Toilet Paper Gag Gifts And Other Funny Bathroom Humor

by frugalrvers

If you are a jokester, you will love giving dollar bill, camouflage, political or many other toilet paper gag gifts to friends - or using them yourself when hosting a party!

Funny toilet paper is hard to resist - it makes a great, funny gift...but it is also fun to have on your own toilet paper holder when having guests over. Guaranteed most guests will notice it, unless they are one of the rare folks who rarely uses the bathroom.

Decorative toilet tissue has been around a long time, because I remember my mom putting Santa on our toilet paper dispenser when I was young. However, now that I'm older, I don't think Santa would appreciate that very much!

Economy In 2012 Got You Down? US Dollar Toilet Paper To The Rescue

Dollar Bill Money Toilet Paper Will Make You Feel Better

Forget getting US dollar toilet paper as a gag gift for these tough economic times, you need it for yourself! I believe it will absolutely improve your mental health to stock money toilet paper in every bathroom in your home...honest. In fact, throw in a money toilet seat while you are at it! The dollar is becoming all but worthless, so let's find something to laugh about, shall we?

Yes, toilet seats and tissue will make you feel a whole lot better. We basically flush our money down the drain anyway, right? If the recession and economic downturn is getting you down, imagine how rebellious you will feel when your bathroom visits enable you to use the American dollar as you believe is the appropriate use.

Political Gag Gifts On Toilet Paper

It Is Election Year - Romney And Obama Toilet Paper Are Perfect

Ok...maybe a disgusting sentiment, but you can either show your support for your candidate by using the opponent's image on toilet paper...or give a political gag gift to a friend with one of the candidates in this year's election.

Every sheet has the candidates face on it, so the pleasure will last with every trip to the bathroom...and beyond. You can even buy in bulk!

We all know what toilet paper is used for, don't we? So it is a humorous gift...but it sends a strong message at the same time. So I offer the following warning:

I personally do not recommend giving a friend who supports Obama a roll of toilet paper with his image on it...unless you are quite athletic and can run really quickly.

Romney And Obama Toilet Paper For Sale

Mitt Romney Toilet Paper Roll
Obama Toilet Paper

Camouflage Toilet Paper - Perfect Gag Gifts For Hunters

Affordable Hunting Gag Gifts

Ahhh...the mighty hunter. We have them in my family. Never knowing exactly what to get as a gift, given I don't hunt, leads me to buying things I am sure they return after I leave the house. But hunters can have a sense of humor (what else can they do but chuckle after spending days out there with little to show for it?). So they are the perfect candidates for gag gifts!

Camouflage this and camouflage that is what they live and breathe...but betcha they don't have camo toilet paper! It's funny, cheap and perfect when looking for a funny gift for a hunter.

Camo Toilet Paper - Funny Gifts For Hunters

Camouflage Toilet Paper
Only $5.99

Other Funny Toilet Paper

Humorous Toilet Paper Rolls For Any Gag Gift

Why is toilet paper so darn funny? Bathroom jokes start when we are very young...and even as adults, here we are searching out funny bathroom tissue to give as a gift? Ah well...sick, sick, sick.

As I mentioned previously, I remember having toilet paper at holiday times. It wasn't "funny" but now that I reflect on it, it kinda is, don't you think? Take a look at some of the toilet paper rolls out there to give as humorous gifts. I personally think they make awesome "Secret Santa" presents.

I personally love the "conserve" one below, requesting you use both sides of the toilet paper...

Funny, Novelty Toilet Paper

TOILET PAPER: Conserve - 718856120055

Are you a tree-hugging hippie who can't stand it when you see careless individuals leaving the bathroom with wasteful squares of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of their shoes?...

Sprinkle When You Tinkle Toilet Paper

Girls, are you tired of your friends "hovering" over the toilet seat and making a mess everywhere? Why can't they just paper the toilet seat if they are so afraid of sitting the...

Jokes Toilet Roll - Loo Laughs

Jokes Toilet Roll Into your toilet humour? Like your crap jokes? Like to giggle while you piddle? The Jokes Toilet Roll is a loo roll of laughs for your bathroom! This Jokes Toi...


And Finally, Funny Bathroom Humor Via Pranks And Gag Gifts

Yes, Bathroom Pranks Can Be Fun

For those needing to take it to the limit, the following are the true bathroom pranks and gag gifts you are looking for. Though great as a gift, they are a lot of fun to use on friends in your own home.

Talking toilet paper roll dispensers, bathroom tissue that lacks the ability to be torn off (not recommended for family this prank for friends), toilet coffee mugs and so many other warped jokes and gifts with a bathroom theme leave you with much to choose from.

Take a look below to get ideas. Then take a moment to be sure you would still be laughing if this joke was on you! If not, you might want to think twice....

Toilet Bowl Coffee Mugs, A Toilet Monster And Funny Bathroom Pranks

Not Showing The Disgusting Bathroom Pranks Here....But They Are Out There!
Big Mouth Toys The Toilet Monster - G...Talking TP Toilet Paper Spindle, Mode...Big Mouth Toys Toilet Mug
No Tear Toilet Paper RollPee Puck-Makes Toilet Water Yellow fo...Closestool Toy Spray-Water Squirting ...

Toilet Bowl Costume

Would You Ever Wear A Toilet Halloween Costume?
Adult Toilet Funny Halloween Costume ...
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frugalrvers on 07/16/2012

Thanks to you both, Lana and Sara!

SimplySara on 07/16/2012

Great ideas!

Ragtimelil on 07/12/2012

Too funny. Where do you find this stuff? ....Never mind. I'm not sure I want to know.,....

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