How-To Create a Herb Garden in a Basket or Cup

by CorreenK

These homemade herb baskets and cups are sure fun to create. Make them for yourself, as a gift or to sell at your local Farmer's Market.

Easily pull together your herb garden in a basket or cup with my step-by-step tutorial.

As I was making these for my local farmer's market booth I decided to snap some photos and share how-to make these small container herb you can do it at home too.

I especially loved how the herbs in a cup turned out because they perch beautifully on my kitchen windowsill. Besides adding a splash of color, I can easily snip off pieces of the varied herbs for my recipes. Yum!

A Few Tips Before You Start Making Your Herb Basket or Cup

Getting organized

lavender in a basket♥ Purchase locally grown herbs or grow your own.

♥ Find a few wicker baskets, wooden boxes, or wire baskets. Sized to fit 1 – 3 herbs. I found the baskets I used for this project at the dollar store.

♥ Purchase a good quality potting soil or use your own special mix.

♥ Gather moss; mine came from the old maple in our yard or purchase from a local craft store. I did see small bags of moss in the dollar store craft section.

♥ I don’t mind digging in the dirt but if you prefer not to get your nails or hands dirty make sure to have a good fitting pair of gardening gloves handy.

♥ Clear a work surface, such as your hubby’s work bench ;) and lay down some newspaper or a large box top so you don’t get dirt all over the place.

♥ Gardening tools are not needed, however a small scoop for the potting soil comes in handy.

Making an Herb Basket

In 5 easy steps
Herb garden in a basket and a cup •

Preparing herb basket

1. Line your basket with the moss. Make sure there is a thick layer in the bottom of the basket.

2. Place a small amount of dirt in the center of the basket, on top of the moss.


Choosing herbs for your basket3. Choose the herbs and plant them in the basket. Loosen the dirt around the herb root, prior to planting.

4. Fill in with soil around the herbs and lightly pack down with your fingers.

5. Water your newly planted herbs. Use a good quality plant food for optimal growth.

That's wasn't that easy?

How-To Make This Herb Cup

Perfect for any windowsill

 Herbs in a cup* Use a coffee cup from your kitchen or purchase 'em online. See my Zazzle store designs below.

* Place a small handful of pebbles or crushed terra cotta pot pieces in the bottom of the cup. I had several broken pots when the puppies decided to crash on the bottom shelf of my potting bench :O

* Lightly pack in potting soil; the cup should be about half full.

* Choose the herbs you would like to add to the cup. Depending on the size of the cup usually 1 – 3 starter plants fit very nicely. Make sure to loosen the dirt around the bottom of the herb roots before placing it in the cup.

* Fill in with more potting soil and lightly pack around the plants with your fingers. Water, adding a good quality plant food.

Isn't that herb cup just about the cutest thing you have ever seen come from the garden?

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Herb Combinations

Ideas for culinary goodness

~ Chives - Rosemary - Oregano

~ Lavender - Apple Mint - Rosemary

~ Bergamot - Lavender - Lemon Verbena

~ Oregano - Basil - Garlic Chives

~ Cayenne - Cumin - Cilantro

~ Celery - Dill - Garlic

What is Your Favorite Herb Combination?

CorreenK on 11/26/2014

Basil, thyme, cilatro

Maintaining Your Herb Basket or Cup

  • Make sure to use a good quality plant food, use as directed on the bottle.
  • Frequent clippings from your herbs promotes new growth. Even if you are not going to use the herb clippings right away you can dry or freeze them for future recipes.
  • Place your herb basket or cup outdoors on warm summer days, avoid direct sunlight to minimize leaf burn. Herbs also like a sunny windowsill. 

Share your ideas for maintaining small container herb gardens in the comments below...thanks!

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In Closing...

CorreenKIt fills me with joy to share the different ideas I'm whipping up in my head. Besides the articles here, I'm also growing my online presence and passion for cooking over at

If you are interested in writing here on Wizzley, click on my referral link to join in on the fun and profits! ~Correen K

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blackspanielgallery on 07/01/2015

This is a great way to have your herbs inside at the ready when cooling, and always fresh.

Guest on 11/29/2014

CorreenK, I love "kitchen gardens," in addition to back yard gardens. I'm sure that your baskets and cups sell well at the farmer's market. Thank you for sharing your lovely creations.

CorreenK on 11/26/2014

Waving from Washington - thank you to all for stopping in today! Share your herb garden in a cup or basket photos and I'll post it on here with a link to you...if you give me permission. :)

nightbear on 11/26/2014

Absolutely fabulous and very informative. Beautiful pictures. I love keeping my herbs more contained since they can easily rule the roost. Great ideas.

AngelaJohnson on 11/26/2014

I've grown basil before and use it in so many dishes. I gave the plant away when I was doing some traveling. I need to plant it again and perhaps a few more different herbs.

Telesto on 11/26/2014

I've never been very successful at growing herbs (or vegetables) in pots, but I shall try again now. Thank you for the advice.

frankbeswick on 11/26/2014

This was an interesting article. It is known among horticulturalists that small scale, intense production, is the most efficient way of growing vegetables and herbs.

WriterArtist on 11/25/2014

In the place I live, land costs are prohibitingly high, it makes sense to make a herb garden in container. I have a small garden in which I have successfully grown herbs in small pots.

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