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Here is everything you ever wanted to know about Tealmermaid.

So, you want to find out what the Mermaid is up to? Well, you're in the right place!

I am a disabled stay-at-home mom to two lovely daughters. When I am not trying to keep up with them, I like to write, do art, and research genealogy. I can frequently be found facedown in a pile of books on my latest subject of interest.

We are "those neighbours" -- we really do have a pair of Featherstone Flamingos in the front yard. They are trying to repopulate lawns across America one lawn at a time. Buy a pair of your very own if you don't have any pink flamingos in your yard yet.

A little about my family

My father's family is Creole. My several times great-grandfather was one of the first white settlers in what was then Spanish West Florida. In addition to his townhouse in the French Quarter, he once owned the whole of what is now St Tammany Parish. His house in the parish is now on Louisiana's historic homes register as the oldest building in the parish. He had a thing for native women, and his sons then intermingled with the local Creole population.

My mother's family is Polish. My great-grandparents came to Chicago from Europe pre-World War I, and never went back. The older relatives still keep to a lot of the old customs.

An easy and delicious recipe for Polish-style stuffed cabbage rolls.

In which I write a lot abut various subjects of interest

Book articles

Books are good company when you can't get around on your own. Do you like to read, too?

Tips and ideas to promote literacy by celebrating Book Lovers Day.
Think outside the box when giving a gift to a bibliophile. Do they truly need another book for their collection?
Think outside the box when giving a gift to an aspiring writer. Do they truly need yet another notebook?
Everyone has an overdue library book at some point. When it happens to you, what happens next?

Ghost hunting and occult articles

I am a big believer in the supernatural. The spirits of our ancestors are always watching over us.

Learn about the equipment needed for successful paranormal investigations.
If you suspect your house may be haunted, this checklist of possible haunting signs can help you to decide how best to handle your haunting.
Explore the legend of Resurrection Mary, the most famous ghost in the Chicago area.
Learn to make a voodoo doll to use as a focus for magical spells.

Gardening articles

Gardening is a big hobby of mine. I like growing cactus (especially those native to this area), and I also cultivate orchids. The Brassavola spp. are my favourite orchids.

Try this easy recipe for hummingbird food. Your little feathered friends will love it!
The use of marimo in ponds and aquariums can be beneficial to dealing with algae blooms and green water issues.
Easy guidelines for setting up a patio greenhouse in a small space.
An easy step by step guide to building a tub water garden with suitable plants and fish.
A care and feng shui symbolism guide for lucky bamboo plants.

Vintage Christmas articles

I love kitschy junk, and nothing says 'kitsch' more than vintage Christmas. My favourite decorations are from the 1950s and 1960s, but I have a number of World War II and older pieces, with the oldest ones dating to the 1930s.

Are aluminum Christmas trees the ultimate in cool, or are they too kitsch to own?

Green living articles

It's easy being green once you get started.

Easy tips and tricks to go green in a modern office environment.
Easy tips and tricks to go green everyday. Do your part to go green!

Tiki and tropical articles

My home decor can best be described as "tiki" -- sort of Polynesian, sort of East Asian. If it starts looking like Trader Vic's blew up in my house, it's time to prune the collection back.

Need a quick frozen dessert for a hot day? Try this easy recipe for a frozen pineapple whip.
If you have never worn a sarong, learn several easy and fashionable sarong tying techniques.

Miscellaneous articles

These get neglected a lot.

What is the best way to store Legos? Explore different options for organizing a Lego collection in an efficient, easy to clean, and kid-friendly manner.
Explore the nutritious and medicinal benefits of eating honey.
Tips and guidelines for the use of natural dyes in craft projects.
Learn how to breed your own feeder crickets at home for fun and profit.
How to identify various models of vintage Elna sewing machines.
Feel a sudden urge to drive a Delorean? Come ride along to learn about the history of this classic car.

Milestone articles

My very first Wizzley article

Vintage stuff is so cool.

How to identify various models of vintage Elna sewing machines.

Article #25

Yep, it's the one you're looking at! This one was created because 25 articles here seemed like a good milestone to start keeping track of all the articles.

Here is everything you ever wanted to know about Tealmermaid.
Updated: 12/31/2016, tealmermaid
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