The Best Bluetooth Headsets For 2012

by thooghun

Looking for the best bluetooth headset to crown your 2012? Browse my hand-picked selection and make an informed choice!


The premise and the judging criteria

This article is the result of my own personal hands-on research into the world of the best Bluetooth headsets. I have hand-picked the following three models (which will occasionally be updated as newer, better models are introduced in the market) with the following pillars of quality in mind; high quality audio, a good functionality to price tag ratio and comfort. 

Not all models will suit all audiences, please consult the subjective good and bad notes in each section for a personalized heads-up!

LG Tone (HBS-700)

The LG Tone is a wireless Bluetooth stereo headset which caters to both wireless music and high-quality call functionality audiences. 

What renders the device unique is the light-weight neck strap which houses all the music and call functions you need without fishing around for your cell-phone is your bag. When not in use the detachable ear plugs magnetically re-attach themselves to the neck strap.

The ease of use, multi-point functionality and audio quality have helped the LG Tone become Amazon's top selling Bluetooth headset!

The Good: The LG Tone is comfortable, waterproof and features crisp high-quality sound for a medium-range price tag. The array of options that are housed on the neck strap may appeal to some more than others.

The Bad: While the LG Tone is obviously trying to appease an audiences that lead active lifestyles (waterproof) I'm not sure that the neck strap will be all that comfortable during exercise due to the inevitable jostling. 

Main Features

  • 10 hour battery life, 360 hours stand-by.
  • Real-time message reading.
  • Full array of easily accessible calling features.
  • High-quality sound.
  • Wireless.
  • Power-slide switch and vibration functionality.

Next Up: The VXI BlueParrott Roadwarrior B250-XT

The Roadwarrior, as the name suggests is an homage towards travelers, truckers and people who tend to live on the road. True to it's name, the Roadwarrior features professional grade noise-cancelling capabilities to drown out the day-to-day migraine inducing noise of the outside world (especially traffic). 

While the price tag is a little steeper than the medium-range LG Tone, there is a conspicious reason for this. Namely, the ability to drown the hum and engine of an 18 wheeler, a 66' range and 16 hours of active battery life! 

The Roadwarrior is in my opinion a good investment for those who tend to work or live in noise environments and are in dire need of some on-demand escapism.

The Good: A full-spectrum tailored approach for a specific audience. If noise reduction, duration and the ability to charge on the fly (auto charger also included) then you've just hit jack-pot.

The Bad: The price tag was a little to steep for me, and in this case the good is also the bad, not everyone is looking for trucker specific specs! Oh, and while I'm not all that self-conscious, the aesthetics are a little too conspicuous and retro for my tastes.

Main Features

  • Professional grade noise cancelling.
  • Up to 66' range.
  • Multi-point Bluetooth compatibility. 
  • 16 hours of talk time and 150 hours of standby.
  • High volume.
  • Two separate chargers (AC and auto).
  • High degree of clarity and audio quality. 

Motorola S305

I chose this model based on the fact that they are the perfect choice for iPhone users and high-quality music fans. On paper, the S05 doesn't overwhelm, but it's smart features, vibrant quality and sleek, comfortable design (at an affordable cost) make the S305 a definite contender for most people, including, of course, myself!

Ironically, despite not labeling themselves as a sport-compatible headset, their wireless nature and snug fit (and loud music) make them a decent choice for those looking for a jogging solution. 

The Good: Ease to use commands, loud high-quality sound and flawless iPhone integration make this a dream gift or purchase for primarily younger audiences. The real kicker for me, comes from the smart quirks this model offers, such as pausing (and not killing) music during an incoming call. On top of all this, you have a large hit me button on the side of the headset to accept calls, how neat is that?

The Bad: 6.5 hours of talk-time might mean you have to ration your music if you plan on listening to it all day. Additionally, I know a few people who shy away from the conspicuousness of headsets and favor ear plug. Just saying!

Main Features

  • iPhone and iPod certified.
  • Headset itself features easy to use command set. 
  • 6.5 hour battery life.
  • Wireless.
  • Strong bass and dynamic surround.
  • Comfortable (as reported by the overwhelming amount of feedback, check yourself!).
Updated: 01/22/2012, thooghun
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