The Twelve Month Success Challenge – UK Edition – March Progress Report

by WordChazer

Another month down and things are hotting up in the Success Challenge. Slightly delayed thanks to going away for Easter, here is my update for the month (and indeed, the quarter).

Three months into the Success Challenge, and some things are going better than others. The day job is becoming frantic as the end of the financial year approaches, the editing is ongoing but slow and the writing is enjoying a small resurgence, for starters. I guess having fallow months is all part of the challenge.

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The Day Job

In my day job, the predicted shift has occurred, and I have moved towards chasing rather than major amounts of invoicing. I still have to send out the monthly statements, slightly later than usual this month, as I spent two days this week attempting to resolve the niggles on the list rather than passing over them for yet another month. Next week one of the branch chiefs is coming to our monthly update meeting, to see how he can help in gathering income from his territory. I am hopeful of seeing a big change next month after working on resolving some of the long-standing amounts on the list in the last week. My boss wanted me to chase all the customers on the list as of this month. I managed that last month and plan on being able to achieve that from now on as a matter of course.


Elance has been quiet this month, but that’s because my other projects have been busier. I was away for a week too, so that disrupted the usual routine. On a few of the projects I did bid on, I was outbid – or underbid, more likely. I intend to return to elance in a few days and re-establish the ‘Monday-night is elance bidding night’ routine which became lost somewhere along the line.

My original mature student client has come back to me with his latest essay, which I have been working on this week. A favourite indie author, Paul A Rice, landed his fifth book in my inbox earlier this week too. I’m saving editing this for the weekend, as his wife tells me it is a stormer and I will enjoy it. I still need to edit his fourth book, but he doesn’t want me to have that until I’ve returned the second in the series. When I started editing for him, I read his first novel in nine hours straight, pausing only for food, drink and comfort breaks. That’s how gripping a writer he is.

Content provision editing is ongoing, albeit in a sleepy phase as always happens the first half of the month. Gives me a chance to catch up on everyone else’s editing and prepare the one outstanding invoice which is left for submission (kicks self).



Moving to Wizzley seems to have helped my creativity as I have written five articles and revised ten more since joining the site in mid-February. My article How to Build a Museum from Scratch won an Editor’s Choice award, which augurs well for the rest of the series as my husband and I help the Centre for Computing History to set up its new base in Cambridge. This is a project which is set to deprive me of editing and writing time, but will also provide writing and creative inspiration in turn as I will be able to document the process of creating a paying museum open to the public.

Through elance the synopsis project is still ongoing as I was asked to create 20 pieces but still have a few more to produce (kicks self again and makes a mental note to try and finish up this weekend); the report has now reached two parts submitted, one part awaited; and the forum posting job has ground to a halt. I wrote an article for the site as requested, but do not seem to have the access to the site to upload it, only to post to the forums. If it isn't used there, it’s a subject which will fit well with some of my legacy work on Wizzley, so all is not lost.

Housework and Decluttering

The washing is still ongoing, especially after the short break we took over Easter. My husband currently has a need for collared shirts so the washing and ironing will have to continue apace each weekend in order to keep up with demand... Still, the Formula 1 season is well underway now and that allows me the TV-watching time to iron as much as I have stamina for.

I have booked a week off work in May to spend a few days decluttering the house before too many more arachnids find it. There is a digital arts event in Wolverhampton at the weekend too, wouldn’t you guess?

However this past weekend was a triumph of accomplishment. On Saturday, my husband and I made it to the barbers’ to have our hair cut, then went into town to visit the bank and a couple of shops. On our return home, I decided to deep clean the bathroom. Another load of washing was stuck safely in the machine, and I spent the next two hours up a ladder scrubbing the ceiling clean of mould (because we have an artex ceiling in the bathroom and the mould loves it!) plus washing the walls, tiles and furniture. On Sunday I finished the washing up before dragging my stiff and achy body back into the bathroom to sweep the floor and finish the areas I’d not managed to make it to already before heading off in the direction of the store to meet my husband for almost 90 minutes of shopping.

When we staggered back home, duly laden with ten days’ worth of food shopping, I was flabbergasted to discover that the article I had uploaded here minutes before leaving for the shopping trip had been awarded an Editor’s Choice award. Thanks Chef! Even more impetus to continue to write here!

I’m currently attempting to regain entry to the website I found which would take my old clothes and tech items for money, as all the passwords I tried don’t appear to be valid any more. I submitted a support ticket last night but haven’t had a reply yet. I have time, as there may well be more contributions for them by the time I’m done with my decluttering in a month or so. I’d be happier if I could raise a reply from anyone in their customer services department, mind. I’ve just sent them a tweet, which works a charm for many other companies. As they’re a UK firm, I shall try ringing them if no other avenues work.

Goals for the Quarter

So how am I doing with my goals? Quarter one’s goal was: 


‘1. achieved a level of income

I will consider that I am successful as an editor/proofreader when I can match the income I used to earn in my part-time retail work.’


Some months I have achieved this, thanks to a large editing project (or lots of smaller ones), other months haven’t been so good. The level of regular income isn’t as good as I would like: it is still fluctuating. When it is good, it’s very good, however, so I now know the kind of projects I need to go after in order to meet my goals. 

Come and read next month’s update in order to see if I manage to get any further with this challenge.

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In January 2013, I accepted the suggestion to take the Twelve Month Success Challenge and see how I measured up.
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Another month down and there’s much to report with regard to my goals in the Success Challenge. Many previously unseen changes happened this month.
Updated: 12/25/2013, WordChazer
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DerdriuMarriner on 06/30/2017

WordChazer, Do editing and proofreading match the retail income yet?

WordChazer on 05/06/2013

Thank you Paul. And yours too.

pkmcr on 05/06/2013

Fascinating to read what you have been up to and how you are moving forward - congratulations and here's to your continued success!

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