Thoughts of Suicide How to Help and Understand Suicidal and Depressed People

by katiem2

Why Kate Spade and now Anthony Bourdain commit suicide? Depression and mental health crisis can drive anyone to suicide why we should talk about it openly in a new way, HELP now!

What is suicide and why do seemingly successful people with everything going for them commit suicide leaving average people thinking they don't stand a chance. The best analogy I can offer is this, "just as anyone can have an unexpected heart attack rob them of their life, sudden life threatening brain illness can cause unexpected suicide taking life as well." Complete and utter loneliness coupled with a feeling of total worthlessness rears its ugly head in most all of our lives from one time or another. While we fight this nagging feeling and work to shift our train of thought it is often relentless having changed our brain chemistry in a life threatening manner just as a heart attack. We all know the threat of a heart attack understanding it can run in our family and that we need to eat right, exercise taking precaution to avoid sudden death. We must understand mental health issues impact our brain (like the heart) an organ to malfunction causing the sad heartbreaking loss of life. Society as a whole must acknowledge the irony and embrace the truth and similarities as both are serious health issues we can and should work everyday to avoid.

The Biggest Mistake Made When Hoping to Help a Suicidal or Depressed Person

Telling Depressed or Suicidal People How Great They Are

The biggest mistake anyone hoping to help a person who is depressed or thought to be suicidal is telling them how great they are and how much they have going for them. 

This does not matter or impact the suffering brain.  If you tell a person with heart disease the same things does their health improve?  No it does not!

The best thing to say and do;

Say something more like this, "I notice you're suffering and I need to talk about it, I want to learn what is going on and how you feel, do you think about suicide?"

Yes, the actual word and thought of suicide must be desensitized and addressed in a real and honest fashion.  Talk is not cheap when it comes to such suffering, it may in fact be the very thing that saves the life of a loved one.

Mental Health Crisis Similar to Heart Health Crisis

Just as Anyone can Suffer Sudden Death from Heart Attack, Mental Health Crisis can Take Lives!

We look for signs of heart disease and work hard to prevent it often with the love, help and support of friends and family. I suggest we begin to think of suicide with the same mindset, it takes a village to help and support anyone suffering from mental illness.  It must be a work in progress with prevention being the goal. 

Talk Openly About Suicide

Ask How did You combat Thoughts of Suicide to End the Suffering?

Sadness, Loss and Pain is something we all face.  There are those among us who endure far more than any one human can bare leaving them with an altered and unhealthy brain chemistry. 

Society praises those who overcome adversity honoring them for their strength and accomplishments to spite the pain they have endured. 

Always Address The Truth Asking About Suicide

Never Assume Suicide is a Condition of Weakness

The manner in which we do this helps prevent suicide in the sense we should and must always ask, what do you need? 

Understand and Assume Suicide to be a  Real Threat

As we praise the strength of overcoming we too should ask how can we help you heal from the side effects of such an ordeal.  We should always assume and address the obvious mental health impact that cannot heal itself by sheer determination. 

12 Alarming Facts About Suicide

Pain Relief for Physical Pain Verses Mental Health Pain Relief

The Need of Sudden Pain Relief

Pain management has become a health crisis, mental pain requires the same need of relief and yet often death is the result.

  1. While hiding in plain open sight severe pain digs away at our mind and body as we try to get on with our day.
  2. Medication or opioids offer relief to physical pain only to leave many addicted to the drugs numbing relief.
  3. The need for continued relief grows as the person becomes tolerant to the drug. 
  4. Mental health pain does not have the pain relief option offered by pain meds.
  5. Medication for mental disorders do not offer immediate relief.
  6. Meds for depression, anxiety, bipolar, and other mental health disorders causes more pain with slow response and terrible side effects.
  7. Mental Health Medications often require a mix of medications and dosage, a start and stop of varying options in the attempt to find the right match for the disorder which varies greatly with each individual brain chemistry. 
  8. Drugs for mental health often create more pain and greater discomfort on top of the already dangerous situation at hand.  Mental health patients are expected to endure this in the midst of crisis until the correct dosage and prescription is found. 
  9. Medication for mental health is often torture for some adding further hopelessness.
  10. While those becoming addicted to pain medication often lose their life as a result of their drug use so do those struggling with the very real pain of mental illness who struggle to find the right prescription match. 
  11. Just as a person standing on the ledge of a burning building hopes for rescue, they can only endure so much heat until forced to jump to their death as opposed to the alternative, they too lose hope of relief.  
  12. Mental Health Suffers deal with similar pain as a person on the ledge of a burning building, while holding out hope for relief only to experience an increased degree of intense pain, they too often fall from that ledge. 
Many give up on love but don't! There is no reason you can't enjoy the love of your life. Once you learn the truth about love and the perfect love type for you love comes easy.

I Want to Die - Why Suicide?

When the problem persist many feel they are nothing but a source of pain.

There is a point in time when the world passes quickly by the suffering who feel as though they themselves are moving in slow motion unable to keep up the pace. 

These folks become so exhausted, no longer able to fight the pain falling into a numb state as does a person physically injured so badly they go into shock.  

Suicide is Manageable and Preventable


It is during this detached state when the unhealthy brain makes the irrational executive decision to end the suffering, survival of the fittest, eliminating the weakest link.

It is during this perfect chemical storm that suicide occurs! 

The afflicted become so familiar with the pain as if the suffering is their identity and like amputating a infected rotting leg, one must cut out this cancer.  The problem the cancer is seen as the person.  

Did They Really Mean to Kill Themselves or was it Accidental Suicide

Does Accidental Suicide Happen?

Let me make one thing perfectly clear, death and suicide are not topics I take lightly. In fact I believe the best and brightest of our society are sensitive, aware, insightful and accurately discern the world around them. Simply put, they are realistic people who live in truth all the while noting the fraudulent lives so many chose to inflict on the world.  These sensitive people cannot participate in the delusional society incapable of facing the reality they themselves take all to seriously.  I won't get into a long drawn out explanation as to why I think about death and suicide other than I am intuitive and empathetic to the pain epidemic in our society.  After giving my observations lengthy thought and consideration I conclude there are two major factors contributing to both intentional suicide and accidental suicide. 

1. Society and the medical community tell us there is help sending the message to those in pain there is hope, offering thought of sudden pain relief to an horrific pain they, the doctors, don't really understand.   

Note: This ideology sets the suffering up for failure over and over again.  We all know what failure does to a person, how difficult the journey back to feeling well and whole again can be and the toll it takes on our well being. 

2.  People fighting the altered chemistry of their brain are fragile to begin.  Once disorders are introduced to the hope of change, a cure using medical advances, a flicker of light burns faintly in the distance.  This light quickly vanishes once medication inflicts more pain and suffering with its intense storm of side effects when introducing dangerous drugs the current state of emergency.  Medication for mental health sufferers often don't work for weeks, months, years or only after a roller coaster ride of varying pharmaceutical cocktails.   Drugs never work for some but instead may contribute to the suicide rate. 

3.  Is it fair to assume suicide is not also the fault of we society, the medical profession and drugs prescribed to the ill.  Misdiagnosed disease and incorrect medication cause deaths for many everyday, why not that of those with brain chemistry disorders and mental illness. 

We often site those suffering mental struggles to blame for their actions when the lack of effective medical advances and cures fails them and their loved ones. 

The Truth About Death

Death the Common Truth

The human race is comprised of all different sorts of individuals all of which chose varying philosophies of life.

There is however one thing we all have in common and with little degree of difference, death.

Yes, death is the one thing we all have in common. 

Thoughts of this inevitable event cross the mind of every human being at one time or another.

The unavoidable truth that all life must end and what happens after the fact is perhaps the biggest mystery of life. 

In my opinion it's the biggest 

People fall into three basic categories when it comes to beliefs regarding death;

  1. Those who work to keep thoughts of death at bay
  2. Those who obsess about death
  3. Those who are certain their faith gives them the blueprint as to what they can expect after death

The common feeling about death is this,  death is the end to life as we know it here on earth in our own experience, the end of suffering.  The End of Suffering! Just as we all grow old, we experience more pain, grow slower until one day too weak to go on only to find the end comforting.  Death is comfort to those understanding it's inevitable answer. 

The Truth about Suicide

Until we openly embrace this reality of suicide and work toward a solution addressing the pain we will lose more loved ones to suicide.

You've heard the expression, "put out of its misery", as relating to a dying animal? One reader shared with me, explaining this is how it feels!  They went on the explain how difficult it is to do, in that how could they ask another to put them out of their misery?

What powerful information to learn from a person who experiences the need for such an act of humanity believing suicide to be the humane option.

I understand these are chilling words and yet these are the very words spoken to me from someone thinking of this daily.

Have you felt like this?  Are you someone who just doesn't know where to turn or if relief is possible?

Many people do so as the rest of the world seems to go on like everything is great and wonderful. It is not the case as the depressed and suicidal turn more inward sinking further into depression. The hurt souls hope to fade away till there is no more pain.

Truthfully we all feel depressed at times leaving many of us wonder what death is like? It is to some degree natural to wonder about death as we all will one day. But for this reason we tend to shrug off the idea of others actually killing themselves as something that will pass. What I've come to learn is people who do commit suicide think about it often and for long periods all throughout their lives. For those who do it, this is not just some fleeting moment, it's their reality!

Learn the signs of an abusive relationship, find out if you're in an abusive relationship and what to do. How to be safe and get out of an abusive relationship.

Thinking of Suicide

Have you said, I can’t take it anymore I want to die?

Many people are thinking this very thought more and more often and as you read this. When it seems we are at the end of our rope where do we turn? 

Who can help, more and more people turn a deaf ear to suicide threats, threat being such a poor choice of words.

Suicide in Our Country

It’s happening all over our country and in fact the globe.

We should all take heed because the great mounting shame many troubled souls face quiets their thoughts or warnings about suicide.

It’s not as common to hear people talk about it, they just quietly do it.The signs are there and instead of turning a deaf ear or blind eye to all the trouble souls around us we should step up and be more vigilant to help others who are stressed beyond their limits.

What to do once you've broken someones heart. With love comes pain, learn how to heal a broken heart and love again.

Take Action to Stop Suicide

Suicide can be prevented if more people step in and take preventive action.

Have you been wondering if you could actually do it, kill yourself? Do you think there is no  help or way this pain you're feeling can end?  Have you talked to anyone about it?  Have you talked to someone who can be impartial and non judgmental? If you have not talked to anyone like this please call the suicide hot line @

  • 1-800-784-2433
  • 1-800-273-8255

Listed below are the signs of suicide according to  If you've been thinking you are hopeless and suicide is the only answer, please read this list and come to know how many symptoms are common to millions just like you. You are not alone, there is help, the pain can be addressed and stopped.

If you or someone you know exhibits several of the suicide warning signs listed below,

please take action!

Peace is the guide to what life has in store for us, using peace as a guide to the right path is simple once you understand peace and understand the value it holds in your life.

The Signs of the Suicidal

Know The Warning Signs of Suicide Without a Doubt

Warning Signs of Suicide:

  • Appearing depressed or sad most all the time.
    (Untreated depression is the number one cause for suicide.)
  • Talking, drawing or writing about death or suicide.
  • Withdrawing from society, family and friends.
  • Feeling hopeless, sighing and shrugging off the world.
  • Feeling helpless, shrugging of hope, stopping to attempt change.
  • Feeling strong anger, rage or resentment.
  • Feeling trapped -- like there is no way out of a situation, hopeless, withdrawn.
  • Experiencing dramatic mood changes, shifts and characteristics .
  • Abusing drugs, alcohol or food as if an attempt to self sabotage.
  • Exhibiting a change in personality, manners or character.
  • Acting impulsively, careless as if there is no reason to care.
  • Losing interest in most activities, people, animals and outdoors.
  • Experiencing a change in sleeping habits, sleeping more, all the time or not at all.
  • Experiencing a change in eating habits, eating a lot of not at all.
  • Losing interest in most activities especially those you once loved and enjoyed daily.
  • Performing poorly at work or in the home or school.
  • Giving away prized possessions, keepsakes and valuables.
  • Writing a will, or hand written letter to friends and family out of character.
  • Feeling excessive guilt or shame as if you should just go away.
  • Acting recklessly with no regard.
Everyone wonders at one time or another why am I here, what's my purpose. Get clear insights as to what your purpose is and how to nurture it.

Vital Suicide Warning

Make a difference and actually perform random acts of kindness and do so as much as you can.

Note: Some people who commit suicide do not show any suicide warning signs.

If someone you know struggles with hardships, a job loss, the inability to regain employment, the loss of a home or belongings etc. help them!  

  • Take note and help not by just saying, "I'm here for you." actually do something, give them hope letting them know they are not a bother yet a valuable human being you care about. 
  • 75 percent of those who commit suicide exhibit some warning signs, so be aware of the suicide warning signs and intervene.

Do you know of someone that may be suicidal? Have you reached out, opened your mouth performed random acts of kindness proving they are worthy and cared for?

Learn the best way to prove someone wrong. Show the person who always seems to know what everybody else should be doing how wrong they are?

Suicide Resources

What are the suicide resources to help intervene and stop tragedy?

The first and most important thing to do is NOT KEEP IT SECRET! While those thinking of committing suicide often don't  talk to anyone about it the signs are there.  If you notice a significant change in a person, or worse yet forget about them altogether as they have faded away, became silent, you must ask yourself why.

People tend to keep such things private and use a wait and see approach, this is never the time for that!

  • Tell friends and family or anyone who is close to this person!
  • Contact professionals who deal with this and get their advice!
  • Contact local suicide hot lines and services get advice!
  • Give the hot line information to the person in question and let them know you’re concerned!
  • Be kind performing random acts of kindness for this person and or their family.

The first step is to follow your gut tell someone, tell and tell some more! Get the helpful information of hot lines etc. in the hands of the person you're concerned about. Go as far as to program the numbers into their cell phone contact list and let them know it’s there. More now than ever people are contemplating suicide as many face hopeless situations. It’s more important than ever to be aware of the suffering going on around you and do what you can to help!

The smallest of gestures can and do make the biggest of differences!

If you've found yourself thinking, I Want to Die is Suicide the Answer?

Suicide Hot Line

Making a call to a suicide hot line can relieve a lot of pain and help you overcome thoughts of ending it. We all need to talk to someone.

Please call a suicide hot line, you can talk to someone who knows how you feel and what other options you have!

You do have other options, you just don't know until your taught!

Suicide Hotlines;

  • 1-800-784-2433
  • 1-800-273-8255

Much Love and Healing, Katie

Meet Miaden

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Wizzley author Mladen a passionate med student with fresh and knowledgeable insights. I recommend you read the following supportive articles written by Miaden on the topics of Conversion Disorder and Dissociative Disorder | Dissociative Fugue or Psychogenic Fugue. Learning about such conditions and disorders helps us to help those we love.

Individual in dissociative fugue suddenly looses their memory of their identity and leaves their physical surroundings. In some cases one can assume new identity.
More and more children in modern world develop conversion disorder as consequence of suppressing their emotions (good or bad).
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katiem2 on 10/07/2014

Erik, I'm glad I finally caught up with you, I have had a busy last few months. This is such an important topic. Just this past year a friend of my oldest daughter and one of my youngest committed suicide. They were both taken back, SO shocked! First my oldest daughters friend hung himself and the youngest shot himself. Both young men. It is tragic and you made so many great points, I appreciate your very real and candid ideas. People need this stuff. Depression creates such a distraction from life itself so much so the distraction is a safety hazard, dangerous. Great to have you, Katie :)

Erik on 10/06/2014

Thanks for the compliments and such KatieM. I am looking forward to re-reading your redhead page(s) and commenting. :)

katiem2 on 10/06/2014

Erik, I like where you are going with this. Thanks for such a committed timely post. I know this will be helpful to SO many. I know it gave me a lot to hang on to and store away for what if..

katiem2 on 10/06/2014

Erik, Yes and many natural supplements help as well. I've heard great things about SamE. It does take a long time to take effect but can help a great deal.

katiem2 on 10/06/2014

Erik, Great helpful thoughts, I get it!

katiem2 on 10/06/2014

Good ideas, I like the animals suggestion, there is something so wonderful about the non judgmental love and friendship of an animal.

They are great when you are so depressed it feels like nothing is going right, everything and one is against you even those who are supposed to love you does not notice what a hard time you are having. Sometimes they even say harsh and rude things as if attacking you hoping to finish you off. Of course they aren't but it can sure feel that way. Animals are so loving and yes so many great ideals Erik thanks for the supportive ideas. Katie

katiem2 on 10/06/2014

Thanks Erik your thoughts are helpful distractions

Erik on 09/21/2014

learn some simple yet interesting
facts (like the largest lake on Earth is the Caspian Sea (it's not an
ocean but called a sea for its size). Learn another way of life (like
the Amish, some use electricity - some use cars but never own them only
for equality amongst them all). Play your favorite video game (this
forces your mind in-to the "now". You can also do this w/extreme sports
(sky-diving, bunjee jumping). Read/listen to the book 'the power of now'
by eckhardt tolle. (not a great title I know, but a fantastic book even
if you just read the 1st 2 pages!). Have sexy sex. (If not with a
partner, then with yourself. Far more people sex-up by themselves than
with a partner. The latter there is just seen in media/popularized
more. ) Speak a little bit of another language- even if it is 'dog'.
Most humans blow - don't let their weak cerebral cortex (did I spell
that correct?) set the norm for you and I. :)

Erik on 09/21/2014

and do
something/anything to get closer to it each day. (save 2 dollars a day -
make a call - ask a friend to do it w/u - ask for help - trade stuff -
9. High school is for kids (don't let something so simple & short in
time bring you down much) I look back on high school now as something
to unlearn, there were bad times galore - but some good times too.
Facebook is high school part 2 for most people. (don't live your life in
worry of your image to something as $ minded / ego driven as facebook.
(If you like using something like fb, then use it - maybe loading photos
or such cheers you up - look forward to it. Most people live in groups
that they found - it is a lot like high school - ungh - we are humans -
we are hard wired to find groups - find a group (if you would like) that
is awesome - that makes you smile - not one that makes you worry about
your hiding or .... you know what I mean.
10. Sorry folks, I forgot what I wanted to type for #10. Enjoy the
great outdoors / hike more..... uhm.... play an instrument - play
w/other people. Join a gym that has cool people. Watch and also fall
asleep to comedy movies. (you can get many at the 'goodwill' store for
50 cents/a buck). Take more photographs (not ones that everyone has
done). Think Sexier. Notice how intelligent you are compared to the
average person. Stop eating cheese/dairy. Get healthy/better diet (if
you are fat there is a good chance that you are 'allergic' to one food
(or food group) (sugar/dairy) (Yes I know I said 'sugar' as a positive
earlier- but this is for very fat people that exercise and still can't
lose). Get away from your husband or parents - whomever is making you
feel so horrible (IF that is the majority of your case). Viagra was
invented and made a lot of people 'happy' - what will the next drug be?
Help animals &/or other humans - sounds simple but you feel pretty good
with it. Get a massage. Give a massage. Buy satin sheets. See
Montreal in the Spring or Autumn. drink spring water (not tap water).
Eat dark chocolate! (reward yourself with it- you deserve it damn it!)
:) Ride a bicycle-take your cell for photos (if you don't have a bike,
you can buy one at a yard sale or ebay/craigslist). Explore your
interests/fetish/desires a lot. (If you like knitting, mo-peds, spandex
leotards, candy stores, whatever-explore these things far more
(internet/pics/other people liking/meeting them/talking more about it).
See a chiropractor at least once. le

Erik on 09/21/2014

(Think of the movie
"Dances with Wolves" when John Dunbar (Kevin Costner) gives his new
Native Indian friends the sugar to taste (alone, instead of with their
coffee) - the one Man tries it and tries to hide the smile it brings. I
am a little bit against prescript' drug$ - - but there are a few that
can help a few. I do not smoke, but from over 7 years of reading about
it and talking to folk I also recommend that you look into the cannabis
plant. Where alcohol can make you violent, beat your kids, beat your
wife, fight, bad for you, brings on RAGE in many, etc... cannabis will
mellow you. Think of the Olivia Newton-John song, "Have you never been
mellow?" (Have you never tried...). Many people have typed about taking
something with codeine in it (ask a psychiatrist) and getting that
mellow clarity of, "What was I so worried about??? - that stuff is no
big deal - - wow I was really looking at everything wrong." If you get
to this frame of mind- write it all down - or record it. Give yourself
8. Life is very hard. That is the truth. For 90 something % of the
planet, life is just really rough. If you are clothed, warm enough and
not too hungry and sitting at a computer- well we have a leg up on the
situation. (I know what that can sound like - sorry - but I think you
know what I mean.) Why did my parents have me!!!???? (accident).
Accident sounds rude - or sounds like we have something to complain
about if we found this out, but I am guessing almost half or far more of
us were not planned. Sadly I think the reason why most people have
kids is that they want that image that was planted in their mind. "I am
supposed to find that person, be married for a year or 5 and then have
kids so it's a "family" - if not we're doing something wrong - not
normal." It is ego mixed with image mixed with ego. Notice most all
of them say, "I want to have a baby". "I want to have kids". "I want
to be a Mommy". etc... Rarely do we experience someone, especially a
couple saying that "We want to have a family of four, for the rest of
our lives. I am looking forward to being so understanding when they are
38 and have to move back 'home'." (etc). Tell them to stop having
kids! It is a horrid world we live in - and only getting worse - Where
the Hell am I going with this? - If you know Science you know that we
are only here for a 'blink of an eye' (in time). Time goes super fast
- make a list of what you want to do, eat, see, try - and do

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