The Best Gifts for Your Girlfriend's Birthday

by Sadie_Holloway

What's the best for your girlfriend? Whether your girlfriend is in her 20's, her 30's, or her 40's, the gifts on this list of birthday presents can help you find something perfect!

This list of birthday gifts for your girlfriend covers everything from practical, useful gifts to gifts that are amazingly luxurious and extravagant. If you know how to shop online, you can find the best birthday present for your girlfriend with a few clicks, then have it delivered straight to her home or office. After all, the best birthday gifts for your girlfriend are the ones that involve an element of surprise!

Diamond earrings suit all occassions.
Diamond earrings suit all occassions.

Diamond Earrings

This classic birthday gift will go with any outfit in your girlfriend's wardrobe.

I believe diamond earrings are a great gift for your girlfriend. Even if you haven't been dating for a long time, I think that as long as you are an exclusive, committed couple, giving jewelry to your girlfriend for her birthday is a good gift idea. Don't worry if you can only afford small diamond studs for your girlfriend's birthday. I still have the very first pair of earrings my husband gave me when we were dating 20 years ago. I wouldn't trade them for anything. Diamond studs go with any outfit so they're timeless. They won't go out of style. That's what makes them such a great birthday gift for your girlfriend!

14 Karat White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings 1/4 Carat tw.

1/4 ct Diamond Earrings Diamond Studs14K White gold

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If the weather is nice, a picnic at sunset will be a gorgeous birthday surprise!
If the weather is nice, a picnic at sunset will be a gorgeous birthday surprise!

A Romantic Dinner Under the Stars

Pack a picnic basket, a cozy blanket and head outside on a clear evening for a birthday dinner she'll never forget!
Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets That's Amore Romantic Italian Dinner For Two Picnic Hamper

Give your birthday girl a night of Amore, starting with a romantic dinner for two delivered right to your doorstep.

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Satin Pajamas

Splurge and buy something luxurious and silky for your girlfriends birthday!
Del Rossa Women's Short Satin Pajamas Set, Pink Large (A0762BLKLG)

Women's satin pajama set from Alexander Del Rossa. Smart pajama top and matching pajama shorts. Comfortable and chic. If you're not completely satisfied with this pajama set ret...

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Adventurous Sports Lessons

The rush of adrenaline that comes from challenging herself will make both of you feel good!

Learning how to do something together is a great way to bond with your girlfriend on her birthday. You could take her for indoor rock climbing lessons. Or you could both sign up for martial arts classes. How about learning how to sail a boat or ride on a surfboard? Imagine all the fun the two of you will have together, Anything that involves spending quality time together will make a great gift for your swetheart!

Take your relationship to new heights with rock climbing lessons for your girlfriend's birthday.
Take your relationship to new heights with rock climbing lessons for your girlfriend's birthday.

Something You Made Yourself

A homemade gift shows that you put some time and thought into what to get your girlfriend for her birthday.

This gift idea for your girlfriend will require some advanced preparation but the look on your girlfriend's face when she opens her homemade gift will be worth it. From homemade chocolates to romantic body scrubs to keepsake reminders of why you lover her so much---there are endless creative gifts you can make all by yourself. If you don't know what to make or how to get started, check of the video below of some cute and romantic gifts you can make for your girlfriend's special day!

Something that Shows You've Been Listening

A gift that shows you truly know your girlfriend is one of the best things you can give her.

Do you remember that time your girlfriend once told you what her favorite childhood board game was? Or how about that night she shared told you about her fear of getting stranded if her car breaks down? If you have been truly listening to the little stories and secrets your girlfriend has been sharing with you, coming up with a good gift idea for her birthday shouldn't be hard.  For instance, you could try finding her favorite childhood game on eBay or in an antiques or collectibles shop. Or, if you want to help her overcome her fear of getting stranded by a car breakdown, you could get her a tune-up at the local garage, an emergency roadside kit, and a solar power source for her cell phone.  

Something that She Explicitly Asked For!

This is the best gift to give your girlfriend for her birthday!

If your girlfriend has already told you what she wants for her birthday, why are you still reading this list of best gifts to get for your girlfriend? Off you go! Shoo! It's time to head to the store and start looking for that gift that your girlfriend actually wants!

Updated: 07/14/2016, Sadie_Holloway
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