Best Pumpkin Inspired Holiday Ornaments For Home Decor

by VioletteRose

Decorative pumpkins are popularly used during fall celebrations, but you can also buy colorful, shiny pumpkin ornaments online to decorate your home for holidays like Christmas.

Pumpkins are naturally beautiful and colourful and their hard skin and appearance make them highly popular as decorative fruits suitable for celebrations. Most of us have seen pumpkin decorations for thanksgiving, and the carved Jack O' Lanterns for Halloween, but here are the beautiful pumpkin Christmas ornaments you can also use to decorate your Christmas tree with grace.

The beautiful pumpkin fruits will naturally blend with the Christmas trees and most of them displayed here are hand painted, glass ornaments.

Pumpkins are edible fruits, which are most often confused as vegetables. They have smooth, thick, ribbed skin and they belong to the winter squash family. Most of the pumpkins sold in the United States are produced in Illinois and they are one of the most popular crops in the country. These are usually planted during the month of July and you can harvest them during the fall season, which make them an ideal choice of food during the Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations, which too occur in the autumn season.

If you are good at carving pumpkins, you can do a lot of decorations with real pumpkins. But carving a pumpkin is a tedious task for many of us, who simply love the pumpkin decorations. Even if not carved, I think pumpkins look really decorative in their own way, and you can also try other simple ideas like painting or using glittering stickers to decorate the already beautiful pumpkins.

Pumpkin decorations do not have to go away with thanksgiving, you can use them for decorations during the Christmas time too. By December, the availability of fresh pumpkins may become less compared to the previous months. But you can still find many varieties of pumpkin fruits for the Christmas decorations, or you can always get the artificial pumpkin ornaments from the stores anytime you want to.

Pumpkin Pie Slice Decorative Ornament

Pumpkin pies are popular traditional desserts of the American celebrations in autumn, which are especially prepared for the Thanksgiving and also Christmas feasts. I have tried it only once, but I have to say I loved the taste. If you are serving pumpkin pies for Christmas holiday dinners, it would be lovely to decorate the Christmas tree with pumpkin pie slices. Or you can even give this as a gift for those who love the traditional pumpkin dessert pies!

The delicious looking ornament of pumpkin pie slice topped with whipped cream is made of glass and it is hand painted.

The manufacturing process of this beautiful ornament is interesting, as they use molten glass which is blown and filled with liquid silver to form the shape of a pumpkin pie slice. This is then hand painted with colourful paints and glitters to make it look shiny and decorative.

There are numerous varieties of pumpkins cultivated across the world. Even the crops cultivated in America have different cultivars of pumpkins that are edible. There are very small, tiny pumpkins and there are really very large ones. The shape may be round or oval, although most commonly seen varieties appear to be round.

In India, where I live, the type of pumpkins that are very commonly available look quite different with mostly a green or slightly yellow outer skin. They are not very difficult to peel or cut, as they do not have a very hard shell. Also they can be cultivated all year round in the tropical climate, and we add them to a variety of dishes including few desserts. I have actually planted few pumpkin plants once, and I loved it because they are so easy to grow!

Below you can see round and oval shaped pumpkin decorative ornaments that look shiny and colourful!

Round And Oval Pumpkin Ornaments

You have already seen the unique pumpkin pie ornament above, now we can look at the natural looking pumpkin fruit ornaments.

The first  pumpkin ornament that you see below is 2.75 inches and it is made of glass which is also hand painted with bright colours and decorated with shiny glitters.

Here is another set of two pumpkin ornaments, one is round in shape and the other is oval shaped. They are also painted with beautiful, rich designs but with a quite different shade of orange colour than the first one you have seen above.

You can see more of such wonderful looking ornaments below.

All the ornaments you see here are colourful, bright and rich with beautiful designs and they are sparkling decorations ideal for celebrations.

More Choices From ebay

You might also like to check the round pumpkin ornament from Zazzle which is quite simple and printed with the picture of a cute kitten. This is not a shiny ornament like the ones you have seen above, but it is so simple and adorable.

Learn how to decorate a Christmas tree

Here is a nice video from YouTube which shows how to decorate a Christmas tree in simple ways.

Beautiful Pumpkin Pictures

Ripe pumpkin in the farm
Ripe pumpkin in the farm
Wikimedia Commons Image
Pumpkins in a wooden wagon
Pumpkins in a wooden wagon

Do you like the decorative pumpkin ornaments?

A Beautifully Decorated Christmas tree
A Beautifully Decorated Christmas tree
Wikimedia Commons Image
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VioletteRose on 12/02/2014

Thanks paperfacets, I too think the pie shaped one is beautiful :)

VioletteRose on 12/02/2014

Thanks EmmaSRose! I am glad you liked the ornaments and photos :)

paperfacets on 11/29/2014

Glass is my favorite for hanging in the holiday tree. The pie shape is new to me and I Like it

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