Supernatural Episode Review: Ask Jeeves

by StevenHelmer

A review of the season 10 episode that first aired November 18, 2014.

Synopsis: Dean (Jensen Ackles) discovers a voice mail on one of Bobby Singer’s (Jim Beaver) cell phones indicating Bobby may have inherited something from a recently deceased heiress. When he and Sam (Jared Padalecki) arrive at the house as Bobby’s next of kin, they learn a potential vengeful spirit is killing off the others that have gathered for the reading of the will.

Guest Stars

Ask Jeeves

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A Great Clue-Themed Episode

I think the thing that made this particular episode memorable for me personally was the various “Clue” references throughout. This included the cast members finding a variety of weapons ranging from candlesticks to lead pipes and even a secret passageway.

What was really impressive about this episode, however, was the overall mystery too. This wasn’t just a simple vengeful spirit case for Sam and Dean. Instead, as they quickly discover, they are facing a shape shifter. And, that revelation, also in the “Clue” spirit, made everyone in the house a suspect, or at least those who were still alive.

The thing that really surprised me when we watched this was the fact I wasn’t able to figure out who the bad guy was. This is unusual for me and the writers deserve some credit for that. Part of the reason it was so difficult was the fact there were so many people with a motive for murder and there was no way of accounting for the majority of their whereabouts when someone was murdered. For all I knew, they all could have been guilty.

I think the only way this episode could have been better is if the writers would have taken things a step further and made the suspects more like the characters from the Clue board game (much like the movie did). Sure, it might have made the episode a little too silly. But, it’s not like the show hasn’t done that in the past and I really do think that extra step would have placed this particular episode in the top 5 best.

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Final Opinion

This was a fun episode that had a legitimate mystery for Sam and Dean to solve, along with a bad guy that seemed to be smart enough to stay one step ahead of them. I definitely enjoyed watching this one, would recommend it and would take the time to watch it again if given the chance. The show deserves to be applauded for doing something like this.

My Grade: A


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Updated: 12/05/2014, StevenHelmer
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