Tortilla Pizza: an Illustrated Recipe

by uninvitedwriter

Tortilla pizza is a health conscious alternative to heavy, doughy pizza. You can add whatever you want to it and it is very easy to make.

I love pizza but it can be expensive to keep ordering in from Domino's or Boston Pizza. I always have a supply of tortillas in my house for making fajitas, wraps and tortilla chips. Besides, by making my own pizza I know exactly what I am eating, and I can add as much or as little cheese as I wish; like many people my age, I can't tolerate cheese as well as I used to when I was in my teens.

I often make tortilla pizza when I can't think of anything else or if I am in the mood for a hot lunch rather than a sandwich or wrap. I usually add whatever I can find in my pantry or refrigerator to the pizza. It takes less than 15 minutes to make so it's perfect for lunch.

Step-by-step Tortilla Pizza

I have made this an illustrated recipe so you can follow along with each step easily. This is a recipe for one, just repeat the steps to create an individual pizza for each person or use two large tortillas and split the pizza between the family .

For this pizza I gathered together some leftovers and items from my refrigerator. Feel free to add any type of cheese you want, or no cheese at all. You will want to cut the onions and tomatoes smaller than you would for a full-sized pizza. There is no set amount of toppings to add to the tortilla pizza, just as much as you want or feel you need.


  • 2 small flour tortillas
  • Pizza sauce to cover tortilla
  • Onions, chopped
  • 1 plum tomato,  cubed
  • Shredded skim milk mozzarella cheese
  • Feta cheese

Take two small tortillas, place on cookie sheet. Turn oven on to 350 Degrees Farenheit.

Sprinkle cheese on one tortilla, place the other one on top.

Put the prepared tortilla and cookie sheet in the oven on the center rack. Cook until tortilla is slightly browned and the cheese is melted enough to hold the tortillas together.Remove from the oven.

Spread pizza sauce on top of the tortilla. Make sure to cover the entire tortilla surface, especially the edges. Add as much as you wish.

Sprinkle chopped onions, cubed tomato and grated cheeses on top of the pizza sauce. Return to the oven.

Cook the pizza until the cheese is melted and the tortilla is browned. Usually 10 minutes. 

Remove pizza from the oven, slice with a pizza cutter and enjoy.

I hope you enjoy this recipe. Tortilla pizza is so easy to make and, like I did, you can use whatever food you have lying around the house. It all depends on your taste. 

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I spent the years between 1968 and 1969 living with my grandmother in Glasgow, Scotland. It was a good year.
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teddletonmr on 02/28/2012

Tortilla Pizza my youngest son loves tortillas smothered with cheese. I'm thinking he will love this idea.
He will make this one of his favorite after school snacks, eleven years old and never stops eating...:)
Thanks for the quick and easy Tortilla Pizza Recipe. Mike

katiem2 on 02/21/2012

That looks yummy time for lunch and hey I have everything I need to make a tortilla pizza, the kids will have fun with this one.

Sherri on 02/20/2012

Yum! I was waiting for this one. :)

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