Space Saving Christmas Trees

by xmasdecs

Got a shortage of floor space? Save space this holiday season by checking out these fantastic space saving Christmas trees, some of these ideas are truly innovative.

As the world population grows, and the land areas of the worlds countries decrease, many people find themselves with an increasingly small living area. That may sound like a statement from 1950 in a major city such as New York or Los Angeles, where pretty much everybody lives in an apartment, but the truth is that more and more of us are choosing apartment living. Not only as a result of mortgage costs or rent, but also because big spaces are more expensive to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. With so many choosing tiny homes, like myself in fact, we really value the space that we do have. We are strict with buying things which may one day become 'clutter', we give away bags of stuff to thrift stores or charity shops, and we crave small gadgets such as netbooks instead of big and bulky desktop computers sitting on desks. This logic extends far beyond simply buying smaller furniture and being smart with storage, one of the latest trends is for small Christmas trees. Who would have thought that Christmas tree brands would become innovative? Well it happened. On this page I feature some really smart Christmas trees.

Upside Down Christmas Trees

Perhaps the smartest idea is for the upside down Christmas Tree! Think about it, most of the burden on space happens at the bottom of the tree, right? That's where the tree is at it's widest. The top of the tree occupies a space which is typically already unoccupied. By turning it upside down you are losing hardly any floor space and instead using up nothing but a bit of empty air space. Upside down trees won't appeal to everybody, but they are surprisingly popular and always sell well.

Super Slim Christmas Trees

If the upside down Christmas tree freaks you out a little, but floorspace is still your issue, then perhaps a slimline Christmas tree is a decent compromise? Artificial Christmas trees are generally modeled on a specific tree type (e.g. Spruce, Pine, or Fir). Generally Fir trees are pretty skinny, such as the one featured on the right. Other brands produce 'pencil' trees which, well you get the point, they are slim just like a pencil skirt.

Tabletop Christmas Trees

If you have some floor area which is currently taken up by a table of some sort, then the solution is to simply invest in a very short Christmas tree and to utilize the table space as a temporary host. You can get Christmas trees of all sizes. A standard artificial tree is 7.5ft, so if you have a table which is 2.5ft tall then buy a 5ft tree, if you have a table which is 4ft tall then buy a 2.5ft or 3ft tree. Simple logic really? Small space means small tree!

Miniature Christmas Trees

You could even go one step further and buy a really small tree. I used to have a two ft tall Christmas tree in my bedroom as a kid. An increasing number of people are buying small trees to decorate their office space at work, or indeed their office space at home if they are a home worker. A tree of 18 or 24 inches in height is ideal for a desktop setting.

Updated: 07/31/2012, xmasdecs
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