St Tydecho's Churches in West Wales
Once St Tydecho was one of the most venerated of British saints. A cluster of churches bearing his name hints at that once important Tydecho pilgrimage trail.
Goodies for an Outlander Premiere Party
Outlander is about to air and you have some friends around to celebrate the grand event. What are you feeding them? Behold an array of great themed Outlander party fare!
Holocaust Memorial Day Interview with Rainer Höss, Grandson of Rudolf Architect of Auschwitz
If any one man can arguably be responsible for the scale of the Holocaust, it was Rudolf Höss. Today his grandson Rainer speaks to Wizzley about his work and the family legacy.
Romantic Valentine Gifts for an Outlander Fan
Your love is obsessed with 'Outlander'. Jamie and Claire aren't your rivals, they're your way into your sweetheart's affections. Explore 'Outlander' themed Valentine goodies.
Madness! Mexican Gay Wedding Blocked by Christian Agitators Challenging Grooms' Sanity
Two grooms in Mexicali did everything by the book. Their wedding day was ruined when officials called a halt following a legal complaint concerning both grooms' mental health.
Tips and Tricks After 700 Pages on Wizzley
Writing for Wizzley (or anywhere online) is such a learning experience. Every fifty pages I pause to record and share my lessons. Welcome to Wizzley Tips and Tricks!
What is an Achievement Anyway?
You're looking at one. The culmination of a challenge; the final piece fitted in a long, hard struggle. But that latter is incidental to achievement's strictest definition.
Bible Verse Wedding Invitations for Christian Marriage Ceremonies
There is a beautiful array of Christian wedding invitations online, which feature scriptural verses as part of their design. I've collected them together here.
Create a Spreadsheet to Keep Track on Wizzley and Beyond
My entire life is governed by an Excel spreadsheet. It's where I note all that I research, write, earn and plan for more. My gift to you is a writers' spreadsheet of your own.
The Choices of Llanrwst: The Town Which Opted Out of a War and Into a Cave
What if you laid on a war and nobody came to fight? The people of Llanrwst declined all kind invitations to become cannon fodder during the Glyndŵr Rising.