Technology- Moral Dilemma - Good or Bad

by Cagsil

Technology, is it good or bad. Technology usage, the moral implications from a rational perspective. Technology is a double edge sword because some technology can be used for both.

What are the moral implications of using technology, the good, the bad and ugly. This article will address specific human issues, such as how technology can be used to harm or help. TVs, cars, medical science, guns, nuclear weapons, chemical bombs, human trafficking and child exploitation are just some of the topics. From a rational perspective, the only things that are personally needed or required for survival are always good. Yes, "needs" vary from person to person, however, there are specific basic needs which are universal for everyone and can be applied to every other person universally. It cannot be denied and is supported by science.

Moral Dilemmas - Good or Bad - Technology

TVs, Cars, Medical Science, Guns, Nuclear Weapons, Chemical Bombs, Human Trafficking, and Child Exploitation

Below is a question asked by a close friend on Facebook. The below is what led to the writing of this particular article. Why? Because the most common component in the issue is Technology. It all boils down to the usage of Technology and how it relates to the subject/topics.

Just opened another email titled "Force Facebook to Block all.." So now I am sitting here wondering why Mark Zuckerberg and staff don't seem to care about child pornography pages, human trafficking pages, hate crime pages...and the list goes on and on and on. It's not like they aren't already alerted to such pages by millions of people. When people have to petition to take down such pages, it makes me think perhaps I am part of the problem. As much as I like the positive aspects, I'm supporting some pretty horrible things just by being here. So why are we still using this platform that supports countless atrocities? Should we be? That's my question for myself and my friends on a stormy Friday.

At this point, I can only assume you're feeling like "Alice"? Technology, depending on what "type" you're talking about will make the basis for future understanding. When you look at a specific Technology, you must weigh the value of the Technology and how it applies to the human species, vs the Greater Good. If you're not familiar with the "Greater Good", then I'll explain as briefly as possible. The "Greater Good" is considered to be the "higher" path to walk. Such as, there's a building on fire, in the building is five strangers and one sibling, and you only have time to save the group of five or the one sibling- which do you save? The Greater Good requires to you save the 5 strangers instead of saving the one sibling. In that specific case, letting five people die in a burning building when you could have chosen to save them, but you saved your sibling, you've chosen immoral act and not one of conscience, but ego(selfish).

TV and Cars - Good and Bad

TV: The Television was a modern era creation when invented. The "black and white" version was the first to make it to the market. It was seen then, as an opportunity that was for the betterment of society, because it could be an excellent tool to reach people directly and quickly. This would be seen as a good(moral) solution. However, when corruption seeps into corporations and collude with government, to pass along distortion, misinformation or just out-right lies, then the TV Technology can be used for bad(immoral) means, such as manipulation. When a select few use a piece of Technology for dishonest reasons, such as manipulation, then it needs to be exposed. In today's day and age- the Television is nothing more than a waste of time. Sure, there are some good entertainment, but in the end, TV lowers a person's individual IQ, it literally programs people on a subconsciousness level, while they have no clue it is happening.

Cars: The automobile was developed in America around the end of the 19th century and how Cars were going to be, needed approval before allowed into the marketplace. Laws for Cars then came into existence for regulating individual usage. These Laws were put in place to ensure that consequences of operation would lead to punishment for a crime, due to irresponsibility. Cars are dangerous machines, made by flawed humans and repetitive machines programmed by humans. They are extremely heavy and made out a solid frame of construction. When you have 1000 pounds moving faster than 10 miles an hour, the damage it creates when it hits anything is why a higher awareness of responsibility is necessary for driving. Yes, you can drive a car, probably effortlessly and most of all, barely using any conscious thought about it. It's like it's ingrained into you.

That feelings comes from constantly and repeated experience and confidence gain during the time you've been driving. It's one of the main reasons, people fail to see "common sense" and "texting" while driving. Through TV, people have been programmed to not notice "common sense". Cars would only be needed, if there's another agenda at play. Why? Because, Cars don't fit as a basic need. They shouldn't even be needed, but remain a "product" available within America's economy. Those in politics would like you to believe that Car Ownership is a privilege and not a right, but that would be a lie. As a citizen, you are allowed to purchase whatever products you choose from the Economy(businesses doing business within America's borders) and with a few restrictions, age being one of them, there would be only a few items you couldn't buy, but not because of anything except you wouldn't have the money to pay for in the first place. Cars are one of those products. You are restricted by State Laws- you require a License to operate and that License you "pay" for is given to you based on granting you a privilege? Since when does anyone need to "pay" for a privilege. Government, shouldn't be telling anyone that it knows best when it's own actions are far less noble. A "privilege" isn't granted by a government, it's granted by a master to a slave.

Medical Science - Good and Bad

Medical Science: Doctors, nurses and all the scientists working in the Medical Science industry are fully aware of many things which the average person doesn't have access or any idea about. All the people involved are highly educated through years of schooling and testing, and re-testing. Practicing their understanding of the human species. It makes no difference if the knowledge consists of mending a simple cut and looking for the origins of consciousness.

What ethical behavior each are using to perform the work they do is extremely important because of the knowledge gained can be used for good or for bad, depending. Through Medical Science we've manage to cure diseases, create vaccines and how to modify the genetics of our food supply. There are not many cures for a whole lot of diseases because it's more profitable to treat diseases than it is to cure them. If you cured people, then they will have no use for the doctor's services, or treatments. Single one-time paying customers isn't how you create wealth. Repeat customers is the only true way to build wealth because it creates residual income for the Doctor's and nurses, and companies who supply the equipment and drugs for treatments. As long as you're sick and unable to treat yourself, then you are dependent upon them.

Obesity is the #1 problem in America. There are literally hundreds of weight loss products on the marketplace, all claiming to help everyone with weight issues. The irony is that it only takes a truly consciously active person to understand that health issues are your sole responsibility and most problems with regards to weight can be handled through ordinary diet control, watching carbohydrates and protein, calories, body fat and being careful about what foods enter your body. Medical breakthroughs in Science over the last century should have already made Obesity one of the least common problems among people. But, it hasn't. The better question is to ask is Why? Why hasn't become almost nothing of a problem? Again, we come back to profitable to treat not cure.

Guns - Good and Bad

Guns: The "gun" is in today's society, an apparent problem. Some people see no "good/moral" justifiable reason for a "gun" existing. Some people will tell you that "A gun's only purpose is to kill" and that would be wrong of them to say. The "purpose" of a "gun" is given/bestowed by it's owner and usually used for said purpose.

The problem in America is that people, highly ignorant ones, equate Gun Laws as a form of Gun Control and that's simply not the case, and previous history is a perfect evidence. Gun Laws don't prevent Gun violence. If anything, it creates more reason for violence to increase. Why? Because, gangs and people who are aiming to commit violence, don't require to follow Laws to get a gun or plenty of guns. Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of weapons are out in the streets, something media hasn't mentioned for obvious reasons. Those reasons are obvious to me, but maybe not for you. Do you find it odd how mainstream media has focused on specific events more often than other events? Gun Laws restrict citizens' access and that is the Law-aiding citizen, not the criminal. It's absurd to think that Criminals are going to follow laws. They are criminals after all.

The Gun has a dual purpose and that is protection. It is a product on the market and can be purchased. Gun Control is taught by parent to child. A parent should inform their children of all available methods of protection, from self defense to gun ownership. The child will choose which they prefer. Self defense can be more than enough to take down any attacker, in a one on one situation, regardless of how or who, has the initial upper hand. Self defense isn't only for blocking, but subduing also.

Gun ownership requires a truly consciously active individual because even an accident can kill someone, so extra precaution is necessary and irresponsible if not taken. Training, such as practicing at a target range. Wilderness survival would be helpful, take gun and hunt for food. Understand what it means to pull the trigger and watch as something dies. Hunting is a two-fold "moral" dilemma in and of itself- because it's good and bad. Hunting for sport I find ridiculous, personally. I can understand doing it for survival reasons, but see no sense in it otherwise. It's more for the egotistical individuals who need to justify their insecurity about being the weaker of the species. Meet any animal on it's own level- one to one, no weapons and let's see how your ego feels afterward. Only when you feel your life is imminent peril can you justifiably kill someone else. That's on a civilian/personal level. Military personnel kill people all the time, supposedly justified, in defense. That's another story for another time.

Nuclear Weapons and Chemical Weapons - Good and Bad

Nuclear Weapons: Okay, let's get one thing straight- there's NO good that can come from the production, installation/storage of Nuclear Weapons or Chemical weapons. These things are meant for total destruction of anything and everything for hundreds of miles. The Nuclear fall out from releasing just one Nuclear weapons would take 50 years or more to repair. The explosion, radiation and sheer power of these weapons have no good use, even if used in retaliation for someone using them beforehand. The extinction of the human species is something every citizen should be more worried about than anything else. Nuclear Weapons makes that a very real possibility, and if left unchecked, could be an eventuality.

It's obvious governments of the world cannot be trusted, yet most countries of the world are Nuclear armed to the teeth, the most being held in America and Russia. The Nuclear power is what should be used for good, instead to create bombs. With the technology race in the 70's and 80's, America should have seen a huge breakthrough in reusable energy through nuclear power, but it never arrived because government apparently refuses to grant anyone the ability or power to begin working in that direction. Oil dependency in America has been a problem for far too long and the irony here is that America has more Oil on it's own land than it would ever need to buy from some other Country. So, why exactly is America depending on Foreign Oil resources?

Renewable energy resources need to come about and the most advance technology available for energy is Nuclear power. There are over 100 Nuclear facilities located throughout America. Are you telling me that America cannot be broken down into 6 Nuclear grids for powering State and Federal installations? All State and Federal buildings should be operating directly off a Nuclear power grid, so State and Federal locations don't affect/effect pricing structures for other energies available. All State and Federal buildings could have a back up system in place, in case power is lost for some reason, and it would able to tap into other resources, like an electric grid. Government should be looking for ways to cut costs but raise efficiency and effectiveness.

Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation - Good and Bad

Human Trafficking: Okay, I guess I can take the gloves off, for these. Human trafficking is one of the most inhumane things to do to a person, aside from Child exploitation. Trafficking in humans, beit man, woman or child, you must be one sick individual. To purposely sell a man, woman or child, for money or profit, is unadulterated "evil". The most likely victims are women and children. Sorry Men, you're just not worthy. Women, young and attractive, are the selected choices. When it comes to children, well let's just say boys or girls, probably get just as much attention. People sell others, get them addicted to drugs or force them into pornography or prostitution. Some are simply turned into "do as you please" type slaves. The people who traffic in humans have no dignity, honor or a honest bone in their body. They stain the potential of good, which they could be doing.

Child Exploitation: Okay, again. As you know, I don't like this subject very much, like the one above. It's unfortunate, we continue to live in a world were the human body and it's sexual aspect is stained with the blood of the innocent. Children only have adults who can protect, up to an extent. What adults are in your children's life is to be consciously looked after. You don't yet live in a society where every single person can be given 100% trust, in the hopes, that that person will do the right thing in the end. Sorry, but civilization isn't civilized. We have people who steal children from good homes, make child pornography films and still shots, for distribution to clients or whomever wants them. Children forced into sexual encounters which are supposed to come later in life and under more pleasant circumstances. The distribution of photos or films of children is a violation of not only individual rights, but State and Federal American Laws and I'm pretty sure there's an International Law against it also. But, don't quote me on that.(and no I didn't bother to look into it because this article was written on a rational perspective of the subjects it discusses)

Conclusion - Good or Bad - Technology vs Greater Good

Some technology has a positive effect and can be used for the Greater Good and many pieces of technology were simply created for amusement/entertainment purposes. The Internet is one of those things, which leads us back to the original statement uttered by my friend.

Facebook and staff apparently are either too busy to keep up with such pages, because the pages are created faster than they can recognize them for what they are or they simply do not care what pages are created. Now, like you I would hope that the latter isn't the case and the former to be truly the problem. People report these pages, yet the pages remain?

What point does membership actually support supporting Facebook's operation? If you were to say that "just being a member of Facebook" is in support of Facebook's operation, then I would say there's more to it than just being a member. Yes, Facebook does get credit for your account, but what "value" are you to Facebook? Are you paying for any services from Facebook? If not, then you're nothing more than a "freeloader", which is why Facebook restricts members who don't use paying services. You're not really supporting Facebook by using it because Facebook really cannot estimate your value. You being a member is only one of several hundred factors.

Can you use Facebook knowing what you've learned here? The purpose here is to get you to realize a couple of things- (a) I'm being as honest as possible in my review of my friends statement and everything attached/connected and (b) The power of people with a purpose can move mountains. If you decide Facebook needs to address these problems, then by all means, do whatever you can to to communicate your displeasure with their inability. Call them, email them and report all pages related to Human Trafficking, Child Exploitation, Unadulterated Violence pages and Hate Crimes. It's the right thing to do because it protects the Greater Good.


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Cagsil on 10/12/2015

Thank you Josiane Ochman for reading and leaving a comment. Much appreciated.

Josiane Ochman on 10/12/2015

It's often a question of balance although in some cases like child pornography being so readily available, the bad outweighs the good+we can't lose our ability to question how invasive we, as consumers of it, are allowing technology to become. Do we want to be spied on 24/7 it's a scenario vividly outlined in the book #TheCircle which I also highly recommend.

Cagsil on 02/23/2015

Thank you Mary Hyatt for reading and commenting. I'm not a mind reader that I know of, but enjoyed your statement. :) Yes, little did we(humans) know what extent TV would be used and what it's real purpose was, never mind, what it supposedly appears as. :)

Mary Hyatt on 02/23/2015

Wow!! You are a mind reader! I agree with everything you said here. I watch very little TV cause it is all trash, and I refuse to own a smartphone. Little did we know when TVs came out what it has revolved into what it is today.

Cagsil on 03/19/2014

Hello Cmoneyspinner, I appreciate you taking time to read and comment. You're correct, nothing new under the sun for those who are awake and paying attention. However, those who lack understanding of what I've written about, will hopefully get the message. And I'll agree, that if someone sees an atrocity and does nothing, then their individual action is not any better than those who are committing the atrocities.

cmoneyspinner on 03/19/2014

There's nothing new under the sun. Technology is good. Moral depravity is bad. Good versus evil. Nobody is ever expected more than what is within their power to do. If you're in a position to confront wrong doing and you do nothing, your wrong is greater.

Cagsil on 02/18/2013

Thank you very much Katie for stopping by to read and comment on my article. It's always a pleasure to see and hear from you. I'm grateful for the compliment also.

katiem2 on 02/17/2013

As always it's a pleasure reading your work. I appreciate your expanded thought and careful consideration in answering the moral dilemma question. I myself don't suffer with such maladies and yet see it over exaggerated day in and out. Oh the drama so many thrive on or is it they use it as a distraction from what's really going on....

Such a well written piece and one you had me nodding up and down as you do so many times. Great read my friend great read indeed. :)K

Cagsil on 02/10/2013

Thank you Mike. I appreciate you taking the time to read this lengthy answer to a question. I'm glad you enjoyed the read and yeah, these things are a sore spot. Most of them are used without giving any thought to the damage which can be caused. The threat of Nuclear extinction is possible. There's enough Nuclear weapons in existence, to turn Earth to an uninhabitable place. So, yes I did add a lot of feeling to it, but nevertheless remained rational. :) I hope you're well also. Take care and was good to see you. :)

teddletonmr on 02/09/2013

Hey Ray, how do you really feel. Well done, I couldn't stop reading your insights into the all the crazyness that surrounds us.
Be well my friend, Mike..

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