Selling your Art and Photography through Zazzle

by bizilady

artists have new channels to get their work out to the public. One way is by using POD or print on demand platforms.

Where to Sell Art

I have been a photographer, painter, sketcher and illustrator most of my life. It's enjoyable to create art through different mediums but photography is probably my favorite. Giving my photos to friends and family on birthdays, holidays and special occasions encouraged me to look into avenues to sell my work.

Most artists struggle to earn some income by selling at craft fairs, art galleries and consignment shops. There is quite an expense doing fairs such as table fees, buying tables and equipment, tents, framing your photos and paintings, lodging,meals and all that goes into the fairs,which often outweighs the profits.

Going to art galleries and consignment shops is another option. Since we don't know how our work will be handled once we leave, it's a good idea to check back every week or so.. I had some work at one gallery and thought it would be displayed in the main room but discovered it was in the ladies room.

Another place I consigned my photos was at a coffee shop in an nearby college town. I stopped by after a month and found one of my framed photos on the floor with broken glass. No one had called me to tell me that it was knocked down during a fist fight and stepped on. Of course, a contract may have helped with the details but when you're starting out, any exposure seems good.

Experience helped me make decision

Experiences like that caused me to look elsewhere to sell my art and that’s when I discovered Zazzle.

Yeah, a funny name for a real business, but it made sense. The company is one of a few print-on-demand or POD online that doesn't charge sellers any fees to use it. They also don't require the actual work to be on hand.

The artist uploads images of their photos or paintings,illustrations or drawings. and then they are free to offer any image on any product in their line. Sellers may offer art on products such as skateboards, stationary,business cards, apparel, hats, tee shirts, aprons, pet clothes, key chains , iiPad and iPhones, Doodle portable speakers, mouse pads and so on.

Right now they do not offer framed work so I use another site for that. I like to make posters, cards, coffee mugs, mousepads, and shirts the most. It comes in handy when you need a card and they will send it out. The sellers get a special rate and the Zazzle team does all the work. You can set your profit margin above what the base price

Best Practices


By the way, buyers often are allowed to personalize the product by adding names, or saying or changing a size, for instance. Not every product will have that option so read the description first.


I have used Zazzle services since 2007 and have learned by trial and error, what images work on what products best. A photo of a butterfly just doesn't work on a skateboard. The skaters usually want some abstract vector illustration that appeals to their sense of excitement and fun.

There is a help section now with templates that the sellers download to create the correct size first. This helps save time and mistakes when trying to print an image on a product that just doesn’t work well. This has been a great help for me since this was introduced.


Equipment necessary to be successful online



To be a successful business woman I needed to acquire certain items.


First, a good digital camera, with at least 10 mega pixels and the ability to zoom in for close ups.

Digital cameras are dropping in price so i bought mine on an auction site because it was last years model.

The photo editing software is essential for anyone that sell their work,online and off. There are many free editing programs online and the industry giants, such as PhotoShop, I personally don’t think the expensive ones are necessary, especially if you are starting out.


Another good piece of equipment to have when drawing illustrations is a writing/drawing tablet. Again, it doesn't have to be expensive. Mine was $59.00 and the prices are dropping all the time. Look for last years models and second hand ones.

What I have learned


I have learned that working artist doesn't have to be difficult. Going into business with a large corporation can give the artists like me, the time needed to work on their craft and not worry about things such as selling, printing, time away from creating and signing contracts.

Zazzle takes all the worry away. They print it, collect the money, send the products and replace the products when need be.

Here are some of my favorite products at BiziladyDesigns

Bizilady Designs

art prints shop on zazzle

Bizilady Designs is my newly created  art shop, separate from my main shop, New2You.

I wanted to concentrate on art prints, cards, posters and invitations and keep it separate from the other products such as shoes, tee shirts, Doodle speakers and mugs.

Though I am very proud of my photo products but now want to project my photograhy and art design skill more at this time.

I hope you get a chance to investigate my new shop and find something you like.

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bizilady on 07/14/2011

Thank you Jewelsofawe for your kind words and joining my two stores fan clubs!

Jewelsofawe on 07/14/2011

Love your designs! I was already in your Zazzle fan club of your first store and I joined the other store as well!

bizilady on 06/22/2011

10 stores! now that's dedication!LOL

bizilady on 06/17/2011

onepagearticles; Zazzle has improved the last few years....I hope to make more sales this year..LOL

onepagearticles on 06/17/2011

Zazzle has improved over the years and has beaten Cafepress around the chops. Nice Zazzle insights and designs!

bizilady on 06/15/2011

Hello Katrina; Zazzle is fun and easy so if you are an artist or photographer, you may have luck selling your images on products.

bizilady on 06/14/2011

thnaks for stopping by FlowerGardener;We all must "daudle" in something or lose our minds to boredom! LOL

bizilady on 06/14/2011

hey sandyspider,I agree that zazzle is very addicting. you have some great shops!

FlowerGardener on 06/14/2011

I'm not that great at art, but I'm OK in photography. You've made an excellent article about zazzle! I 'daudle' in designing for them, but just haven't found my niche yet.

sandyspider on 06/13/2011

Zazzle is a very addictive place to have a shop. Great information.

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