How do I Find The Way to a Woman's Heart

by katiem2

Find the way to a womans heart and the mysteries of her heart learn to know what women want get it right and find the way to unlock the secrets of her love.

Women are really no mystery at all. Women are more like you men than you may have ever considered. Once you realize this you will enjoy amazing relationships with all the women in your life. Plus you will attract the attention of your romantic match. While thinking about this I came up with this analogy;

"A man is merely a woman turned inside out" katiem2

Men no longer need be afraid to approach a woman for fear they maybe rejected as the fear of rejection or failure holds you back. Always keep in mind that women and men have very much in common. It's when you find this common ground fear melt away.

Women and Men the Common Bond

The way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach, sleep and affection.

Imagine that we women want would you ever guess it's to eat and sleep good plus enjoy the affection and admiration of a man?

That sounds all to familiar doesn't it?

We can't do that or enjoy a relationship if we women are expected to do everything and receive little. That's right women are like men in that they want what you want.

How to Get Women to Like You

Women prefer men who are real, funny, smart and easy to relate to, in other words just be yourself.

The First Rule of Getting the Girl - Be Yourself

If you truly want to find your way to a woman’s heart there is but one thing to do. You must first understand that a woman is far from different and in fact very much like yourself. We want the same things and yet society has placed women in such a position it is not in harmony with the path to our hearts. Women want a man who is simply himself. We can see through the act. Women are really good at discerning whether a man is being himself or putting on airs.

What I know is this, a woman is merely a man turned inside out and yet placed with different expectations from society. If you’re a man who can treat a woman the way you like to be treated it will guarantee you the direct path to her heart. You will enjoy a level of admiration and respect out of this world. Yes any man can enjoy this for having gotten this basic truth. 

How to Win a Woman's Heart

One way to a women’s heart is through sweet slumber, let her sleep, rest and recover from the struggles of the world.

Women are like cats that you might find stretched out and curled up fast asleep at the most unexpected times and places. Just like men we too feel the sudden urge for a nap and when this happens let her sleep.

Women get cold the minute they lay down, so cover her up with a nice soft blanket. Although women love affection just as do men, they like to be left alone while sleeping. Let your lady get her rest and you will find she wakes in a grateful mood after having such a nice nap.

Women tend to get disturbed while napping especially if they have kids. You’ll be a hero if you find something quite for the kids to do or better yet take them out to play or to the park for even more peace and quite. Being a woman’s hero is a great way to her heart.

Sleeping Arrangements for Women

How to Successfully Sleep with Women

It takes little thought to understand the best sleeping options for the woman you want to impress.

Option A – Some women may want to nap with their lover and if this is the true join in and rest without bothering her, she just wants you close while napping. She may also ask you to join her simply because she really wants to sleep and figures if you do as well it guarantees she gets the much needed nap.

Option B – If you don’t want to take a nap and yet still want to please your gal by snuggling, lay with her till she falls asleep and then quietly get up and go prepare some food while she sleeps. Nothing fancy, read on it’s easy with just a little planning.

Understanding a Woman's Lust and Desires

Another way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach.

Lets face it, women like to eat we just can’t nor want to eat like men, well most of us, some do, you will need to act accordingly. Women love to be fed in the same way we feed men because it makes us feel loved and nurtured. We all know how good this feels. So be prepared with a light snack when your lady wakes up. The simple gesture of feeding the woman you adore after she wakes is a great way to touch her heart.

What Women Really Want From Men

It is very very important as feeding someone is caring for them, this is a great way to show a woman you want to love her for the long haul.

Option A – If you took a nap with her, when you wake you could order out and offer to go pick it up. This gives her the time to freshen up while you’re gone. Set up a tea set in advance, before the nap. Women love having tea, it's a huge turn when a man makes tea for a woman. You will find what you need to the right.

Option B - or pull out a tray with lots of fresh fruits and veggies with a good organic dark chocolate. Chocolate is good for women due to the magnesium. Chocolate is rich in magnesium and replenishes her making her feel good. So there is a science to our craving chocolate. It is also very good for us in other ways. The key is to get the right chocolate, do so by asking her what she craves the most. Get this right and you’re on the fast track to her heart.

Note: The idea here is light, women tend to watch their calorie intake more so than do men and therefore you will want to be mindful of that. The fresh fruit, veggies combo with the chocolate we talked about is perfect!

The Drink - have what ever it is your woman loves to drink ready and waiting. For example, I adore green tea, anytime a pot of green tea is made for me; I’m unlocking the key to my heart and pouring my love out. Taking care of a woman in this manner will get you lots of amazing love and adoration. 

How to Show Women Affection

The guide to showing affection is a simple way to get a woman's attention and her heart.

The next way to a woman’s heart is through affection, show her love kindness and your more gentle nurturing side.

Okay now she’s rested and fed. This is a perfect time to get affectionate.

She’s rested, fed and feeling very warm and fuzzy toward you her prince charming for being so good to her.

Any time a man wants to feed, nurture and adore a woman as she would him they take notice.

Women love this, it’s very touching. I don’t have to say more, you know what to do, let love take it's course. 

Note: Women really like to get love letters and notes!

Women really aren’t that hard to figure out, simply put, we want what you want.

Following these three simple steps will create a worth while give and take in your relationship and have you unlocking the key to her heart.

Plus, you get what you give so be prepared to enjoy the payback!

Much Love and Success,


A Few of Her Favorite Things

Stock up on the female favorites being prepared to capture her heart and soul.
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Jerrico, This is true, when it comes to making a woman happy :)

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Good advice, bottom line, treat your woman with respect and love and you'll keep her heart!

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Mira, I agree men seem to cling to the cookie cutter statement they don't understand women, It's my hope to help them get us... :)

Mira on 09/26/2012

I hope this article finds its way to a lot of men. It would do women a whole lotta good :-)

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