Today, Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil - Still

by frugalrvers

It takes very little looking around today to see how love of money is the root of all evil. I'm not speaking of the religious quote, just society today as I see it through my eyes.

The "money is the root of all evil" quote from the Bible has been the theme of many debates. Some feel it is the love of money that is what is being referenced to. Others refer to what hurtful things people do to obtain it.

Me? I do believe money is evil just by looking around my world each day. It is the common denominator of much of life today, causing harm, pain, death, self-destruction and unhappiness everywhere I look.

Though I cannot visualize a world without money at its core anymore (but I can hope), I can remove its impact and value from my life as much as is humanly possible. I already took strides to do just that, but one can always do more.

Money Is A Root Of All Evil Because It Creates FEAR

On the top of my list of why money is evil can be summed up in two words: insurance companies. The greediest of the lot, they make money by playing off of people's deepest fears. Recommendations for car insurance that will cover you in the all-so-likely event that an asteroid will hit your vehicle (people spend way too much on car insurance). Travel insurance because this 1 in a million catastrophe could happen to you. Life insurance because your family will be homeless if you die.

If you have all of the money in the world and want to spend it preparing for every fear you can imagine, that is fine. But people are having their lives stolen from them to pay for insurance they can't afford because fears have been used as a sales pitch. How on earth did people survive before insurance companies entered our lives?

The sad part in this is that when people actually need to use their insurance, there was some sneaky fine print they missed...and nothing is covered! Insurance companies to me are one of the worst evils we encounter these days. Robbing people of money, creating fear and laughing all of the way to the bank.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY And Money Is The Root Of All Evil Meaning

Another tragedy that can be seen everywhere these days is watching personal responsibility die in pursuit of an insatiable love of money. Of course, there are lawsuits where people have been deliberately harmed by another. But I develop nausea reading stories where people were at fault, no malicious intent was ever in play, yet people run to a lawyer to cash in.

Yes, you can be sued for not clearing ice on your walkway (please refer to insurance/fear above...get that homeowner's insurance!). I swear, if planet Earth had a bank account, it would be busy in court every day for gravity claims from people simply falling down.

Just look at warning tags on every item you buy these days, from children's toys to your mattress! Yes, we live in a time where there are warning labels on our mattresses. There are stories of people hurting themselves on the job to cash in. Suing over hot coffee?

Sometimes (most days) I'm embarrassed to be living in modern times.

Money Is A Necessary Evil? No, It HURTS PEOPLE

There are so many ways that money hurts people, both directly and indirectly. Here is a brainstormed list of all of the hurt caused by love of money - and the evil it does:

IT CAUSES DIRECT PHYSICAL HARM - A great, modern example would be by way of pharmaceutical companies. Watch tv and look at all of the new diagnosis out there, ones that never existed throughout history, with a miracle drug to cure it, of course. Now listen to the side effects on the commercial. Big Pharma fights to pull "natural products" (i.e. they can't profit from them) off of shelves while they directly cause harm to people each and every day and see no problem with people over-medicating with OTC products at local Walmarts on a daily basis. Beware the messenger whose motivation is 100% money.

MONEY = POWER - I've never believed that all people in power are there by merit. Unfortunately, more often it appears to me it is who you know and how much money you have in the bank that matters in society. Power is dangerous in the hands of the wrong people...and many people in power shouldn't be there. We currently equate money with human value - a tragic mistake.

CRIME - People crave money and some will directly harm others to take it from them. They steal, cheat and lie to get their hands on it. Corporations cannot be excused from this illegal activity and have robbed people of their life savings.

DECEIT - One needs to only look at the internet to see this one in full motion. "Make money online" gimmicks created by people who have discovered feeding off of people's dreams and hopes is a great way to make money - ironically, their only real source of income.

WE HURT OURSELVES - One can't blame another for this one (back to personal responsibility) but it is a tragedy nonetheless. We live in a society today where money equates to happiness. We keep up with our neighbors, live beyond our means and get into debt to feel "wealthy." We are told we cannot enjoy life until we retire, then work like dogs to hopefully save enough up. But we also need to provide for our families after our deaths! Does the insanity ever end? Some people spend their entire lives in this game. When does living truly begin?


Is Money The Root Of All Evil In Today's Society?

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Yep, Absolutely
LadyGuinevere on 02/08/2013

I agree with you on all counts here. I think the insurance industry is a scam...all the way through. There are things they don't tell you that you can do when your health is concerned. For instance, I don't have health insurance, and I am not going to get any. Oh people will threaten you over that, but they don't know the truth. I had something going on in my health and had to see a Dr. I got really deep discounts if I paid upfront. I am telling you up to 1/2 off. Now the insurance companies only pay about 60% of that BUT add you monthly premiums and that deductible to that and you are paying almost twice as much. What a scam to get money into their pockets. Fear is the truth with them. Some tell me that I am lucky that I don't get sick. Well I don't because I am not pumped full of drugs that I don't need or that interact with other drugs and *I* control what I eat, not some Dr.

Tiggered on 01/29/2013

I'm with you, 100%. I could probably add ten more examples to your list, too...

BrendaReeves on 01/28/2013

It definitely is in a capitalistic society.

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Money As The Root Of All Evil: Closing Thoughts

The examples written here are just some of the reasons I consider money as the root of all evil. I fantasize about a place where I live among other brothers and sisters - where we barter our skills, take care of our little piece of the earth, unplug the electricity and simply live.

I have taken small steps in that direction and I do hope one day to live completely off the grid, but for now I can only write little articles like this, hoping it touches just one person enough to free themselves from the prison money places them in.

The little money I have is under my mattress (no, I'm not kidding!).

You don't need much of anything, especially money, to live life to the fullest and truly feel alive.

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Money Is Evil Comments

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frugalrvers on 01/29/2013

Thanks, Katie!
Glad to see you are back - missed you around these parts recently!

katiem2 on 01/29/2013

Oh so true, greed is now and has always been the root of all evil, bad doing and over all downfall of society. Money is a tool and a responsibility we should both learn to use and then do so wisely with many things considered first. Great Read! :)K

frugalrvers on 01/29/2013

You aren't kidding! People with money wanting to live forever, never wanting the ride to end. I've never looked at life as a ride to be had, but more of a learning experience where I am supposed to grow during my time here. I won't be one to sign up for immortality...not ever. Another good Wizzley idea! (science and immortality)

frugalrvers on 01/29/2013

Thanks for your wise comments, Mira! Sam also talked about how money can be used for good. I'ma thinkin someone has got to do a Wizzley on the good side of money! :)

You probably already know how I feel about today's illness and soaring cancer rates that didn't exist 100 years ago - money is needed in research, absolutely...but I blame money/greed (processed food, water, pollution, pharmaceuticals, technology dangers) on being the cause as to why so many are ill in the first place...perhaps all of this money wouldn't be needed if we weren't such a sick planet these days?

So much money, unfortunately, goes into money making drugs to suppress symptoms rather than cure, but there certainly are times...I completely agree...where money does good and saves lives!

Mira on 01/29/2013

So I guess in the future love of "immortality" will be at the root of all evils! It's too scary to even think about.

Mira on 01/29/2013

Unfortunately money is also needed for all kinds of research, and wonderful, dedicated scientists help so many people. I watched on TV the other day how gene therapy, for instance, helped a months-old baby who had a faulty gene that basically switched off his immune system. Without this therapy, he would have died. Then I'm also thinking often of people on dialysis, not to mention so many who struggle with the big C. Money is needed to fund this research.
But I agree that money hurts us in so many different ways, too. In fact, even scientific research is questionable many times. We might live to see cloned humans, designer babies, people with lots of money paying to live until 150 (in fact, they say that the person who will be living until 150 might already be 50-60 years old) or to another age closer to forever, while staying in good health -- some scientists say that in 20-30 years they hope to eradicate all illnesses; they've already discovered a series of longevity genes. I wonder what health insurance will look like when each of us will get a digital map of all the genes that may cause various diseases. But all this is another discussion.

frugalrvers on 01/29/2013


Devil's advocates are always welcome here! ;) I will never believe I've nothing yet to learn or more growing to do!

You raise an excellent point - those who help others with their money. Rolling Jubilee looks wonderful - brothers and sisters helping brothers and sisters. I love stories where people have won the lottery and have given it all to charity, etc. Think that would be a good article to do, Sam!

I agree with you, in sum - there are many people who use their money for good.

frugalrvers on 01/29/2013

Thank you for such a sweet compliment! I think awareness is half the battle - being aware of what you want vs need, being aware of manipulations like fear and deceit. Just being mindful of these things can make someone feel better and more in control of their life, even if they can't break free completely. Have a great day!

Sam on 01/29/2013

May I play the Devil's Advocate? ;-)
I agree with all what you said above and would love to live in a off-grid bartering society, sadly we are not there yet. What I would also add is that we have to look beyond why we "love" money. If it is for purely selfish reasons like those outlined above by you, it is wrong. But I do love having money, and wish I had more, because it enables me to help people that have less. For example, I am donating money to the , I wish I had more money to give, because I truly believe that this helps many people. And no, I am not even an American, nor do I live in the US ;-)
So, my POV is: I do love having money, and wish I would have more, because I love helping people and sometimes, not always, that requires money!

Tiggered on 01/29/2013

I'll never tire of articles like yours. The more people think so, the better. Luckily, once you learn to distinguish your real needs from those invented by advertising people, you are on a good track to at least partial independence. Glad to hear you're already there :)

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