The Tervis Tumbler is The Only Cup You Will Ever Need

by dustytoes

The Tervis company is so sure you will love their cups to hold your cool, summer drinks or piping hot coffee that they offer a lifetime guarantee.

My favorite cups for hot or cold drinks are my Tervis Tumblers. I've been buying and using my cups for almost twenty years. They are made in America, and in case you have never heard of the Tervis brand, I want to tell you just how fabulous they are.

The cups come in many sizes and styles and are not only for use with cold drinks, where their insulated style will keep the plastic from sweating, but they will hold hot drinks as well. They can be put in the freezer and microwave and will stand up to dropping and much more. They are so sturdy and well-made that the company offers a lifetime guarantee for their products.

There is much to love about the Tervis drinkware and the biggest problem you may have is deciding on which theme, or design to choose.

(All Tervis images on this page are used with permission from the company.)

Five Great Reasons To Buy A Tervis Brand Cup

Some places try to mimic the brand, so don't be fooled by copycats.

dots fiesta cupMany cup makers offer similar products to the cups in the Tervis line, but these are the five best reasons (that I can think of) to buy from the Tervis company.

1. Every Tervis Tumbler has a lifetime guarantee.

2. The design virtually eliminates sweating and reduces furniture ring problems. (*they are not always completely "sweat" free and you may have some condensation in extreme temperatures.)

3. Keeps both hot and cold drinks either steaming hot or icy cold.

4. Wide selection of sizes, colors and themes as well as accessories like handles, straws and lids.

5. They are made in America and have been in business since 1946.

Make Your Tea, or Any Hot Drink, In a Tervis Mug

Yes, they withstand heat very well.

hot tea in cup

The Tervis mugs are great for making tea or heating any drink in the microwave. Their sturdy design can stand up to boiling water - boil it right in the cup if you want- and the insulation helps keep the drink warm.

The cups won't crack or break when they are dropped.  Lids can be purchased to turn ordinary cups into travel cups.

With all the designs and accessories to go with the items, you will literally never need any other type of cup.

Seasonal Designs With Beach Scenes

Choose a "full wrap" to color the whole item.

seashells wrap image mugSummer at the beach with a seashell wrap on this tall cup with cover.

A "wrap" means the image goes all around the item, as opposed to the individual images that you see in my own photos.  The wrap makes for a very pretty cup from all angles, but Tervis still offers cute individual images, like the new Adirondack chairs, and a polka dot flamingo!

A couple more wraps are pictured below with botanical prints in summer colors.

(Photo used with permission from Tervis)


Personalized Cups For Wedding Party Gifts

Bridesmaid, the maid of honor, best man and groomsmen text.

wedding party cups

If you are looking for unique gifts for the wedding party, your bridesmaids and groomsmen may appreciate a gift they will use, like the personalized drinkware.

Personalization is everywhere these days with templates that make ordering a custom item a cinch. Full monogram initials, single initials, names and titles can be added to the Tervis collection in the "express yourself" area of the website.

Comparison of the New and Old Mug Style

Both mugs are mine, but the one on the left is brand new and has a new handle style and smaller bottom.
New and Old Mug Design Comparison
New and Old Mug Design Comparison

A Side by Side Comparison

I hadn't bought a new Tervis in a long time.

Since these cups and mugs last a lifetime (they are guaranteed to), I had not bought any for ages.  The mug with the Patriots football logo was new this Christmas and I noticed right away that the design is different.  Compared to my old mugs (the one with the dolphins) it is the same size but with a more narrow bottom.  Also, the handle is more rounded.

In comparison, my mugs are not as clear and more yellowed looking.  They also have some small scratches, so it's easy to tell new from old.

The new design seems to work just as well.

My Collection of Well-Used Seashell Cups

I've had these tall cups for close to twenty years!
Seashell Design

The New Water Bottle Design

There is now so much more to choose from for all ages.

water bottle sea turtleLike most successful companies, Tervis is expanding and growing and adding new products.  Their site proclaims that the 24 ounce water bottle is new and it has many images to choose from just like the regular cups.

The sizes go from 8 ounces to 24 and the designs are no longer just an image between the plastic.  Now the cups come in bright, plain colors as well as all-over prints and patterns.  There are even special comic book characters for the kids.

Some of the newer designs include the special occasions and celebrations images, the black and white patterns, and the wavy cups. (See it below with Mickey Mouse image.)


The Specialty Sections

Begin your search in the "products" area at the top of the Tervis website.

Some cool, new options include the black and white "Contrast" collection, which features the wrap design.  Or choose the wavy mugs and cups that have bumps to ensure a good grasp.   This type would be excellent for kids.

For tropical living, in the Outdoor Life collection, you will find your favorites in the Sun and Surf, Margaritaville,Guy Harvey, and Salt Life brands.

In the Sports and Recreation area there are specialty cups for Dance and Cheer, Collegiate, Hobbies, Indy 500 and the Kentucky Derby.

In the accessories area you can add a slip-on handle, a cover with straw, a shaker top, and travel lids.  Use any or all of these things to add to the tall cups and change them up.

Mugs for Golfers and Most Every Sport

golfing mugTervis tumblers and cups make great gifts because they are very usable items.  If the recipient knows about the quality of item, he or she will be especially pleased with the gift. 

I didn't even know that the line had been expanded to include water bottles, but there are many options for just about any type of sport out there.

Buy from the Pro Sports line at the Tervis site, and find a great gift for the guys who are sports fanatics.  These items are sure to keep the beer cold and rings off the coffee table!

Thank You Tervis

Many thanks to the folks at the Tervis company for allowing me to use images from their website.  The pictures have greatly enhanced this page and will hopefully entice more people to check out this great product.  In fact, I think I need some new designs myself!

Find Tervis on eBay Too!

Pay less for the same great quality cups.


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Updated: 04/14/2014, dustytoes
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Rita on 08/14/2014

These are not BPA-free! Nowhere in any Tervis literature, does it CLEARLY state that their products are BPA-free!
Until I they disclose that, I cannot - with clear conscious - purchase any Tervis to hold my drinks, or drinks for any of my children and family.

dustytoes on 04/14/2014

@raven, Yes, I boil water in my cups all the time. They are very versatile.

raven on 04/14/2014

I have a tervis tumbler but was afraid of pouring boiling water in it to brew a tea... Will it withstand that type of heat?

dustytoes on 11/13/2013

Thanks Derdriu, I love this product, and the seashell Tervis cups especailly. I am due for some new ones I think ;)

DerdriuMarriner on 11/13/2013

Dustytoes, Your seashell collection of Tervis Tumblers is lovely! This product is photogenic, so it must be a joy to see and appreciate them every day throughout the day.
Thank you for this lovely journey through Tervis Tumblers. Your image selections are excellent.

dustytoes on 05/29/2013

I love these cups too. I have tea in them every day, hot or iced.

fitzcharming on 05/29/2013

These are hands down my favorite drinkware. And they are a Florida company - Yay! I've had a couple break by dropping them and I sent them in and got replacements quickly. Everybody needs these.

Angel on 02/12/2013

Yep... use them every day here in Richmond, Virginia. Love them because of the non sweating feature. Also so many different styles and colors for the kids.

dustytoes on 02/12/2013

I've found that they are more popular in the southern U.S. than the north. Most likely they sell well because of their non-sweating feature which is really a plus in that climate.

Mira on 02/11/2013

These Tervis mugs sound like a great idea. I wonder why they're not better known. Who wouldn't want a cup like that, perfect for both cold and warm drinks?

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