Sporks For Sale - From Durable Titanium To Fun And Funky

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Whether you call it a spork or foon, this wide selection of sporks for sale will please everyone - whether the utensil is for camping, kids, a party or just for simple fun.

When I think of sporks, I immediately think of plastic utensils I used to get at KFC when I was younger. Though plain and white, I thought they were about the coolest thing around, making cole slaw much more interesting. Often used to save on utensil costs in places with many mouths to feed, getting 2 in 1 is a cost effective solution.

But today a spork is also great for campers, it helps parents convince kids to eat their veggies due to fun, child-friendly designs and also they are simply just for fashion and fun in the kitchen.

Take a look at these sporks or "foons" as some call them!

Spork Or Foon? Plus A Modern Twist On The Original Utensil

Sporks And Foons - The Old And The New

The spork has been around a very long time - the late 1800's, to be exact. Practical because they eliminate the need for two utensils, they've now evolved into a fashion statement in addition to their convenient functions which made them so popular to date.

You will see them pop up in places such as schools, fast food joints, in the military or even prisons. But in addition to that, the general public can even save money when hosting a party or wedding by buying them in bulk. Anywhere where there are many mouths to feed, you may find these utensils replacing the need for two individual ones.

However, a modern twist has taken over traditional sporks, which should be noted. A true spork is is a utensil where the spoon and fork are "one." They look like spoons with fork tines. Now, as you will see further on in this article, modern sporks are evolving into one utensil, with a fork on one end and a spoon on the other - available in attractive colors and materials, of course!

The Titanium Spork

These Metal Sporks Are Lightweight, Yet Durable
Vargo Titanium Spork

Titanium Folding Spork

Foldable Sporks Are Perfect For Camping Or Hiking
Vargo Titanium Folding Spork Lavender

The Light My Fire Spork Includes A Knife?!

Three Untensils In One With Some Modern Sporks

The Swedish company "Light My Fire" is everything spork. Sporks for kids, fun, durability...they've come up with them all. One great design, however, is the spork that is a fork, knife and spoon. The serrated knife edge is on the fork's side, while the spoons stands alone. How convenient is this for picnics, hikes or lunchboxes? Plus they are fun to look at, too!

Buy Spork - No Need For Spoon AND Knife AND Fork!

Spork 4-Pack Assorted Colors
Only $10.95

Cute, Unique Eating Utensils For Kids

Spork Little For Kids, And More!

When it comes to sporks, eating utensils for kids are available, too. Light My Fire created a little spork for tiny hands. It is the modern twist with a fork and spoon on either end. Of course there are fun utensils for children available in irresistible designs as well. Though kids will love the colors of the little sporks, sometimes it takes more than fun color to convince them to eat that carrot!

Bamboo Spork - Disposable Sporks By Bambu

Biodegradable, Organic Sporks For Your Next Get Together

Bambu has created bamboo disposable sporks that biodegrade within six months after disposing of the utensils. A plastic spork may be a great idea for large parties, but they aren't earth-friendly. Bambu recognized this need and created sleek, stylish "foons" that are perfect for any occasion.

They also created a line of reusable bamboo sporks as well, for adults and children to enjoy at mealtimes.

Bamboo Sporks By Bambu

These Wooden Sporks Are Earth Friendly
Bambu 3-1/2-Inch All Occasion Veneerware Sporks, Package of 24, Natural

Bambu at home. A distinctive range of contemporary products for the kitchen and home made from renewable materials. Bambu products are created with imagination and integrity and...


Bamboo Spoon And Fork In One

Wooden Sporks By Bambu
Bambu Spork and CorkKids Spork - Bamboo Fork and Spoon in...

The Perfect Camping Spork Is Also A Tool

Plus Other Spork And Foon Ideas For Campers

When it comes to camping or hiking, the color of the spork isn't what matters. Campers need a utensil that is durable, lightweight and compact - especially when needing to fit everything into a backpack for days out in the wilderness. The spork is almost as compact and important as the portable toilets hikers throw in their packs.

Of course, sporks and foons are also designed for this market. One great idea is the creation of a camping tool that includes the utensil. In addition, folding utensils are a great asset when space is a concern. Campers aren't the only ones who have to worry about space...cyclists have very limited room for gear as well.

These are perfect gifts for those who spend time in the outdoors with only a small pack to hold their belongings. Some great ideas are below...

Columbia Multi Tool - With A Spork, Of Course!

Plus Other Camping Utensils
Columbia River Knife And Tool's Eat N...
$4.93  $2.19
Primus Foldable Spork
Only $3.00

Who Invented The Spork And More History On Sporks And Foons

How Spork Silverware Came To Be
You can learn all about the extensive history of the spork or foon right HERE

Disposable Plastic Sporks Like You Find In Restaurants

Buy Sporks In Bulk For Parties, Weddings And More
Baily PPSPK White Medium Weight Spork...
$19.56  $8.94

Sporks Make The Outdoors More Fun

Ok...maybe it is a stretch to credit a utensil with making a trip fun - but let's face it. When packing up for a picnic, camping trip or even in an rv kitchen like ours (we live in a travel trailer full time), it can be fun to have "special gear" set aside just for those times. Sporks are almost as hip as cool marshmallow roasting skewers!

When I camped with my dad as a kid, we had everything we needed for our rugged trips already set aside. You didn't touch them unless packing them into the jeep. Special pots, camping gear and more were sacred...carefully put away when tearing down camp and excitedly unveiled when setting up in the campground.

Sporks have an outdoor feel to them - like you are meant to enjoy them during special times. This magic can take place in your own home, when introducing this "alien utensil" to a child who rebels at mealtimes...because it something new and exciting to eat with. They can add elegance and class to a backyard BBQ where you entertain family and friends. And, of course, they can be packed up with the tent, backpack and other camping equipment, only to appear during special trips.

But a spork or foon, as you can see, is perfect for everyday use in your home as well. Such a simple design, yet sporks deliver so much more than just bringing your food to your mouth!

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