Tie Dye Infant Clothes For Hippie Babies?

by frugalrvers

There are many hippie babies out there these days, dressed in these adorable tie dye infant clothes. But is that what looking like hippies is all about?

I was born in the 60's, but I was dressed in ruffles, bows, pink...blah! Today's babies have it made, because they'll look back at photos, seeing themselves in cute tie dye infant clothes and...well...they'll criticize their parents, too, I'm sure...never mind.

Of course, who knows if they will even know why they are in tie dye onesies when they are older - or what hippie used to mean long, long ago. But we are all supposed to live in the moment, and these adorable hippie baby gifts are sure to make the adults smile.

My husband is older than me, however...and has his own thoughts and feelings to share about hippie clothes, tie dye and the connection between the two...read on...

Cute Hippie Baby Gifts...But Are They Actually Little Hippies?

Real Hippie Clothes....

I was a teenage hippie in 1969, and I know what real hippies wore. At least, real hippies in the midwest, which by that time had caught up with the coasts.

Every university campus had its group of "freaks," as we called ourselves, and we would congregate on the big open grassy quads and do what we did best - outrage the "straights" - anyone who didn't look like a hippie. The important point in that statement is that you had to LOOK like you belonged, and in addition to long hair for males (and females) the only way to identify yourself was with how you dressed.

The first crucial ingredient in the well-dressed hippie's attire was the pair of bell-bottom jeans. Denim was the standard, but colored cords were ok too. These were also typically low-riders, but nothing like today's skimpy jeans. The bottoms had to be billowy, and the fabric couldn't be too stiff or they wouldn't look right.

Shirts were hard to get right, unless you could afford ordering from catalogs or buying in specialty shops. T-shirts, tie-dyed or plain colors, were always acceptable. Denim shirts with snap buttons were also great inexpensive alternatives, and cowboy shirts of all kinds were good.

Footwear depended on the climate and the season. Sandals were the best for warm weather, old boots for winter, and old-fashioned basketball shoes were acceptable. Definitely no wing-tips or penny loafers allowed.

Outerwear was sometimes a problem to find, because Navy pea-coats were hard to come by and expensive. Fringed leather jackets were the best, and antique leather bomber jackets also fit the bill.

Accessories could be headbands, bracelets, jewelry, necklaces, beads (but usually only females wore them), scarves, belts, wraps - all of these were part of the total fashion statement. Facial hair for males and braids for females were good additions, as were the rimless granny glasses like Ray Manzarek of the Doors wore - I remember being ecstatic when I found the frames and got my first pair.

It was later that tie dye became the art form that it is today, but in my time it was certainly around. Before Grateful Dead followers made anything tie-dyed acceptable, though, it wasn't all that common. Tops, t-shirts, scarves and sometimes pants could be found, but it wasn't a required part of the hippie wardrobe - it was optional.

Basically, if you had long hair and bell-bottoms, you were in, and anything tie-dyed was just icing on the cake. It was an easy time for undercover narcotics agents to fit in!

So go ahead and get a cute, hippy baby gift - even if the baby isn't exactly looking like a real hippie...but your infant will certainly feel right at home listening to Grateful Dead MP3s in the nursery!



Do You Consider Tie Dye Clothing To Be Hippie Clothes?

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frugalrvers on 07/16/2013

Congrats, whitemoss, on your FIRST grandchild being on the way! If you can't buy in the UK, you could be the "hippest" grandma on the block learning to tie dye, buying white infant clothes and doing your own!!

whitemoss on 07/16/2013

With my first grandchild on the way I'm looking at all things baby related. Love these. Will have to see if I can buy in UK.

frugalrvers on 11/25/2012

Thanks, Mira!

Mira on 11/25/2012

Nice article :).

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