Top Dress Shirt Designs for Men

by rajays

There are many styles, colors and cuts to choose from when deciding on a design dress shirt for men. Here are some of the top designs to assist you when you buy your next shirt.

There are lots of choices both online and offline for purchasing good quality dress shirts for men. Most people are clueless as to what shirt colors, patterns, cuts and styles are suitable and popular and generally stick to boring and common designs such as blue or white regular cut shirts.

I say, lets get out of the funk and get some new and interesting dress shirt designs that will add some pizzazz to your style and liven up your wardrobe.

Dress Shirt Styles for Men

things to consider when selecting a dress shirt for the gentleman

There are several style and aspects to consider when buying dress shirts. Each person needs to look at where they will be wearing these shirts - for business, for parties or for everyday casual wear. Things like size, style and colors should also be considered when buying a dress shirt for men.

Here you will find some important points to consider when selecting a good dress shirt style for any man:

Color: The color of the dress shirt is one of the most important factor you should consider for the reason and occasion you will be wearing it for. Basic colors such as blue, white, pink, grey, pastel colors are great to wear to the office and for formal events to match well with business suits and ties. Colors such as red, black, brown, orange and other dark colors are mostly suitable for casual wear shirts or to wear to parties.

Fabric: Fabric such as cotton, cotton blends, polyester blends and linen are the preferred fabric for business and casual wear shirts. These fabrics are easy to wash and dry and drape well. Cotton and linen shirts also breathe well and are comfortable to wear and are the best choice for warm climates. Fabric such as silk and rayon are generally used for shirts that are worn night outs or flashy events.

Pattern: Solid colors, stripe fabrics and small checkered patterns are the preferred shirt pattern for business shirts. Large checks, broad stripes and diagonal patterns are generally worn as casual or party shirts.

Fit: Slim cut and normal fitted dress shirts are worn for business and formal events. They look nice and elegant when worn with dress trousers and business suits. Loose fitted shirts are generally made for causal wear.

Style: The style of the dress shirt includes different parts of the shirt such as pleats, pockets, collar and cuffs. Each part has different style and some styles are suitable for business dress shirts while others are more for casual and party shirt.

Collar: There are over 10 different style of collars available. The most common styles for business dress shirts are the pointed collar, button down collar, spread collar and the tabbed collar. Band collar and butterfly collars are more the domain of causal and evening wear shirts.

Cuff: Again there are over 10 different cuff styles for dress shirts. Business shirts generally support the single button, convertible, double cuff (French) and the angle cut cuff styles. Casual shirts support longer cuffs and and three button cuffs.

Placket: There are basically 3 popular styles for cuff - the normal, the hidden and the box placket styles. Business shirts generally support the box and normal plackets while casual shirts sometimes are made with hidden plackets - hiding the shirt buttons with an extra flap over the placket.

Pocket: Business shirts generally have a single pocket on the left placket. The pockets are used to carry pens, namecards and other notes for easy access. Many new shirt styles that feature slim fit cut are made without pockets to give a more slim and streamlined look. Casual shirts can support up to two pockets in the front - one on either side of the placket.

Executive Blue and White Shirt

dress for success

This classy design feature a solid dark business blue color shirt with white color collar, cuffs and buttons. A great timeless look preferred by high level lawyers, doctors, bankers and the likes.

The color combination and style makes it easy to match with most color dress pants and business suits and ties.


Executive Blue and White Shirt
Executive Blue and White Shirt
Executive Pink and White Dress Shirt
Executive Pink and White Dress Shirt

Executive Pink and White Dress Shirt

pink is hot

Light pink color shirts really look good on most men and adds a softer and gentler side to their personality. The dress shirt design feature a beautiful solid pink color shirt fabric for the body with solid white cuff and collar. The button holes and buttons use a darker pink color shade for a beautiful contrast look.

Business Dress Shirts for Men

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Blue and White Stripe Executive Dress Shirt
Blue and White Stripe Executive Dress...

Blue and White Stripe Executive Dress Shirt

a real power shirt

This shirt design is another power shirt in my opinion. You always see top level bankers, lawyers and politicians wearing similar design blue and white striped shirts. The contrasting solid color white cuff and collar matches well with the white of the shirt body fabric. This shirts looks great in both pinstripe, normal and wide stripes.

Black Dress Shirt with Red Contrast Design
Black Dress Shirt with Red Contrast D...

Stylish Black and Red Dress Shirt

perfect for an evening out

This is quite a popular dress shirt design in recent years as it looks great to wear to parties and has got a classy elegant look. The shirt body is in solid black color and feature dark red colored collar, cuff and front placket. Black button holes and buttons add a stylish touch to the shirt. Ideal to wear with dress pants or jeans.

I own a shirt in this exact design and love it.


White Black and Pink Short Sleeve Shirt

trendy style and perfect to wear for semi-formal outings

The body of this shirt is designed in ivory white color cotton fabric and is short sleeved ideal for casual and semi-formal affair. The shirt feature black fabric for the collar and front placket with pink color for the inner collar design. This shirt also features pink button holes, pink buttons and two buttons high collar.


White Black and Pink Shirt
White Black and Pink Shirt

Great Places To Buy Dress Shirts for Men

online stores with top selection of dress shirt designs
Custom Tailored Shirts

Mens Clothing Store
Big selection of dress shirts from top brands

Italian Dress Shirts

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White Dress Shirt with Blue Trimmings
White Dress Shirt with Blue Trimmings

Business White Dress Shirts with Blue Under Cuff and Collar

an elegant dress shirt suitable for office and formal wear

This beautiful designed shirt feature light blue color trimmings on the inner collar and under cuff - adding style to a plain white cotton shirt. The shirt also feature matching blue color button hole stitching and blue buttons. An extra touch of design is in the two button fastening for the collar.

Design Your Own Dress Shirts

the best way to get what you want

The way to get the best dress shirt you want is to have it custom tailored to your specific design, fit and color. You can either visit a custom tailor store in your locale or buy online from various custom designed tailored shirt websites.

These online sites are a pleasure to order from as you get to design your complete shirt online, view how the dress shirts are going to look before you order and also get them tailored in your exact body size and desired style.

I wear dress shirts everyday for both business and casual wear. I prefer to get my dress shirts and suits tailored to my exact size, fabric and style. I generally visit my favorite custom tailoring store in Bangkok to get fitted and suited up. If you are ever in Bangkok, do visit AlexFashions to get suited up. They are professionals and make some of the best suits, dress shirts, trousers and coats at very reasonable prices with the best service. Do mention that you read this recommendation from me to get some special discount.

Another way I have started ordering my dress shirts is to do it online. I use a special shirt design panel on to design my shirts online - I select the fabric, color, print and design the style I want on their website. I get to see my designed shirts before I buy and get to enter my own measurements for them to custom tailor the shirts to my designed style and body size. They have a big selection of fabrics to choose from and have many styles and options you can customize. They take about 2 weeks to tailor and deliver your shirts to your doorsteps.

Dress Shirts on Auctions

eBay is a great place to find many styles of men dress shirts at low prices
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Some really great selections of men's dress shirts here Rajay, Nice looking page,

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