The Twelve Month Success Challenge – UK Edition – February Progress Report

by WordChazer

Another month down and there’s much to report with regard to my goals in the Success Challenge. Many previously unseen changes happened this month.

Day-job wise, things continue. I am over the worst in terms of catching up with the invoicing, with several times more money already invoiced than is left in the file to prepare paperwork for. This will mean that my focus will shortly shift towards chasing rather than invoicing, which will be very satisfying, if the chaser emails are taken seriously. There is, to my mind, altogether too much cash tied up in elderly invoices which have not yet been settled, and my goal is to try and find out why they have not been settled and reach a conclusion within the next three months.

Writing and editing should continue as planned, subject to seasonal fluctuation.

The photo is by Pink Sherbet Photography and is entitled Fairy Dust, available through her Creative Commons pages.


Elance is still ongoing, with a couple of clients coming back for parts two and three of their original projects. This will boost my standing, as it is classed as repeat business even though some of it is writing where I originally edited for that client.

Elance themselves have changed the criteria for free membership, meaning that I no longer need to have paid membership to bid for as many projects as I was before. That instantly gives me more $ at the end of my work as I have cancelled my paid membership for now.

I am still working on the synopsis project, as well as writing a report as repeat business for another client. I have a forum posting project to keep tabs on too, all of which are ongoing for the month.

My other projects are currently on hold, but I’m busy enough with those to keep me happy for now.

My original content provider client is still running along. The project manager was less than happy with some of the team last week, as clients had apparently lodged complaints about the standard of work. I responded to her email with a strong rebuttal, stating that I would hold my hands up to some of the errors she had mentioned, but that the main error was not mine, as I had checked my work and it appeared to be clear. She has asked me to let her know when I see work coming in which I’m not going to be able to get to if I’m at the day job, and she has told us she is taking notes of who works on which content from now on. I’m sure she was already, but the point has been stated.


This is the big change for the month, as Suite101 stated that they were no longer accepting work from freelance writers for pay.

This led me to request that my work was taken down and returned to me when I left, and although I had intended to hang around until the newest version of the site was live, the editorial team decided that I was not going to like what I saw, so took the chance to terminate my membership and return my work well before I made it to requesting that move formally.

Fortunately, many other departing writers had suggested places to consider writing, and I duly betook myself in the direction of this fine platform, as it reminds me of how Suite was when I first joined in 2010. I have written several new articles as well as reworking a few of my legacy pieces so far, and the change is as good as a rest, I think, as I am currently more creative than I have been for a long while.

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Housework and Decluttering

The washing is still ongoing, as is the tidying, ironing, washing up and general decluttering. This has fallen slightly behind in the last 10 days as both my husband and I have been sick, and therefore spending rather a lot more time than we had planned staring at screens with heads full of snot and cotton wool rather than actually getting on with things. 

Once again we have snow. Even if only a dusting, it’s enough to cause the whole world to cease to be for a while. The bus schedules have been even further up the Swannee than they were already, and so even getting to work has become a task worthy of a Mission Impossible sketch. At least my husband did haul the rubbish out before the snow fell so I was able to wash the downstairs floors yesterday. I’m not sure if the bins will be emptied this week or not; I guess it depends on the temperatures on Wednesday.

I have managed to find a website to accept my old clothes for money, so I’m in the process of bagging those up prior to submitting my order to them. I’m also trying to sell some of my second hand books via Amazon Sellers, so far managed to shift two, still plenty more to go yet.

The Formula 1 season begins this weekend so the ironing will be getting it, as will the tidying, should the races prove that repetitive. The first arachnid of the season made an appearance earlier this week too, so that gave me the extra impetus to refocus on the tidying. Besides which, I do need to take regular breaks from my screen, at least according to my HSE advisors at work.

Other articles in this series

In January 2013, I accepted the suggestion to take the Twelve Month Success Challenge and see how I measured up.
A month into the Twelve Month Success Challenge, how's it going? Have I really made progress or am I treading water?
Another month down and there’s much to report with regard to my goals in the Success Challenge. Many previously unseen changes happened this month.
Updated: 12/25/2013, WordChazer
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DerdriuMarriner on 06/27/2017

WordChazer, Do you participate on the German version of Wizzley?

HollieT on 05/26/2013

The weeks fly by, don't they. I look forward to reading it when it's up!

WordChazer on 05/26/2013

Thanks Hollie. I almost need to write the May journey now, but I'll leave that another weekend as it's all going on here at the moment so need to get one thing sorted (my existing articles) before starting a new one.

HollieT on 05/26/2013

It's interesting to read about the challenges/goals that others have set for themselves. I didn't actually start writing here until the end of September, by Christmas I'd decided that I wanted to have 100 articles here by June. I'd also decided that I was going to set up a Zazzle store and that Zazzle would become another revenue stream, but the emphasis would be on my writing.

I had no idea that I'd become so involved with Zazzle. I've spent hours and hours producing products. The artwork is mostly my own so very time consuming. I've written 45 articles here (no where near my original target) But I've also produced around 400 Zazzle products. Now I need to drive traffic to my store and also to my Wizzley pages, so I'm putting up a few articles on another site too.

Then there's my abandoned food blog which is starting to see some decent traffic. A blog for my Zazzle products, a Weebly blog which is only half put together, and the other five articles I need to produce to reach the magic 50 here.

I had children so that when they reached a certain age they could do the ironing for me:) Good luck with the journey, Wordchazer!

WordChazer on 03/27/2013

Sounds good to me. As a music radio fan I'd go with that idea.

whitemoss on 03/26/2013

I iron whilst listening to almost anything on t he radio- it makes my least loved jobs much better.

WordChazer on 03/25/2013

Busy? Moi? Not half as busy as my retired parents, Brenda! I just like to be doing useful (and preferably paid!) work when I can, with writing and editing it doesn't feel like work.

BrendaReeves on 03/24/2013

You are one busy lady. I wish I could be that productive. It's taken me years to accept that I'm a type "B" personality and need a lot of down time. The plus side of that is I have low blood pressure.

WordChazer on 03/19/2013

*Grin*. No beer in this house. I take intravenous tea and wine by mouth...and you'd be right about the races and the ironing. I hate ironing so I need distraction and if I sit and watch an F1 race on TV without distraction I will fall asleep, thanks to the hypnotic noise of the engines.

JoHarrington on 03/16/2013

Wisefool pretty much said it for me too. It's always interesting to read about people's journeys, but particularly so when they run parallel to my own.

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