Squishy Baff - Gooey Fun

by emeraldmile

Squishy Baff turns bath time into a gooey wonderland.

It was at my local Walmart that I first was introduced to a product called Squishy Baff.

Squishy Baff is a product that will turn your bathroom into a green swamp, red planet, giant blue Slurpee (product is not edible) or pink witch's cauldron. The sky is the limit for what this goo can be. Just add goo and your child and watch your bathroom transform into a magical gooey wonderland.

Squishy Baff is perfect for any child who loves to play in the mud or explore the world around them. This product is geared for children 5 years of age or older and has the capacity for huge amounts of fun.

How does Squishy Baff Work?

Product description

Drop some Squishy Baff in a tub of water (either a wading pool or bath tub) and watch the water change into a gooey paradise.  Be patient as it will take a few minutes for the water to make its transformation.  According to the box, you should have enough Squishy Baff to create two tubs full.  

You can use the Squishy Baff is smaller quantities, making it last longer for more opportunities to enjoy the product.  The product features is easy use and environmentally safe.  When it is time for play time to end, the goo can be transformed back into water by dropping in the dissolving agent.

Squishy Bath Commerical

See how the product transforms

Squishy Baff Color Variety

Comes in 4 colors (Pink, Red, Blue and Green)
Squishy Baff Bath Kit (Colors Vary)

Turns water into goo...and back again! 2 x 150g Squishy Baff Maker, 2 x 75g Sodium Chloride, 1 x Instruction Sheet (Paper 105 gsm, 4C / 4C + UV)

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Squishy Baff Bath Kit - Green

Turn ordinary water into glorious colorful goo and then back again with the Umagine Squishy Baff Bath Kit - Green. Create fun goo adventures, while feeling it squishing ...

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Squishy Baff Bath Kit - Pink

H2Goo ellibaff turns bath water into goo... and back again! Bathe in magic goo! Great fun! The ultimate bath time fun. H2Goo Gellibaff turns bath water into goo... and back ...

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Squishy Baff Bath Kit - Red

Turn ordinary water into glorious colorful goo and then back again with the Umagine Squishy Baff Bath Kit - Red. Create fun goo adventures, while feeling it squishing between ...

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Product Details for Squishy Baff

Learn more

The following is a summary of the key benefits and attributions of Squishy Baff.  Will you make the decision to make your own gooey bath?

  • Squishy Baff is designed for children 5 years of age or older.
  • Product comes with 450 grams of gooey solution.
  • Adults with an adventurous side are welcome to try the product.
  • Product will not stain.
  • Key feature transforms "water into goo and back again".
  • Will no clog drains as it can be dissolved.
  • Squishy bath inspires creativity.

Squishy Baff Tips & Recommendations

Smooth sailing with goo

Squishy Baff is not for the faint of heart.  You need to except that your child will become a gooey mess as well as the tub area.  If you can handle that then your children will have lots of fun wading in goo.

Squishy Baff will not turn your child colors and as noted, it is environmentally safe.

The dissolving agent takes sometime to work, but if you are in a hurry and want it to dissolve at a faster rate just add some ordinary table salt to the goo.  The dissolving agent, after all, it just that - salt.  

Updated: 03/15/2012, emeraldmile
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Squishy Baff Comments

Takima Hawkins on 07/23/2012

I am having a block party and we will be having an adult pool party where we would like to use the Squishy Baff. I am actually looking to find a way to contact the company so that they could possibly endorse it for me.Thanks

BrendaReeves on 04/03/2012

I would love to get this for my grandkids, but their parents would kill me. I would have bought it for my own children if it had been around.

kajohu on 03/10/2012

The idea of Squishy Baff made me laugh! It sounds like so much fun for kids! Of course I don't know what parents will think of it, but it looks like it should clean up easily.

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