Learn Why Abortion Isn't a Social Issue- It's Political BS

by Cagsil

The abortion debate that continues in America is nothing more than Bullshit perpetuated by politicians in order to divide citizens on specific issues.

The abortion debate only exists because politicians want to ensure that citizens are divided on the issue. The attention comes before every election with knowledge of those who are advocates for pro-life will cause a disruption. To ensure that Equality and Equal Rights are granted to every person, this particular debate needs to be seen for what it is really.

Why Abortion Shouldn't Be An Issue

Welcome Citizen,

My name is Ray, short for Raymond D Choiniere II. Now, I don't really need to know your name, but you're more than welcome to leave your name and a comment about your thoughts. It will be my pleasure to ensure equality and equal rights are measured at all costs.

Your individual rights are just as important as is the next person.  I don't want to infringe upon your rights, and I'm pretty sure you don't want other people infringing upon your rights either. So, that means, a common ground must become known, so no rights are infringed upon. If that confuses you, then I'm sorry. However, as a part of society, on an individual level, laws are passed to ensure the greater good of America. Most of the time, National Security is attached to such things, but not when talking about Abortion.

Let's get one thing straight about the Abortion debate- (a) the actual debate is meaningless, (b) it is not an actual social problem and (c) no infringement of rights are allowed.

Let's address the arguments as they have been laid out to the general public.

The arguments for and against Abortion is absurd, ridiculous and nothing more than other people wanting to force other people to live by their own subjective definition of morality. I call that  pure unadulterated ego. Now this particular article can get extremely long considering the many factors involved. After everything is laid out and explained, I'm expecting some response. I only ask that you do keep it civil otherwise any comment posted will not be accepted. If you cannot discuss things rationally and calmly(no CAPS), then don't waste my time or your effort.

Argument (a): It's a human being. False. It is a human organism, which later develops into a human being. To call it a human being before it's actually a human being is absurd.

Argument (b): It's a human life form. True. A human organism is a human life form. Otherwise, it wouldn't be called a human organism. Humans don't reproduce anything but humans. However, there are "global" consequences in making Abortion illegal.

Argument (c): The child has rights. False. The so-called "rights" of the child is nothing more than Christian based Pro-Life BS. A human organism/fetus/baby/child, in the womb, if not viable(meaning it cannot live without assistance) isn't and shouldn't be given any rights. To do so, infringes upon the rights of the woman who is carrying and that's unacceptable. Equality and Equal Rights are the basis for America.

Argument (d): What about "rape" cases exceptions? False. Just more BS fed to the American public by both sides of the political spectrum. This is nothing more than a ruse for compromise, an attempt to strip you of your individual rights and has nothing to do with building a more civilized society as you are led to believe. You do not compromise equal rights. Favoring one over the other is discrimination and against the law. Besides, Abortion isn't the problem in this case. Rape is the problem.

Argument (e): Abortion is a social issue. False. Abortion isn't a social or societal issue. It's an individual issue. The Woman, herself has the responsibility in making the decision and her alone. Society has no right to dictate what decision she is to make. To do so is oppression in the most basic definition. In the cases of Rape? Address the Rape problem and leave the Abortion Law alone.

Argument (f): Abortion is murder. False. Abortion is a medical procedure which is given to a woman as an option. Yes, Abortion is going to cease the process of pregnancy, but it is not murder. Murder isn't Legal. Abortions exist because woman need them to be for equal rights and it's a medical procedure doctors know how to perform as a part of health services. And, if you really want to get into it, government shouldn't even have a Law about the Procedure itself because it is not a social or societal problem. It's an individual problem.

Argument (h): The child has no one to protect them. False. The woman is protected by Laws and there are even Laws in place to protect the fetus, should the mother decide to carry full term. The woman once she has made her decision, it's final. And there are Laws in place to restrict the time a woman has to make said decision, constantly held up by our sad Judicial system.

Conclusion: Abortion Isn't a Social or Societal Issue. Rape Is a Social and Societal Issue.

Okay, I've posted as many arguments as I could from experience and one part was left empty.  What part? Earlier, I spoke about Global consequences.  I was referencing making Abortions illegal on a Global scale would be absolutely detrimental.

Why? (a) food and water resources would be absorbed at a much higher rate if a woman is forced to carry full term, (b) health care resources would be absorbed at a much higher rate also, which would increase the cost of living for everyone because it would demand more health care workers, hospitals and other services, (c) the mental health of the woman who is being forced to carry full term, which can ruin any future the woman would have if allowed to abort an unwanted pregnancy, and (d) it would most likely create an abusive family relationship due to oppression, so more police would be required, more prisons would need to be built and at that point where would it stop? Answer: It wouldn't.

So, with all of that said, I appreciate your time and thank you for reading.


Updated: 01/31/2016, Cagsil
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Cagsil 25 days ago

Thank you. Much appreciated. I am grateful you shared it also. :)

Coral Blankinship 25 days ago

Excellent article. I shared it.

Cagsil on 05/24/2016

Thank you Cherlyas well for commenting on my article. I appreciate you taking the time. Don't expect any political groups or position to keep another inline. It just isn't going to happen.

Cherylas well on 05/24/2016

I appreciate this article. It's so important that our society decease from this incessant right wing religion Forced Birth agenda. Birth Control Pills gave me severe debilitating migraines. IUD's gave me two episodes of severe pelvic inflammatory disease. There is no 100% birth control. I used cervix muscous fertility awareness method and consciously conceived two children when employed married and settled. I am not shamed by the three abortions - 5, 6 and 7 week blobs - that postponed my motherhood until our marriage and foundations were stable.

I imagine in some far distant tribal time men did not have unprotected intercourse wiht females unless they'd brought a gazell or something to her father and could support a child.

Sex does cause reproduction. It is not possible - now - to separate the two.

Ithink that part of the solution is female ability to say, "No" to penis in vagina. Most women on the planet have no right to say no to unprotected intercourse. And, birth control is non existent, unaffordable or scarce.

The more girls are educated, marriage delayed, and their rights as human beings recognized society will be helped to flourish.

Fundamentalists in every religion have got to Go Away. Why don't the moderates help keep the fundamentalist extremists in line?

Cagsil on 09/13/2014

First off, you're attaching responsibility to me directly for no reason. Common sense isn't common, which is why I'll agree education is necessary. However, there's no way the layout or the explanation. It makes the most sense, especially where individual rights is concerned, never mind, the population dynamic. Thank you for commenting and taking the time to read.

Bobbie Hill on 09/13/2014

You've made important observations regarding personal choice; however, your authority in regard to population dynamics is suspect.
The real issue - which should be governing the unwanted-pregnancy debate- is family planning. Although parents are expected to edify and nurture their children, not all parents have the same background, education, tradition, or even perception and awareness; which means important"common sense" lessons aren't all likely to transmit to all members of new generations.
We only hope, over which we may direct, nay, must direct.

Cagsil on 03/21/2014

Hey Jed, you'd be correct, however, many different courts have challenged the original court case, and changes were made, such as viability of the fetus. I understand what you're saying and I tried my best to convey the message the Courts originally wanted conveyed and why the courts reached their decision. The global perception is what matters most and not any individual nation. The insanity that has been running rampant on this subject matter outside the courts is just that, insanity. Thank you for reading and commenting. I'm grateful.

Jed on 03/21/2014

The Supreme Court looked the Constitution over very carefully and came to the conclusion that Citizenship begins at birth and the rights of Citizens trump the rights of fetuses. It's that simple. No debate over right or wrong, just a simple matter of establishing the rule of law.

Cagsil on 10/23/2013

I'm sure I lost many followers in the wake of my stopping publishing on HP, which I'll not discuss on this page. But, it's a pleasure to learn you're on HP too. Pleasure to meet you.

cmoneyspinner on 10/23/2013

Cool! Wow! You've got quite an HP following. I added myself to your fan base number.
I'm on HUBPages too! http://cmoneyspinner1tf.hubpages.com/

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