The Twelve Month Success Challenge – UK Edition – June Progress Report

by WordChazer

Here we are, half way through the year, and time to take stock. Once this is done, I'll dig out my big promises made in December 2012 and see where I stand with them.

June brought some new fixations, including regular ebay sales, a large new ongoing writing and researching project and a determination to make a permanent dent in the clutter currently providing an arachnid des-res up in the loft. It's interesting how my goals are changing and shifting focus as the year goes on.

Start As You Mean to Go On

The photograph is from Smart Goal Setting Made Simple to Learn and Use, a blog post by Brian Maxwell, motivational speaker. I think I'll be featuring more from him in future updates, along with some of the other motivational speakers I've encountered along the way this year.


June started with continuing regular ebay sales (my record in one day is five). I was eventually allowed to increase the number of items I listed from 10 to 20, which seemed to do the trick in terms of things slowly disappearing off to new homes. My mother-in-law has a houseful of things she is also slowly donating to the cause, so there is now a mixture of her unwanted items and ours on my listing.

The writing for Wizzley looks to the untrained eye like it has taken a back seat; however I’m working on a huge series of interlinked articles as well as several stand-alone pieces.

I discovered #satchatUK on Twitter, a Saturday early morning tweetup for sole traders and entrepreneurs in the UK, hosted by @BerkyBear of LookInLocal. As a result I now have a home for my old crafting items and a contact who runs an ironing service.

My work outstanding figures were even lower than they were at year end, which is good news, especially as that included a number of early settlements.

Success...How to Achieve It and Live Happy and Healthy

Brian Maxwell

The Day Job

The large number of new invoices raised by our legal department continues to come in, with many due in August, which if they’re all settled to terms, should make it a very good month indeed. I am also receiving a steady stream of incoming invoicing requests from customers, which are due for payment on receipt. Keeping up with all of this is a challenge, but I’m getting there, slowly.


I am still working on the content editing, but have scaled back my involvement to account for the elance project. Payment of some of the outstanding invoices has been made but not all of it. I’m still wondering whether it’s time to move on, but I don’t want to leave until I am paid to date.

Most of my other editing projects have either concluded or are on hiatus at the moment. I guess when winter comes around more people will be back indoors at their computers again and the work will ramp back up.


The report work I had through elance still hasn’t been paid, and there is no way I shall be working for that client again. I haven’t reported him, but I withdrew my services when he asked for further assistance at extremely short notice a few weeks later.

However, I have managed to land a big new ongoing project, again through elance, to research and write articles on corporate incentives, which is keeping me busy at market rates for up to 10 hours a week. Goal.

The downside is that this has an effect on the number of hours left in my day to write for Wizzley, which isn’t so good. But I’m working on a big new series of articles and still hope to be able to start contributing to Zujava at some point too.

The client with the summarising project through elance wanted me to submit more work, but I was unable to log into the site so that one has joined the list of paused projects for now.

Check Out My Progress So Far

In January 2013, I accepted the suggestion to take the Twelve Month Success Challenge and see how I measured up.
More achievements in the personal goal-setting challenge I accepted this year. Some things changed, others changing. Some just plugging on steadily, the backbone to everything else
Another month down and things are hotting up in the Success Challenge. Slightly delayed thanks to going away for Easter, here is my update for the month (and indeed, the quarter).
Another month down and there’s much to report with regard to my goals in the Success Challenge. Many previously unseen changes happened this month.

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Housework and Decluttering

Ebay is becoming more of a project in its own right as the number of items I can list increases. I have had to order boxes to allow me to send things safely, and have also acquired a few other useful items like phone batteries to revive old phones for resale and teabags for my side project of gift baskets.

Mum-in-law continues to let me have things to sell. Shoes, jewellery, books and trinkets are all passing through on their way onto ebay, and slowly passing on again to new homes.

The ironing mountain is still growing, and I do rather fear that I am going to have to use my ebay or writing earnings to pay an ironing company to do it all for me, as I really do not want to spend time ironing in this heat.

Money Saving – Discounts and Coupons

I have started to use MySupermarket to compare prices on our regular requirements of groceries, and have indulged in an online delivery or two for the really big items which are delivered every couple of weeks from the cheapest supermarket in the area. This saves money and time, as the items are cheaper than buying them in our regular store and we don’t have to lug them home either. We still use the store for reduced-to-clear items and some things which are cheaper or better, like mince and milk, but if we can find it cheaper elsewhere you bet we will try.


Next stop is to go through my list of goals and see how that compares with where I am now.

Updated: 12/25/2013, WordChazer
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DerdriuMarriner on 07/22/2017

WordChazer, Is the ironing done in one of your least or most favorite parts of the house?

WordChazer on 02/28/2014

Thanks! Some of my friends have said I should be their fairy for a percentage cut on sales. I'd not mind if they were even in the same country - all they'd have to do is sort what they wanted to sell, then I'd come and collect it, list it on eBay, and give them most of the profit when sold, keeping my fee as agreed. I'm still working on this series, as well as heaps of other writing; my muse has hit me full tilt since I went back to work this month after a layoff where I've had to concentrate on job applications rather than writing articles. You'll see how everything pans out as soon as I can finish and publish it. Making no promises when though, as my social diary is as busy as my writing ideas list.

Telesto on 02/28/2014

Oh de-cluttering... I wish I had a fairy to do it for me! Good luck with it all.

WordChazer on 02/23/2014

Some of the SMART acronyms have that as Relevant, but I refer Responsible too. It's a good reminder. The last few posts are almost written so I'll post as soon as they're done.

cmoneyspinner on 02/12/2014

I like what the "R" in SMART stands for.

WordChazer on 12/27/2013

I'm still working on the last six months of the year. I hope to have them up within a couple of weeks. Thanks for your compliment - I'm trying not to leave you wondering what happened.

ologsinquito on 12/26/2013

These updates are nice and I wish you continued success at whatever you do.

WordChazer on 08/17/2013

Valid point, to which my response is that we don't have a clothesline to hang clothes on outdoors. They go on the airer in the conservatory instead.

sheilamarie on 08/11/2013

I never bother to iron unless I'm going somewhere fancy. Most clothes look fine when you hang them on the clothesline outdoors and then put them on a hanger once you bring them in. You save twice -- lower electricity costs for drying and for ironing. You also save wasting all that time and fuss. But, then, I don't work at an office job.

WordChazer on 08/11/2013

*Grin*. Thanks, but that IS a month's worth, remember. And I am planning on using my earnings from the freelance client to pay an ironing service...have to have some spoilations with all the work I'm doing, after all.

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