line or saying to go with your art, all the better. 

It's All Original

My artwork is not the best out there, but it's uniquely mine.

When you love to draw, it doesn't matter how good anyone else thinks your artwork is, you draw anyway.  I know there are many very talented people out there who can create amazing and wonderful pieces of art that make mine pale (terribly) in comparison, but drawing is something I love and doing my personal best is all I need to do to make myself happy.

If others like what I've done and they purchase my art, nothing makes me happier! 

The "Big Flowers" Design Has Been a Good Seller

Make some business card templates with your artwork featured!

My Grandmother Was The One Who Encouraged Me To Draw

She always had paper and markers ready for us in her big desk.

colored pencils

My parents were creative in their own ways. My mother liked to sew and play the piano. My father played guitar and loved to landscape the yard. Neither of them seemed to care too much about art and they never said too much about anything I drew.

My mother wanted my sister and I to play the piano, and I tried to learn guitar once, but musical abilities escaped me.  I just liked drawing.

My grandmother lived at the bottom of my driveway and we visited her and my grandfather almost every day. On weekends it was a morning routine to visit, and while the grownups drank coffee and chatted in the kitchen, my cousins, sister and I would sit in the living room and draw pictures. My Nana always had paper, pencils, pens and markers in a big, old desk for us to use. She also had a small chalkboard on the wall of her kitchen where we could leave a little note or quick drawing for her before we left.

What I remember most was her enthusiastic remarks about my work. She made me feel like I'd created something extra special each time I showed her what I'd drawn.

(Image credit: Pixabay)

Colored Pencil and Pen Floral Vases Art

Moving notice postcard for a single gal can be found at my Narrow Road Designs store.
Ad Zazzle

There Was Never Time for Art Classes

I married young and began a family right away, so I did not take any college art classes.  In the 1970's it wasn't obvious to me how I could use my drawing skills to make a living.

I've been a very busy mother for most of my adult life, and raising four children while working and taking care of our home didn't give me much time to myself.  For a lot of years I wished I could have taken art classes, but it never happened.

Now, I live in an area of New Hampshire where the arts - of all types - are celebrated.  The MacDowell Artists Colony, a place where artists come from all over the world to be creative, is just down the road. 

I may take a class one day and learn to paint, but for now I am enjoying doing my own thing.

"Six Flowers" Done In Colored Pencil

Flowing petals and pretty colors made this fun to draw.

What Products Are Best For Adding Art?

Zazzle has so many products to customize, but some will show your work better than others.

Posters are of course a great way to show off your art.  Cards and postcards also work well.  With the addition of many types of iPhone cases, I've noticed that unique drawings look great on them.  If the image you are selling is large enough, add it to a messenger bag and coordinating laptop covers and other electronics covers.

The cloth bags look great with a unique and colorful drawing and so do the coffee mugs and travel cups.  After looking around at the wide variety of products Zazzle offers, you will be the best judge of where you want your art placed.


Drawing By Hand Is All I Knew

I always picked up a pencil or pen to make my pictures.

My entire life, all I ever used to draw with was pencils, colored pencils, markers and pens. Computers were not a basic in anyone's home when I was growing up.  I had no concept of drawing using a graphic program, so when I began to draw for my Zazzle stores, I had to figure out how to get my finished pictures from my desktop into my images folder at my Zazzle store.

I finally figured out how to scan them, but I didn't know much about cleaning them up or separating elements of the image or layering and such things.  I also couldn't remove the background, so they all had a "white paper" look.

(Picture: My living room in the 1970's)

Homey Windowsill

This card has scripture from Proverbs inside and is done in colored pencil and markers.
Ad Zazzle

Mailbox and Blue Flowers

Pen and colored pencil design.
Ad Zazzle

Want to Try Selling at Zazzle?

Here's how to begin - for free!
Everyone, who has art or photography to sell, can easily set up a basic online store at the Zazzle site.

More Help For Those Who Have Stores at Zazzle

If you run a Zazzle store, I want to help encourage you to keep at it until it becomes the success you are looking for.
I use a free software program to remove the background from my photos for use at Zazzle and this picture tutorial will show you how.
Updated: 12/27/2014, dustytoes
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kimbesa on 10/04/2013

I keep thinking about Zazzle. Someday! Thanks for the inspiration!

cmoneyspinner on 10/03/2013

If I were an artist, you would have certainly convinced me to sell my artwork via Zazzle.

dustytoes on 05/17/2013

Hi Cheryl, I think we all have a lot to learn when we first start out. Thank you for sharing, and for the compliment...!

CherylsArt on 05/17/2013

Yes I am. And I remember so clearly not having any idea at first about cleaning up images, and have the white paper look. I know better now and invested in a professional artist software program instead of relying on the one that came with the computer. I like your designs, by the way. They're lovely.

dustytoes on 05/15/2013

Thank you WriterArtist. For me, it's the other way around. I hardly find time for things other than Zazzle!

WriterArtist on 05/15/2013

I love drawing and painting too but I am hardly finding any time for Zazzle.
I love your art, it is natural.

dustytoes on 05/14/2013

Much appreciated, coming from a talent such as yourself.

AnomalousArtist on 05/13/2013

I could relate to your journey, your work is fun and the information is great, thanks for the article.

dustytoes on 11/06/2012

@Cindy - Recommended, really? How nice to hear. Best of luck with selling your paintings. I have personally purchased numerous paintings from artists through Zazzle.

Cindy Adkins on 11/06/2012

Great article! Thanks for the information. I'm thinking of putting some of my paintings on Zazzle and your articles were recommended to my by a friend. Your work is beautiful!

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