Superman and Hulk – Titans of Strength and Power

by Baldur

Superman vs the Incredible Hulk is a battle for the comic book ages, and any fan who would love to see it unfold has come to the right place.

The most beloved of all heroes, superman stands as a testament to our desire to have something powerful and kind watching over us. His strength is rivaled by few others, with the Incredible Hulk being the most prominent.

If you go to any of the plethora of comic book-based message boards online, or movie forums about the Man of Steel and Incredible Hulk movies, you’ll inevitably come across the age-old question: Who’s the stronger superhero between the two?

Although the green machine alter-ego of nuclear physicist Dr. Bruce Banner is probably the strongest creature in the Marvel Universe, he has a formidable opponent in his strong-guy predecessor, Superman, who is widely considered to be the very personification of unbridled power.

The Incredible Hulk and Superman of Krypton

Hulk Smash and Superman Superspeed
Hulk Smash and Superman Superspeed

A Tale of Two Giants: Superman vs Incredible Hulk

But this fictional bout isn't about sheer power – it’s about strength. 

Who can push or pull the most, not who can destroy entire bodies of land with thermonuclear exhaust from a mere glance. 

Both characters have unbelievable feats in their respective comic book universes, surpassing those of all others. Hulk is more of an antihero, a cauldron of barely-controlled rage that not even the Norse god of thunder can control after Hulk gets past a certain level. 

Hulk is the ultimate answer, to the extent that he can be controlled, in any planetary threat from an invading alien civilization – he simply totals opposing forces, while registering little damage on his own rapidly-healing person.

Superman, on the other hand, has been known to move planets and bench-press continents. He is the measuring stick in the DC Universe, for all other super strong characters, and often defeats Dark Gods with his muscles alone. 

On the surface, it would seem like he takes the strength comparison battle outright; the problem is, the madder Hulk gets, the stronger he gets. Superman undoubtedly starts the battle out on top strength-wise, so it quickly becomes a question of whether or not he can put Banner down before his strength levels can climb high enough.

Superman vs Hulk
Superman vs Hulk

Superman vs. Incredible Hulk Battle

Who would win?
superman fights incredible hulk
superman fights incredible hulk

How Much Damage Can They Take

The Incredible Hulk is extremely durable; but, more importantly than the sheer toughness of his hide, is his ability to recover from attacks by other superhumans. His healing factor is so good that it actually leaks into the realm of regenerative – Hulk can grow back lost limbs (all, presumably, except his head – but good luck separating that from his shoulders). 

Furthermore, he can fight nonstop almost indefinitely – except when going up against a similarly powerful being. Then, the blows he takes are so massive that even he appears to slow down some; but his opponent had better beware – Hulk is always healing, even if it takes longer for him to gather himself.

The Man of Steel, on the other hand, is very, very, very difficult to hurt in the first place. In addition to Superman’s world-crushing strength, he has a level of invulnerability that is almost impossible to match for all but gods. 

Although he doesn’t heal like the Incredible Hulk, the Man from Krypton takes damage with the best of them, often shrugging off the most powerful of superhuman blows and eating grenades to contain the damage. 

He can heal much better and faster than any human with the aid of the Sun, and his vast reserves of energy are also due to the yellow star. This means his stamina is also almost illimitable, unless someone can tax him to the point that he expends it all and is confined to the hemisphere where nightfall reigns.  

What is certain is that Superman versus Hulk would be a heck of a battle, and you can read about the full scope of their theoretical fight from a fan’s perspective by clicking here.

Power Incarnate - the Man of Steel

Superman Contemplative
Superman Contemplative

Who would win a fight between Superman and the Hulk?

Samson Himself on 01/23/2015

Superman takes this fairly easily.

Updated: 08/08/2016, Baldur
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