Skier Ornaments

by sheilamarie

If you know someone with a passion for skiing, a Skier Christmas tree ornament will make a perfect gift!

Skiing is the type of sport that can become an obsession! Skiers are always looking for that higher mountain or those perfect snow conditions. If you know someone like that, maybe a skier Christmas tree ornament would be in order for this year's tree.

I've gathered the best skier Christmas tree ornaments I could find and am sharing them here with you. I hope you find something here that you love!

Ornaments to Delight the Skier

For the Christmas Tree or as a Gift Box Trinket

Many people like to decorate their Christmas tree with a theme. Others like to add new ornaments to their tree each year to mark occasions in their lives or special hobbies or activities. 

Among some of the more popular themes are those that celebrate a fun activity a family participates in together. Skiing is just one of those interests that can cross ages and life stages. Kids who are old enough to walk can learn to ski, and often learn a lot more quickly than us older folks who are just that much higher from the ground! 

Many people past the retirement age can also indulge their passion for the slopes. Cross country skiers, especially, often continue their sport well into their old age. Remember Jack Rabbit Robinson? He cross country skied into his nineties. Of course, skiing was an activity he had enjoyed all his life. He just never stopped!

If you have someone or several someones in your family who enjoy skiing or are just taking it up for the first time, perhaps you'll find a Christmas tree ornament on this page that will be perfect for them.

Skiing Santa

Of Course, He Skis!

OUTSIDE INSIDE Free Ski Santa Ornament

Now we all know that Santa must love to ski -- how else does he manage to deliver so many packages so quickly? Sure his reindeer are great at pulling the sled, but sometimes a pair of skis between houses is more efficient, especially when those houses are built on a hill or on a mountainside.

Here's the old boy showing off his ski moves. Pretty impressive! 




Are You a Skier?

Downhill or Cross Country?
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I like cross country better.
sheilamarie on 09/17/2012

I'm with you, Digby. I like the slower pace of cross country. It's a great way to enjoy being outside and taking in the scenery.

Digby_Adams on 09/17/2012

I am way too klutzy for downhill.

Cross Country Skiers Will Love These Ornaments!

For Nordic Skiers

Glaesser Cross Country Skier Christmas Ornament


German made ornament featuring a cross country skier.

This ornament reminds me of many of the old fashioned ornaments we had in my youth. 

It would be cute on the tree or as a package decoration.







Forked Up SkierHere's another nordic skiing option. It may cost a little more, but it really touched my funny bone, and I thought you might like it, too. The design is made of stainless steel flatware. There's another skier from the same company made up of spoons.

Outdoor Fun in Cold Weather

Celebrating Winter

Whether skiing is your passion or not, these skier ornaments are cute, don't you agree? There's something about getting outside in the snow and really enjoying the winter months that makes the cold something you almost look forward to when the fall weather arrives.

I have many friends who spend as much time outdoors on skis as they can manage. Where I live, you don't always have to go the expensive ski resort route, and so everyone who has the desire and the physical ability can somehow get his or her hands on a pair of second hand skis and head into the white landscape.

That is, when they are not working. Actually, some people even make skiing part of their jobs.

Snowboarding Santa

Snowboard Santa Ornament





I didn't realize Santa liked to snowboard! But, then again, we all know he's a kid at heart.

I've Added This Set Because It's So Reasonable

Vintage Alpine Ski Set
Vintage Alpine Ski Ornament Set

Vintage Images of Winter Fun

Inexpensive Set

When I found this alpine set, I had to include it on this page because it's such a good deal. 

Each vintage image is hand painted on polystone. You can give it away as a set, or you can use each image to decorate a Christmas gift.

Do You Prefer to Ski or Snowboard?

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Skier on Chair Lift Ornament

Christmas Tree Ornament on the Way Up the Mountain

5.5" Snow Skier on Chair Lift Christmas Ornament

This skier ornament strikes my funny bone. How often have you sat on a chair lift, looking down at the skiers below? This guy looks a little pooped out. Maybe this is his only moment all day to get his thoughts together or to catch his breath.

The Amazon star rating for this ornament is poor, based on one customer's report of receiving a broken item. I haven't removed the product from this page because the low star rating was based on only one person's experience. If more people review the item and experience the same thing, I'll reassess my decision. You can make your own decision whether to pass on this item or not based on that reviewer's experience.

Or Maybe It's Just the Idea of Skiing You Like

Great Exercise, Right?
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Indoor/Outdoor Garland for the Skier's Tree

Outside Inside Ski Gondola Garland 99278

Gondola Garland

for the Christmas Tree

These gondolas would make a skier's tree complete. Many ski hills no longer have gondolas, but they are a fun reminder of past ski days. These painted wooden gondolas come with pine cones and twigs on a jute cord, which is six feet long.

Note, these are NOT lights, just a garland decoration. They can be used inside the house or outside on a railing or strung around a wreath.

If You Collect Skier Ornaments, How Many Do You Have?

Some People Decorate Their Christmas Trees with a Theme

Skier Christmas Ornaments on eBay

Other Christmas Tree Ornaments You May Like

You're favorite fisherman will love a Santa Fishing ornament to celebrate the Christmas holidays. Fans of nautical decor will love adding this to their Holiday decorations.
Decorating a Christmas tree with children is an opportunity for magic and fun. Kids' ornaments can be whimsical or funny, pretty or cute.

Thanks for Visiting this Skier Ornament Wizzle!

I hope you've enjoyed browsing this page. Please leave your comments -- including your own experience in the snow -- below.

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sheilamarie on 10/17/2012

Thanks for commenting, Belinda. I guess there's a winter "theme" about Christmas and even those who live in warmer climates can dream about it -- from the warmth of home.

belinda342 on 10/17/2012

Here in Indiana, our options for skiing are limited at best. But these ornaments would be great on any tree...even for non-skiers! I love to make my presents extra special by adding a fun ornament to the package. These would be great. Thank you for sharing these!

sheilamarie on 09/17/2012

He is cute, isn't he? He seems to have rolled down the hill a ways before this image was captured. This ornament should appeal to dog lovers.

BrendaReeves on 09/17/2012

I'm not a skier, but I love that black lab ornament.

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