The Best Gifts for Writers

by Sadie_Holloway

The best gifts for writers are things that motivate and encourage them to keep writing.

If you are a writer yourself, you already know that becoming a strong writer takes dedication and a lot of hard work. You also know that most people who write also do it because they love it! They love the satisfaction that comes when the words start to take shape on the page. When words become sentences, sentences become paragraphs, and paragraphs become magical stories---there is nothing more satisfying to a writer! As a writer myself, I believe that the best gifts for writers are things that inspire writers to keep going, even when they are experiencing a bad case of writer’s block. Gifts that help writers develop their skills---books on writing, gift certificates for writing classes, ticket to writing festivals---these are some of the best gifts for writers I can think of. Why? Because every gift on this list of things to give to a writer are presents that I have received myself by someone who believed in me!

Whether you want to give your writer friend a birthday gift, a Christmas present, or something special to make a writing milestone, this list of gifts for writers has you covered!

A place to write in peace and quiet. Do you have a second home? A vacation cottage? An empty office above your garage or a guest suite?  One of the best gifts you can give a writer is a quiet place to get away from it all and write uninterrupted for a few hours, days, or even weeks. I’m sure that any writer in your life would appreciate an offer to borrow your cottage or cabin when you are not using it. The best thing about this gift is that it doesn’t cost you anything and yet it is absolutely priceless for someone writing their next masterpiece.

A quiet place to write is a wonderful gift for a writer!
A quiet place to write is a wonderful gift for a writer!

Journals and notebooks. As a writer myself, I can assure you that writer’s will never have too many journals or diaries or notebooks. So don’t be afraid to give a writer a blank notebook or attractive journal. Serious writers need and want gifts that will help them capture all of their ideas—from character sketches, to book outlines to beautiful words and phrases, there’s no shortage of things that a writer can put in a notebook.  

Help make her writing space beautiful.

Give words of encouragement to hang in the writer's office!

Subscription to a writing magazine. When I first made up my mind that I wanted to quit my job to start writing fulltime as a freelancer, I went crazy subscribing to all the writing and high-quality literary magazines I could find. I think I must have spent about $600.00 on subscription that first year. And while I loved reading each and every magazine that landed in my mailbox, I realize that asking for a magazine subscription for my birthday or Christmas would have been a smart gift for an aspiring writer to ask for! 

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Give a magazine subscription as a gift.
Give a magazine subscription as a gift.

Coffee and coffee-related gifts and accessories. My taste buds are tingly as I write this paragraph about what a great gift coffee is for a writer! Coffee gets me up early in the morning and warms me up as I write in my journal. Going out and sitting down for a decadent coffee from a local coffee bar gets me out of the house when I am feeling uninspired and can't think of anything to write about. And coffee keeps me awake when I have a tight deadline hanging over my head. From bags of gourmet coffee to coffee mugs with encouraging words on them to gift cards to Starbucks---these are all gifts I would definitely want as a writer.  

Give your friend tickets to a writing conference!
Give your friend tickets to a writing conference!
Here are a few more of my favorite gift ideas for writers!
  • Writing apps and computer software. From dictation software to plagiarism checkers, there are hundreds of valuable programs and tools for writers that would make the perfect gift for your friend of loved one.
  • Subscriptions for unlimited monthly e-books and audiobooks. 
  • Tickets to see the writer’s favorite author speak (If you really want to go all out on this gift for your writer friend, buy the premium meet-the-author package.)
  • Gift cards for bookstores. Every writer needs to have an ample supply of writing guides and style books on hand if they want to succeed as a freelancer. The Chicago Manual of Style is one such book that would make a great gift for a writer. 
  • Books about writing and marketing. The Writer's Market will help your aspiring writer find places to sell her work. 
  • A website. If you know how to build a website or know someone who can for a reasonable price, then give that as a gift. Every writer should have some sort of website to showcase her work.
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jptanabe on 08/10/2016

I'll go for the coffee, especially if chocolate is included!

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