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Monster High doll Toralei Stripe has her own bio and appears in the Monster High webisodes. Find the latest information on upcoming and current Toralei Stripe dolls on the market.

Toralei Stripe is a character and Monster High doll. Currently she is depicted as a Basic doll but it is thought that she will appears as Cat Astrophe in the Power Ghouls line of Monster High dolls.

Toralei will also make an appearance in a ToysRus Fearleading 3 Pack exclusive. She will appear with her ghoul friends Purrsephone and Meowlody dressed in her fear leading uniform.

Who is Toralei Stripe?


In Season 2 of Monster High we are introduced to a new antagonistic character named Toralei Stripe.  This black leather jacket sporting werecat likes to cause trouble.  It is not surprising that her favorite class in school is drama because she certainly likes to create it by revealing fearleading routine secrets or spreading rumours.  Toralei's ability to mimic accents and voices also help her to succeed in drama.  In constrast, the werecat hates math because as she put it in her bio "it brings back unpleasant memories."

Toralei's pet is named Sweet Fang and is more cuddly than her. Sweet Fang is a baby sabre tooth tiger.  She is the second Monster High student pet that is a cat and that is extinct.  She is light orange with dark orange stripes.

Toralei Stripe Monster High Doll from Mattel

Includes Pet Sweet Fang
Monster High Toralei Stripe Doll with Pet Sweet Fang
Only $21.99

Toralei Stripe Monster High Doll

What do you get?

The recently released Toralei Stripe doll depicts the orange were-cat at the height of fashion. Mattel newest doll in the Monster High franchise comes with her Monster High diary, brush, doll stand, pet Sweet Fang and accompanying assessories (shoes and purse).  This doll is a must-have for the Monster High doll collector on your list.

Toralei Stripe Monster High Doll Review

Do your love or hate Toralei?

Toralei Stripe's First Appearance on Monster High

Web Episode Scream Building

Stripe News

Facts about the Werecat
  • Toralei is fifteen years old and the daughter of a werecat.
  • First appeared in the webisode Scream Building when the Fearling Team revolts against Cleo de Nile.
  • Toralei has replaced Cleo as the central antagonistic character.
  • Friends listed in bio are: Meowlody and Purrsephone.
  • She loves to take naps.
  • Milkshakes and Anchovies are this cat's favorite foods.
  • Her favorite color like Holt Hydes is orange.  I wonder why?

Artwork, Doll and Webisode Differences

Love the tail

Note on the artwork of this Monster High student you will see a tail. This tail also appears on the new Toralei Stripe Doll from Mattel.  Interesting this tail does not show up on the webisodes that the character appears in.

2011-2012 Toralei Stripe Fashion Pack

Doll clothing for Toralei Stripe
Only $10.99

My Favorite Things About Toralei

Her Style and Leadership

I love the style that we see Toralei sport.  I love the leggings, stripped shirt and jacket.  Her style is edgy much like the character herself.  The shoes that appear on the Tolarei doll are pink and black and very stylish.  This werecat definetly knows how to dress except when she is taking her cues from Nefera.  

Another thing I love about Toralei is her confidence and her leadership skills.  We see her in charge of the revolt on Cleo de Nile and we see her as the leader among her own group of friends or should we say followers.  At least, that is how the twin cats appear to me.

Dress Up Game

Make over Toralei

Stardoll Dress Up Game
Here is your chance to play with this werecat's style. Take the opportunity to give this fierce cat a makeover. Anything goes in this Toralei dress-up game by Stardoll

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Toni Stripes on 05/25/2012

Toralei is the most totally Purrfect kitty and me and her have everything in common ! I've even dyed my hair like hers Toralei forever !!

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