The CUTEST Table Clips For Tablecloths - Decorative Weights

by frugalrvers

If you've never seen decorative weights for tablecloths, you're in for a dose of cuteness overload! One of the best, most practical picnic table decoration ideas around...

Yesterday my husband and I went to some garage sales. We are always scouring around for cheap items for our rv. We scored big with an air pump for the guest bed air mattress...just a dollar, so we considered our excursion a success.

But I am intrigued by unique things - a little touch of decor here and there warms up the ambiance of our camper in our fulltime rving life. Then I found it! A ziplock bag with these colorful pewter circles inside, each having its own clip.

I had to ask the two older women running the sale what they were. They quickly replied, "they are picnic tablecloth weights, dear!" I felt sort of silly, because I've used clips on tablecloths all my life. My family was big on picnics and they were lifesavers on a windy day. Why hadn't I seen or heard of these?

Clip On Weights For Tablecloths Or Just For Adorable Decor!

In it's simplest form, these cute clip on weights for tablecloths are for, well, a tablecloth! They can dangle on just the corners of a smaller outdoor picnic table. Larger tables for bigger family picnics can have them clipped along all sides (just be sure to buy enough of them!).

But believe it or not, I'm going to use mine for decoration INSIDE the rv. As stated, I got a bag of 8 various colored pewter circles. They would look great hanging from the bottom of my window shades (and campers have a lot of windows!).

It's not that we don't have a table outside of our recreational vehicle ... many rvers have portable picnin tables for the outdoors. But we usually eat inside and don't keep our table covered as a general rule. Of course, if I am entertaining I can just grab them off the shades and use them!

Do These Tablecloths Weights Work?

So do these tablecloth weights work? I've admitted I'm new to the world of these adorable picnic table clips and can tell you this much - weight matters. You also need to use enough, depending on your table's size.

Sure, there may be some adorable tiny clips out there, but one good gust of wind and your table cover, including cute clips, will be gone.

The ones I received are pewter and have that heft to them. No, they won't withstand a tornado or hurricane (but neither does a house), but they will keep my cover weighted down nicely. You can tell just by feeling them.

Browsing these great designs, I've noticed some are actually cast iron! Now there's some weight! So yes these tablecloths weights work great if you get a nice heavy one.

One thing I will add, and just speculating here, if you are using a standard plastic or vinyl picnic table cover a clip on weight will be fine. But I think they're too heavy for those dollar store, paper thin plastic party table covers (the ones so thin you can almost see through them). I would go with just the traditional clips if that is what you plan to use.

All in all, as long as you stay with nice and heavy clips and use enough to compliment the size of your table (and don't picnic in a hurricane) - yes, your tablecloth's weights will work!

Remember These Good Old Picnic Table Tablecloth Clips?

When I Was Young, These Are What We Used

Patriotic Tablecloth Weights For 4th Of July And Other Holidays

Boston Warehouse Flags Flying Patriotic Tablecloth Weight Set

Does Your Family Go On Picnics Today?

My Family Picnics - Great Memories

Though I live in the mountains now, as a little girl I was born and raised in Chicago. My dad and I would escape on camping trips to Michigan when we could, and longer jeep trail/ghost town excursions in Colorado once a year, but the rest of the time we were stuck in the city.

Though it couldn't compare to camping, when the weather would permit my dad, grandma, grandpa and I would have family picnics in the Chicago forest preserves. I have to admit, you did feel like you were getting away from it all. It was full of trees, had outhouses (the old wooden kind, not bathrooms), hand pumps for felt like you were roughing it, so to speak.

I loved these getaways. Grandpa was in charge of the grill, grandma was a great cook and brought lots of snacks and treats. We'd also all participate in the family game of lawn jarts (back when they had metal tips, too!) or croquet.

Great memories were made for me. We always had fun, would get there early in the morning to claim the most primitive site we could find, and wouldn't leave until the sun was going down. I'd sleep like a baby that night. Really miss those days. If you haven't gone on a picnic with your loved ones, just try it once!

GAS GRILL vs CHARCOAL GRILL - Which Do You Prefer?

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kimbesa on 05/26/2013

Just seems easier. And when you turn it off, that's pretty much it.

frugalrvers on 05/25/2013

We never do charcoal right and end up ruining the meal. Missing the "how to grill with charcoal" gene, I guess?

Updated: 05/22/2018, frugalrvers
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What Are Your Favorite Picnic Memories?

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DerdriuMarriner on 07/06/2017

frugalrvers, Do the clips get caught on clothes and skin or work themselves loose?

frugalrvers on 05/27/2013

Thank you for commenting kimbesa! It's funny you mention ants. I saw on Amazon a bag of little plastic "picnic ants" that people spread out over the table? Don't know how I feel yet...funny or gross?...but CERTAINLY a conversation piece...especially with the ant clips to match!

kimbesa on 05/26/2013

Those weights are so cute! I might to have several sets, and especially the ants!

frugalrvers on 05/26/2013

Katie, that's great! Thanks for sharing...Seeing kids still running around and playing instead of sitting in front of a screen is so important....

katiem2 on 05/25/2013

Picnics with family running and playing endlessly with all my cousins. Good times and great summer memories I carry on with my own kids.

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