The Visalus 90 Day Challenge Review

by katiem2

The 90 day weight loss challenge is coming to neighborhoods everywhere, what is it and does it work. Read a first hand account from someone who's both observed it and taken it.

I just heard about The 90 Day Challenge this summer. I watched close friend and neighbor Jude as she embarked on her own personal 90 day challenge. I've known Jude for over 14 years and watched her struggle to reach her goal weight using weight watchers. I couldn't figure it out, she walked, biked, was active, an over all dynamic and wonderful human being. I quietly watched hoping she would one day reach her goal and yet after 14 years realized Jude would always be a big girl. But now something was different.

Jude was moving faster, actually running marathons, and dropping a lot of weight.  I was about to do the one thing I never imagined I'd do, ask Jude how she did it.

My Friend Changed My Life

My friend Jude changed my life when she shared her weight loss success tool.

I'd love to help you change your life.

Anytime you're ready send me a message or check out the 90 day challenge here. 

Why Weight Watchers Failed

Weight Watchers failed Jude because she had to, as she says, "obsess over food all the time".

This is a picture of my friend and neighbor Jude running yet another marathon.This never happened with Weight Watchers.The constant thinking about food and points only contributed to the problem. Many people are obsessed with food, if not most of us. We need to eat, it's one of the most pleasurable experiences. Yet, when the healthy happy body gets the proper nutrients it needs both the brain and body want no more. This type of body is full, satisfied and ready to move on and enjoy life, like Jude.

Jude, like so many weight watchers learned how to eat fast food and many other unhealthy foods all by counting points. This did not treat the issue, which is poor nutrition. Developing the habit of eating fast food by learning to count points to both eat it and lose weight creates a vicious cycle for so many people honestly hoping to lose weight and get fit.

Bottom line is Jude did not do well thinking about food so much, weight watcher requires you to think about and plan food, mapping out what you eat each day. This is the primary reason diets don't work for most of us. We just don't want to have to think about food all the time nor should we.

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Why Diets Fail

Diets don't work if they create an obsession with food.

A person living in a healthy body forgets about food and becomes interested in life.  They get involved with the things and people they love and often forget about food until they get honestly and truly hungry.

Diets claim the reason you gain weight and can't lose it or keep it off is because of poor planning now while this may be the case to some degree it is not the solution.  Most over weight people or those with eating disorders suffer because of their obsession with food.  With most diets It's all about the food, the need to buy a certain list of foods, prepare the food a particular way and then count the calories, fat, sugar and on and on the food obsession goes.  

Jude Lost 33 Pounds

The 90 day challenge worked for Jude and is working for millions around the country.

All any person needs to do to be healthy feel good and reach their personal healthy weight is to make sure they get the proper nutrition.  Why diets don't work is because they don't often offer you the proper daily nutrition nor do they allow you to forget about food.  Thinking and calculating to get to the perfect ratio of healthy food has you coming up both short and frustrated.

The ability to forget about food is as natural a process as breathing, once you give your body the nutrition it needs it comes natural to forget about food.  Your brain stops sending your body messages to fill a nutritional gap once it's met.

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Getting the Proper Nutrition

It is hard to get the proper nutrition without obsessing with food.

Or is it?  This is what Jude loved most about her new found nutrition, she could forget about food all together eating what ever she wanted for one meal a day.  Most of us have our favorite meal and we obsess about that in terms of watching what we eat though out the day or starving ourselves to enjoy that one meal.  We all know how vital it is to keep our metabolism burning and eat small nutritious meals all day long.  So we end up eating once we get so hungry we can't take it eating a quick food lacking nutrition. This often sending us over the edge pigging out on that one meal.

The 90 day challenge allows you to get the proper nutrition that shuts your brain and your gut off all the while you breeze though your day and enjoy that meal you've been planning for.

Jude enjoys two shakes a day and then eats healthy snacks and a nice dinner, sometime she trades the dinner off for a lunch date, you pick which meals you replace.  

The 90 Day Challenge Review
The 90 Day Challenge Review

How to Make the Shakes

Body By Vi offers an entire line but their meal replacement nutrition shakes is the cornerstone to proper nutrition and weight loss.

Jude replaces two meals a day with a Vi Shake.  The community of those taking the 90 day challenge have created many delicious shake recipes.  The ways to make a shake are endless. The mix is a sweet cream flavor which blends beautifully with just about anything you can imagine. They have collected these recipes in a book each customer receives. I myself started the challenge and have been having such fun creating my own recipes. 

My Favorite Vi Shape Shake Recipes

My favorites are two scoops of the nutritious body by Vi Shake Mix added to frozen berries, non fat plain yogurt and non fat milk.  These are so amazing. This busy on the go writer loves them, they fill me up give me tons of energy and clarity, great for a writer, plus I love knowing I'm getting the vital quality nutrition I would other wise not be getting.  My hair is healthier, growing like crazy, as is my nails, my skin looks amazing and my over all health has improved dramatically.

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Taking The 90 Day Challenge

After watching Jude and I knew this was both a product and system that worked.

I myself have faced some intense hurdles over the past year.  I was injured seriously when a freight liner truck rear ended me dragging me into a moving van ahead of me.  I spent 8 days in a trauma unit suffering from both brain and spinal injuries.

We all need to detox our bodies on a regular basis. Learn the easiest way to maintain a healthy body and detox with all natural super foods that cleanse the body of toxins.

I spent the next 8 months in physical, speech and occupational rehab fighting to get my life back.  During my hospital stay they found a lump in my throat which were thyroid related. After two seperate biopsy's I had surgery (this past January) to remove both the lump and my thyroid in which it took up residence.  As result of all this I too needed some serious nutrition to rebuild my bodies muscle and my brain function.  I have been on the 90 day challenge for one month now and am amazed as to how good I feel.  Anyone suffering from low thyroid as in hypothyroidism and or no thyroid function knows all to well how horrible it is to have zero energy or strength.  I've lost 11 pounds of body fat and rebuilt muscle mass.  I now have a very impressive arm!

The Power of Friends

Tell 3 friends about it, join the challenge and get yours free.
three for free

The Vi Shakes have enabled me to forget about the bottles of medication lining up on my vanity and get on with life.  I can't say enough about this product.  I look forward to a very successful future with this company.

I now promote it as I'm very excited as to what this company offers those who use the products and those who promote the products as well.


The Business Aspect of The Challenge

Being a freelance writer, internet marketer,content provider,website owner and blogger I realized the amazing business opportunity.

I realized the power of both websites and social media. Every second five people enjoy a Body By Vi Shake.This thing is sweeping the country and with good reason.  It is not saturated either, there is lots of room for entrepreneurs to make it big.  While the 90 day body by vi challenge is sweeping America, it is only at 6%. A great number for this marketing brain.  Plus the company has not gone global, YET!


Promoting the Challenge

This is a fresh new approach to health, fitness, weight loss and weight management.

After following Jude and witnessing first hand her experience, I too began using the product, the whole time looking into the promotion of the product.  

Anytime you find something that addresses a burning issue with the general public and it works you realize the marketing power. 

When I became a promoter I got access to the following promotion tools;


  1. A Free Trial Landing Page - not including this one as it includes my cell number.
  2. The Bimmer Club -
  3. The Recession Proof Page -
  4. The Lose Weight Page -
  5. The Social Media Page -

Plus 5 other pages, a free mobile app and a ton of tutorial videos on the users site. It's all very exciting.  I will keep you posted as to my continued progress.

Doctor Approved

I took this product and it's entire list of ingredients to my doctor.

It got the thumbs up.  This product is packed with a very impressive list of nutrition and packed with vitamins we need and yet normally don't get.  

This is very important to me. I not only know it works I know why it works.


Comparing Weight Loss Shakes

Compare Competitor Weight Loss Shakes

  • When compared to competitors Vi-Shape has less fat than Shaklee, Monavie, Pharmanex, Melaluca, Isagenix, Evolv, Slimfast, Myoplex and Met RX, it is equal to Herbalife in terms of fat content both having only 1 fat (g).
  • BUT, Vi-Shape has a tri-sorb proprietary blend of 3 high quality proteins paired with digestive enzymes providing maximum absorption to support lean muscle tissue, none others have including Herbalife.
  • Vi-Shape has zero saturated fat, no other shake offers this other than Met RX Orignal and Herbalife.
  •  Vi-Shape has less sodium than all it's competitors other than Melaluca which has the same 75 (mg), Herbalife has 140 (mg) of sodium.
  • Vi-Shape has less carbohydrates than all it's competitors.
  • Vi-Shape has a serving of fiber where as Herbalife has none, Shaklee, Monavie, Pharmanex, Melaluca and Evolv also have a serving of fiber.  Fiber is crucial to both cleanse the system and leave you feeling full.
  • Also Vi-Shape has a prebiotic, 12 (g) which helps dieters stay full and satisfied.
  • Vi-Shape cost $1.50 a serving or a meal, costing less than all but three of the ten competitors, with four of them ringing in at over $3.00 per serving, three of which are $3.64 or more.
  • Vi-shape has less calories per serving than all it's competitors other than Herbalife which cost the same. 

Body By Vi Beats Herbalife


How is Vi-Shape better than Herbalife, it's only real competitor left in the ranks?  

Visalus Vi-Shape Shake mix has both good fibers one of which the prebiotic encourages a very healthy eimimnation process.

Vi-Shape has the amazing and trademarked tri-sorb protein blend for maximum absorption to build and support lean muscle mass.

Two main attributes dieters hope to acheive and often do not, You can with V-Shape.

Feeding Hungry Children

Visalus has a feed the children challenge and opportunity.

So many of us want to give back sharing our success with those less fortunate.  Visalus offers us a great program to do that. When you donate $24.00 Visalus matches that putting nutrition into the mouths of children who need it. If you are interested in feeding a hungry child or you aren't aware of the need in this country please watch the video now!

People are Reaching Goals

People who use this product are reaching their goals physically and financially.
The 90 Day Challenge Review
The 90 Day Challenge Review

Have you tried Weight Watchers?

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No it did not work, don't like the meetings, the food or the constant counting of points.
Lisa on 12/25/2012

It only taught me how to count junk food calories...never felt good

Cindy on 08/26/2012

I can't put that much thought into my food, when I'm hungry I eat (period)

Updated: 08/18/2013, katiem2
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Chat about The 90 Day Challenge - The Body By Vi Shape Mix - Both a nutritional meal replacement and weight loss shake

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katiem2 on 08/26/2012

Cindy, I've tried slimfast back in my college days. Those in the can tasted shady, the body by vi shape shake mix is delicious. I add frozen fruit to mine, it's like a really good smoothy. I have to be careful or I will lose to much weight. All my pants are falling off, someone pass me a belt. :) Look forward to coaching you on this Cindy, see you at the site. :)

Cindy on 08/26/2012

Sounds great, I've used slimfast for years, it's great for keeping the metablolism going when youi can't eat right and don't want to gain weight. I love the concept and look forward to giving a quality weight loss shake a chance. I need to lose about 20 pounds.

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