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by katiem2

Find out if you are emotionally healthy. Do you know your EMI or emotional mass index? Intelligence has little value if you don't understand the power of your emotions.

Do you know your EMI or Emotional Mass Index? Intelligence has little value if you don't understand the power of your emotions. It's vital to understand the challenges created by your emotional responses. I find the brain to be a fascinating and complex focus of study. We all have a brain, a mind all our own and yet all minds are not created equal. They are unique and complex making for most interesting test subjects.The real truth, the good stuff, is in the emotions. It is the emotions of an individual that really make or break them. Let us determine your emotional well-being shall we?

Are You Emotionally Balanced?

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What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Fitness What it Takes to Succeed

Each brain is different with some who possess a mind capable of greatness if they're emotionally fit.

Regardless of your intellectual level, if you are not emotionally balanced with your intellect you are at a serious disadvantage.

The inability to successfully interact with a diverse group of people puts the highly intelligent at a great disadvantage.

It's by tapping into and understanding the emotions of ourselves and others that we balance out the difference therefore allowing for success.

  1. Are you a person who realizes you're different, not like everyone else?
  2. Do you think you have what it takes to tap into your vast mental tool chest making the most of your abilities?

Every human on the face of this planet has one thing in common with the other. We all have six basic human needs, meaning the thing that makes us tick. We identify with one or more of these human needs as they mirror our personality traits. Yours is obvious to the world around you and for this reason it's a good idea to identify with it yourself.

You can run and you can hide but you never really get away from who you really are! It is for this reason best to make it work to your advantage.

While we all possess a dose of more than one of the personality traits,from time to time, there are those who are specific to one or more types as being their norm. Each person finds one of the six to be their most desired, the one they would choose above all else finding it hard to cope without it. We humans need to feel a sense of purpose this being the reason we foster the six. 

This determines the person you are, what drives you, what causes you to fail and succeed. Knowing this will open your mind to new possibilities. 

Anyone regardless of their level of intellect or education can succeed at anything if they have good people skills. The ability to both manage your emotions and deal with others is paramount to succeeding in life. 

6 Basic Human Needs

Every human on the face of this planet has one thing in common we all have six basic human needs.

Identify your individual and personal need from the list below and contemplate how it affects you.

6 Human Needs

  • Certainty - Knowing without a doubt, Comfort Zone and Security
  • Uncertainty - Variety and Excitement, The Spice of Life
  • Significance - Being Important, Special and Unique
  • Connection - Love, Family, Friends and Community
  • Growth - Continued Self Improvement
  • Contribution - Giving beyond ones self-improving the lives of others or the world at large

The Driving Forces

What drives each of us?

Each human being is driven by one of the six human needs. This is considered to be the defining character that drives them, giving them a sense of purpose.The main component to success is the ability to identify your placement on the list of the six human needs. Once you become aware of the 6 driving forces you can better handle yourself and others on an emotional level. This is a very important skill set because no matter how well some may hide it we all have emotions and are very much affected by them. Understanding your own can keep you from running your life in a ditch, you can work to your full potential.

The cousin to these six traits is determination. Determination is the foundation to all success, no matter what you need to overcome or achieve you must have the staying power of determination.

Why Gifted People Don't Succeed

Why do many of the highly intelligent or gifted individuals fail in life?

It's often due to a deficiency of emotional intelligence or social balance. While they may grasp knowledge easily more growth and development in social aspects is needed. They don’t understand to what degree we are guided by our emotions.

I've always been curious about people and what makes a person succeed while others do not. We all know people who have every opportunity provided them and yet don't run with it. Why does this happen? Is it diverse interpersonal skills are as important, if not more, than any other human quality?  The answer is YES! 

Why The Unfortunate Succeed?

The most successful people see opportunity in the most difficult of times.

The polar opposite is true of those who struggle in life never having much, growing up in a difficult situation, and with little opportunity to attain a quality education. 

These people never had much or the support of a loving family and yet they dig their heels in and make it happen. In fact many of these people suffer abuse and neglect throughout childhood. They may go on to do amazing things and become emotionally fit people despite their back ground. While these people may have an intense drive they too can struggle in the area of social interaction given their difficult childhood experiences.

  • Could mere determination be the key to their success?
  • Is it they're no stranger to struggle or hardship having a keen focus on what they want despite what has happened, with the drive to rise from it fueling their drive?
  • Is it they know they must fight to win or face the alternative, being the loser?
  • Is it they have known enough loss to realize they do not want more of the same and will work as hard as they must to overcome and succeed?

Many people struggle each day to maintain a positive mental well-being while it seems to come easy for others. Understanding yourself and others better enhances a positive outlook, another important trait for success. 

The Emotional Response

In order to build your emotional fitness you must first know and understand your normal emotional responses to challenging situations.

What is the recipe for emotional fitness? This is vital pay attention!

In order to build your emotional fitness you must first know and understand your normal emotional responses to both average and challenging situations.

You may be someone who operates with;

  • fear
  • anger
  • care

This means you react to stressful situations either with;

  • Fear, you may freak out, freeze not reacting in a manner helpful to the situation.
  • Anger, you may get angry, aggressive becoming physically tense and stressed.
  • Care Giver, you may comfort others, make certain they're okay and their needs are met.

With a quick mental evaluation you can identify with your emotional response. This is why you act the way you do even when you try hard to stop certain behaviors. It’s a part of your character. Think about it, know it and own it! Can you imagine how this can impact your life? You can now learn to manage it.

Once you identify yourself, find your weaknesses, the keys to your road blocks, sabotage or failure you are on the road to greatness. Now you can work to build your emotional fitness all the while aware of your typical reaction.

It's not what happens that matters, (that's a done deal) It's how you react that counts!

The Ability to See Opportunity

The most successful people see opportunity in the most difficult of times

As the world at large is mesmerized with the difficulties or tragedy at hand, successful people realize this opens the door to opportunities they would otherwise not have. They react, problem solve and position themselves in a role of leadership with others looking to them for guidance.

These types seize the moment; they think solution and need based ideas.

This works to their advantage as most everyone else is frozen in the moment of despair not seeing the opportunities and solutions.

Emotionally Balanced

Successful people, see the problem, imagine the needs that will arise from the problem and think of a solution or services others will need to ride the storm.

Don't hesitate to run with your ideas and be a person who seizes the moment. We need strong and creative people to lead the way!

Anthony Robbins is an amazing person who is truly gifted with matters of emotional fitness.

If you're stuck on your why, he's your why guy.

I've included three videos from Tony you will benefit from.

Much Emotional Fitness and Success,


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katiem2 on 06/07/2017

DerdriuMarriner I am well red and read...

DerdriuMarriner on 05/26/2017

katiem2, It's interesting how it's the emotional and social outlets that break or make intellectual and physical prowess. How is it that you knew to pick as the one seeming misfit (but actually not) Paulo Coehlo's novel?

katiem2 on 04/23/2014

cmoneyspinner, you made my chuckle, thanks

cmoneyspinner on 02/12/2014

Excellent article. But it's fuh shizzle! I'm a crazy cow! Only need to mix in one emotion and it's all FLAP!! Focus, Love, Aim and Purpose. :) Tagged this one for #WizzleyWednesday on Twitter.

katiem2 on 02/02/2013

Blake, I think we'd all like to think the same and like you we would do well to consider the areas we could improve on. :)

Blake on 02/02/2013

I'd like to think I'm emotionally balanced and yet you certainly bring up a good deal of food for thought. Very nice help

katiem2 on 01/07/2013

clouda9. So happy to serve as a reminder.

katiem2 on 01/02/2013

RebeccaE, My pleasure :)K

RebeccaE on 01/01/2013

thank you for this reality check, and it's a good one!

katiem2 on 12/07/2012

It is a helpful guide all of us can learn from. Thanks for sharing. :)

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